Best Trango Flex Cam Review And Buying Guide

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Safety is the utterly important part that every mountain climber needs to take into consideration. Because climbing a rock mountain is a risky job, even a small wrong step can bring death to you. In these safety measures, a flex cam is one of the essential tools.

Trango is one of those companies that make good-quality flex cam. This flex cam is quite durable and preferred by almost all professional mountain climbers.

Trango has always thought about what their consumers want and how they can provide them better flex at a reasonable price. That is the main reason Trango had made their ground strong in this line of business.

So if you are thinking of buying a Trango flex cam, you should know the feature it will provide you.

We have brought you the best Trango flex cam review; we hope you will get the best idea of this product from this review.


As we know how stressful it is to climb a tree, you always want to reduce your weight to reduce the drag. So to make you comfortable, its weight has been reduced a lot.

This camera is very lightweight, which it makes very easy to use. The weight of this flex cam is 60 g, which is less than other types of flex cam available in the market. 

Overall, it’s the lightest-weight single axle camera in the market. You will feel no difference once you carry this lightweight flex cam.

And the important thing is this lightweight feature doesn’t hamper the strength of this Trango flex cam. 


High-quality steel and a mixture of stainless steel are the primary material for this flex cam. You will be able to use this flex cam in any challenging environment.

The spring of this flex is not that tight, so you will be able to release and set the claw without any hassle. A good quality strap is attached to it to give you a better grip.

You can use the flex for more than two years, and we are sure it will surely provide good service till then. That’s why people love to keep this bomber in their collection.

Variety in color

Each cam has its color for intuitive identification. Trango flex cam is also a stylish flex cam; they provide a huge number of color selections.

If you want to buy a flex that has only one single color, or you want a multicolor flex cam, both of these options are available if you buy a Trango flex cam.

Simply the rod is black colored, but its handle straps are the main attraction point, so they gave an excellent colored design to make it more eye appealing.

This bi-color feature is a beautiful thing if you are either a math mind or a painter. 

Adjustable sling

This flex cam comes with an adjustable sling; it comes in double length. So if you need a short sling, you can use short mode where the sling is folded in two-part.

And If you want a long sling, you can release it from double folded mode and adjust the sling according to your needs.


Trango Flex cam is a great versatile camera because of its unique features. Not only is that, but it also covers a reasonable range. It covers the range of 15-21 mm. the strength capacity of this Trango flex cam is 7 kN.

 Safety and Ease of use

The procedure of setting this camera is easy. With this fantastic cam lend, climbers can ensure their safety and assurance with exceptional contact and grip.

Climbers can clip in at three different lengths with double-length extendable slings, depending on the best length for each placement. 

Pros & Cons

  • It has an adjustable sling
  • Bi-color sizing feature.
  • The flexible holders allow a firm grip
  • Suitable for any rocky surface
  • The flex cam weight is only 60 gram
  • Its strength range is limited to 7 kN
  • This flex cam has a range of 15 to 21 mm
  • The spring of this flex cam is a bit loose

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How to use Trango Flex Cam

Before you use a flex cam, you should know these two essential parts. Number one is how to put the cam into the crack, and the second is how you can remove it.

By learning these two parts, you will be able to use a Trango flex with Ease. So we assume you don’t have any of these parts, so let us show you how you can use a flex cam.

Placing the flex cam

The flex cam has an adjustable head part; a trigger is attached to that head with the help of a spring. So if you pull that trigger down, the diameter of the head will decrease.

And once you release the trigger, it will go back to its first position. So before you put it into any crack, pull the trigger downwards to make the headpiece small and put it into a crack.

Once you have done that, release the trigger, and you will be good to climb.

Removing the flex cam

To remove the flex cam, you have to release the hook and then pull the trigger downwards. It will decrease the dimension of the headpiece and then pull the flex out of that crack.

At first, you will face a problem pulling the trigger, but once you practice it for some time, you will face no problem using the flex cam.

How NOT to use cams for climbing trad gear


Final Verdict

Before buying any flex cam, you should do your research, so you will not feel any regret after buying that cam. Also, you should know how to use that tool and bring out the best performance.

We shared the Trango flex cam review. We talked about some of this tool’s main features and showed you how to use these crams. We hope you found this review interesting and informative.

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