So iLL Climbing Shoes Review – Best Outdoor Review

So iLL is one of the leading companies that make the best quality climbing shoes. You will be able to use these shoes for climbing the Rocky Mountains, hills, or even high walls.

Almost all the shoes from So iLL consist of dark rubber soles. Usually, these dark rubber sole gets used in military shoes because of their structures.

Also, So iLL make shoes that support all shapes and sized feet. Whether your feet are big-sized or narrow-sized, you will find a pair of So iLL shoes that will fit you perfectly.

To buy the best So iLL shoes, you need to acquire information about these shoes. Therefore, to provide you with this information, we brought So iLL climbing shoes review.

Why are climbing shoes used for?

Climbing on a rock or rocky mountain demands precision and flexibility. Because while climbing, you don’t know what type of train waits for you.

So you need to prepare yourself in the best way you can. People use various climbing shoes to protect their feet and get more grips on the rocky surface. 

However, professionals always recommend the best quality climbing shoes for this purpose. Therefore, you can try So iLL climbing shoes as well.

Top 6 best So iLL climbing shoes review

So iLL climbing shoes provide you with the best performance also they come with a vast number of suitable features for climbing.

We enlisted the 6-best So iLL climbing shoes, where you will find complete comfort and best performance for your climbing. Keep reading our So iLL climbing shoes review for better understanding.

1. So iLL The Street Climbing Shoe

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Climbing a rocky hill or mountain requires the best equipment to ensure safety and provide you with the best performance.

So to climb a rocky cliff, you will need the best pair of climbing shoes. Therefore, So iLL The street climbing shoes is one of the best options to serve this need. 

The rubbery sole and the downturned toe design make these climbing shoes more versatile. Its design will help you to acquire more grip on rocky surfaces.

Also, their front parts consist of a paddle tongue design. Also, this shoe has a large buckle closer that helps to stay attached to your feet in any challenging condition.

Overall, they are lightweight, so you will feel no pain wearing these shoes.

Key Features

Front paddle tongue design

Rubber sole and dark matter

It’s a Lightweight climbing shoe 

Its design also includes downturned toe

For more safety, large buckle closers

2. So iLL Street LV Half & Half Climbing Shoe

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In recent days, most people with narrow feet usually face problems when buying climbing shoes. Taking this in mind, So iLL bring their masterpiece So iLL street LV half.

Its unique design comes with a good color combination of seafoam green and lime; also, the manufactures designed these shoes taking inspiration from daily used shoes.

This climbing shoe’s outer layer includes a dark sticky rubber sole, ensuring that your feet stay in the right place. And for comfort, the manufacturers add a soft foam sole in the middle.

Paddle tongue design, downturned toe, split color, and significant buckle closer ensure the best performance for you.

Key Features

Two split color design

Better and comfortable fit

it contains a significant buckle closer

Suitable for narrow feet size

Dark rubber sole

3. So iLL Free Range Climbing Shoe

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If you are into retro footwear, then you will like So iLL free-range climbing shoes because their design is built consists of retro looks.

Any person can wear these free-range climbing shoes. If you have big-sized feet, you need to take the large size of this climbing shoe. Besides, it is available for narrow-type feet as well.

These climbing shoes consist of a black sticky rubber outer layer, like most So iLL shoes, offering more protection.

Also, it comes with a beautiful green and black split-color combination. These shoes consist of foam soles and rubber soles that provide you with the best comfort.

Key Features

One big size buckle closer

Black and green split-color combination

Free size for all shapes of feet

Better comfort

Black sticky rubber sole

4. So iLL Olive Runner LV Climbing Shoe

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So iLL olive runner LV climbing shoes are among the best climbing shoes. These shoes are stylish, comfortable to wear.

Also, these climbing shoes consist of dark matter rubber, which makes them more versatile than other types of shoes. The American navy force uses these sticky rubber soles in their shoes.

These shoes are similar to retro fashion style shoes. Its key features are downturned toe, comfortable fit, fishhooks upper, and three points closer.

Also, these shoes provide you with the best safety alone with comfort. Regardless of gender, these shoes are suitable for use in the gym, on the climbing wall, or while running.

Key Features

Fishhook comfortable midsole

It consists of synthetic upper 

Front paddle tongue

Dark matter sticky rubber

Three-part closer system

5. So iLL Runner Climbing Shoe

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So iLL runner climbing shoe is a versatile and multipurpose shoe that you can use for different purposes. These shoes are ideal whether you’re working out at the gym or scaling a steep incline.

You’ll be able to wear these shoes all day because they’re so comfortable and will fit perfectly. Also, these shoes come in stylish blue color.

So iLL manufacturers got inspired by the retro runner shoes, and they came up with this all-rounder shoe. This shoe contains the middle fishhook midsole that provides a good wear experience.

Also, for better flexibility, these shoes consist of dark matter rubber.

Key Features

Stylish blue color

Comfortable fishhook midsole

Multipurpose all-rounder shoes

Comfortable and perfect fit

Three buckle closer system

6. So iLL The One Climbing Shoe – Men’s, Blue

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If you are looking for stylish shoes but want them to be comfortable and versatile, you should look into So iLL, the one climbing shoes for men.

It’s the best modern and comfortable climbing shoes for men. These shoes come with a blue and black split-color combination and a printed design.

While most of the climbing provides a buckle closer system, So iLL, the one climbing shoe comes with a lace closer system, this closer system ensures better fit and flexibility.

Its comfortable soft sole in the middle and the outer layer consists of dark matter sole. Its sticky sole also helps you with good grip.

Key Features

A lace closer system

Split color combination of black and blue

Perfect fit 

It’s lightweight 

Contains dark matter rubber

Buying Guide

In this So iLL climbing shoe review, we tried to bring out every detail of our listed 6-best So iLL climbing shoes.

But before buying any of these climbing shoes, you need to check specific criteria that will help you choose your desired climbing shoes. Again, these facts are crucial to ensure your safety as well. 

Without knowing the facts such as type of your climbing shoes, size & shape, closure system, upper, flexibility, and rubber, you will not get good results in choosing climbing shoes.

You can ensure the perfect rest of your feet in your climbing shoes by considering these facts.


There are different kinds of climbing shoes available for various purposes, so you need to think about what kind of shoes you want. Usually, we see three types of climbing shoes, moderate, aggressive, and low volume climbing shoes. 

If you are a novice, you can start with regular climbing shoes. Moderate shoes provide a decent amount of comfort, and it’s fit and suitable to wear.

Aggressive climbing shoes are the toughest climbing shoes. These shoes work best in challenging conditions. Therefore, professional climbers use these shoes for their work.

Size & Shape 

Once you decide what type of shoes you want, you should check the size and the shape of that shoe. The size of the shoes is an essential factor.

Without matching the size of your shoes with your feet, you will not be able to buy those shoes. The size of these climbing shoes starts from 9 to 12, but these sizes can differ according to the brand. 

So we suggest you wear the shoe before buying. Also, you should see the width of that shoe and your feet. Try to go for a comfortable shoe with perfect size and shape.

Closure System

For closure systems, manufacturers use three different types of system: a lace closure system and the 2-types Velcro slipper closure systems.

Between these closure system, lace and Velcro system provides the best safety. Those climbing shoes with a slipper closer system may provide comfort, but they are not suitable for climbing a high rocky mountain.


You will see the fabric covering your feet in the upper section of your shoes. Three types of materials get used to making the upper section.

Some of the climbing shoes contain a lather upper section; some have synthetic and Hybrid upper sections. 

Also, in recent days, we see shoes consist of dark material that makes them more versatile and flexible. Between these three, you need to go with the upper section that makes you comfortable and brings your satisfaction.


For climbing shoes, flexibility is a must thing. When a person climbs a rocky mountain, they may need to face challenging obstacles.

So to pass those obstacles, they will need full support for their shoes. Also, flexible climbing shoes can bring you complete safety, and you may walk nicely with those shoes.

It’s not just us also professional climbers also suggest buying a flexible shoe rather than non-flexible shoes.


Almost all type of climbing shoes contains rubber bottom sole. Rubber is a durable object that doesn’t get damaged quickly. They are flexible also.

But the quality is different, so you need to check the rubber quality before buying a climbing shoe. Most people suggest buying a dark matter rubber shoe. Usually, American soldiers use these rubbers in their shoes.


Q. Can I climb a mountain with a normal running shoe?

Answer: That depends on yourself, because if you can cope with the hardship. Usually, regular running shoes consist of standard rubber.

These soles are not suitable for climbing a mountain. So if you can afford climbing shoes, we suggest you buy a climbing shoe.

Q. IS So iLL climbing shoes suitable for mountaineers?

Answer: So iLL make shoes especially for mountain climbers, you can also use their shoes for different purposes. These climbing shoes consist of the dark matter rubber sole, comfortable fishhook sole, and other comfortable parts. 

These parts provide a comfortable experience and reduce the stress on your feet while you climb a mountain. So you can buy a So iLL climbing shoe if you are a mountaineer.

Q. Why should I buy a lightweight climbing shoe?

Answer: Going on mountain climbing or jogging in the mountain requires a lot of stamina. You’ll need to preserve as much energy as possible.

If you carry heavy equipment, it will drain more juice. Our feet take all the pressure off our bodies. So to release the stress and feel comfortable, you should buy a lightweight climbing shoe.

Q. Can I wash my climbing shoes? 

Answer: Yes, you can wash your climbing shoes. Most of the climbing shoes consist of leather or synthetic materials. Both of these fabrics are washable.

It’s not like that you dip your shoes in the bucket or through them in the washing machine. You need to sock a piece of fabric and gently wash off the dust or mud.

Q. What’s the difference between normal shoes and climbing shoes?

Answer: You can not distinguish between ordinary and climbing shoes if you don’t know about them. Typical shoe designs and builds are normal.

They are just for daily use and for regular work. On the other hand, climbing shoes get designed to perform on hard surfaces and jagged mountains. 

Also, their built quality is much more superior to regular shoes. If you have already read our 6-best So iLL climbing shoes review, we hope we have already gotten enough information to understand the differences.

New So iLL Climbing Shoe – The New Zero First Look

Final Verdict

A quality-full climbing shoe can make your journey wonderful; on the other hand, it can also ruin your day. So if you are wise and thoughtful, you will surely do some research about climbing shoes. 

However, when it comes to quality climbing shoes, So iLL is one of the reputed and reliable names. 

Therefore, this article has shared the 6-best So iLL climbing shoes review. We also include a complete buying guide to help you understand the key factors of climbing shoes.

We hope this article will help you know which So iLL climbing shoes will go with your choice best.

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