MSR Front Range review [Bug/Floor Insert]

Going out alone or with your friends is the best experience a person could think of. And do you know the most common problem for outside camping?

Yes, it is a bugs problem. If you are aware of this, you need to take protective measures to solve this problem. 

Therefore, if you want to buy the Front Range to solve bug problems, you should look at the MSR Front Range review.

MSR manufactures accessories that you need for camping. They also produce the best quality front range. MSR Front Range protects you from bugs and provides you with a natural environment. 

So if you want to buy this Front Range, you need to know about these accessories. We are here to provide you with the MSR Front Range review.

MSR Front Range Bug/Floor Insert

Features of MSR Front Range:

One can use this MSR front range in any weather, whether it’s a rainy season, winter, spring even summer.

This multifunctional front range will provide the best support. Its weight is less compared to its size. Transporting it from one place to another will not be a hassle.

You can use this as the floor of your camp. 

Also, it can be used as a tent without a floor. It comes with a zipper door, open on the left side. And its base is removable.

The top includes two parts: mashed, and the other is removable reflective water fabric. You will be able to remove the top part if you need.


This front ranger is suitable for four people; you and the other three friends will be able to stay in this without hassle.

Its dimension is 88 x 88 x 64 inches, so a 6 feet person will fit in this tent. Four people will fit perfectly only if you use an 8-inch sleeping bag, limiting the livability. 

To enjoy its total livability, you should stay with only two people. You will be able to set up a 20-inch sleeping bag and still have space for your pets.


This big-size front ranger provides complete portability; it weighs only 1.94 pounds. Also, an adjustable bag comes with this front ranger.

You will be able to unplug its straps easily and pack it within a minute. For its weight, one person can carry it anywhere.

Setup and stability

To set up this front ranger, you need to follow some steps, but the first thing you need to do is find a stable and flat surface to set up your tent.

It can be challenging to find a tough place. If you cannot find a flat surface, you can place a plastic sheet to give extra support. After that, follow these steps.

Step 1: Place the ground on the plastic sheet. Make sure that you put it perfectly.

Step 2: After that, connect the four corners to the rope and set up the ground rock in the four corners. Make sure that all four corners are tight. Otherwise, your front ranger will not have support.

Step 3:  Once you tighten all the corners to put the middle stabilizer in its place, it may not be evident, but you will figure it out. It needs to stay in the central area.

Once you follow these steps, your MSR front ranger will achieve perfect stability. To ensure complete peace and security, recheck all the parts in the ground.


MSR front ranger has two upper parts, the inner part consists of mashed fabrics. Also, it allows air to flow through the ranger without any resistance.

You can use this ranger in two ways. One is that you open the upper part and use it naturally. And the one is that you put the extra fabric on top of the mashed one and open the front panel for ventilation.

Weather resistance

All the accessories from MSR come with complete resistance over the weather because once you are camping outside, the weather can change anytime, and your tent or the Front Range must face that weather.

You can use this MSR front ranger in four seasons. For water resistance, it comes with an eater reflective cover. Also, its floor is raised slightly so that the raindrops will not come inside the ranger.

Final Verdict

MSR front ranger can be your best solution if you don’t want to disturb bugs, mosquitoes, etc.

Once you decide you will buy this ranger, you need to confirm some information to ensure that you will buy the best accessory, value for money.

For this reason, we shared the best MSR Front-Ranger review, hope you will be able to understand the full specifications of this ranger.

Also, this front ranger provides more features and durability than other front rangers available. You will enjoy your outside camping by staying in this front ranger.

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