Klymit Motion 35 Review [Ultralight Air Frame Backpack]

Traveling from place to place is the most adventurous thing that could ever happen in someone’s life. We can feel freedom and joy at the same time when we travel.

We collect all the adventurous memory as well. But have you ever thought about your travel preparation without a backpack? Never right?

Yes, it’s impossible to think of a tremendous long journey without an organized backpack. But the thing is, the backpack should be organized, comfortable to carry, stylish, and like your personality.

Therefore, many choose the Klymit Motion 35 Ultralight Air Frame Backpack. So in this article, we will discuss all the Klymit Motion 35 Review and the features as well. 

Review of Klymit Motion 35:


If we talk about the only main features of Klymit Motion 35, it will be tough to describe it properly as it has lots of cool features. First of all, it will meet your expectation and your style as well.

It’s not an old-fashioned, ordinary regular backpack. This backpack is made with top-class ultra-lightweight airframe technology, allowing you to travel as your choice.

Also, its dynamic carrying features make it perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.


These super outdoor backpacks are built with airframe technology. Its 210 D Nylon creates durability while maintaining a lightweight.

Its sleek and lightweight design is constructed of 150D Silicone Impregnated Nylon with YKK Aqua guard water-resistant zippers. Moreover, its hydration-compatible construction also helps you stay hydrated on your travels.


TORSO LENGTH 16-20 in (40 – 51 cm) 19-23 in (48 – 59 cm)
WAIST SIZE 28 – 40 in (71 – 102 cm) 31 – 46 in (80 – 117 cm)
VOLUME 35 L +3 L Pocket 35 L +3 L Pocket
WEIGHT 1.53 lb 695 g 1.56 lb 708 g
LOAD RATING 35 lb 15.9 kg 35 lb 15.9 kg
Color White/Black White/Black


The comfort. Stiffness and customization will make you amazed defiantly. This Klymit Motion 35 uses gravity and air to their full potential while conforming to the curvature of the user’s back.

It has hydration compatibility and the YKK aqua guard zip also. It also helps you stay hydrated while traveling.

Innovating design and looks make this backpack more attractive. To ensure proper load transmission and stability, it contains a built-in pump that lets you regulate the pressure while moving.

Not only that, but the airframe also provides great lumbar support.

Storage Capacity

If we talk about the specific details of the Klymit Motion 35, it can carry more than 35lbs, and the total volume of the backpack is 35l+. It has 3 large pockets. The torso length is 16-20 inches, and the waist size is 28-40 inches.

Klymit Motion 35 Ultralight Air Frame Backpack

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Pros & Cons

  • Klymit Motion 35 has ultra-lightweight airframe technology.
  • It keeps you hydrated on the trail. 
  • Innovative design and style suit every personality. 
  • This backpack is very comfortable to carry.
  • Durable for the long run use. 
  • The section in the bag makes it more organizing.
  • It comes at a reasonable price. 
  • It would be more helpful if it had a top pocket.

What should I look for when buying a backpack?

It won’t be very pleasant if your backpack tears down suddenly while you’re on a trip. You will not be happy to go down and gather all of your belongings.

Therefore, it is not advisable to compromise the quality of your outdoor backpack, even for the price.

So when you buy a backpack for outdoor activities, make sure that your backpack meets the following factors very well along with your budget.


It is wiser to choose a bag built of the correct materials. Thus, it can last for many years. Materials make sure the durability of the backpack.

There are a variety of materials that are usually used to make backpacks. It’s common for heavy-duty backpacks to be built of nylon and YKK zippers and nylon straps.

The two most widely used materials for backpacks are polyester and nylon. Canvas and other heavier fabrics are excellent for making long-lasting sleeping bags.

So when you choose the suitable materials for buying the backpack, it makes sure the most extended durability.

Most guys discard their old backpacks because of ripped straps, damaged zippers, and stitching that’s come undone, among other reasons.

After buying the right one, you will be tension-free for the next couple of years. The right backpack will also give you better content protection inside as well.


Getting the perfect size for the backpack is an essential thing. You are the only person who knows your need. If you frequently travel for a long time, you need a big backpack.

And also, when you go for a long time, it’s required to put more stuff in the backpack. When it comes to finding the right backpack, it’s all about finding one that’s the right size for you and your body as well.

It’s important to get a size that’s the perfect length for your torso and one that’s snug enough around your hips.

It isn’t the case for all backpacks. Some are more organized than others to maximize organization; a backpack should include as many separate sections and pockets as possible.

So for a properly organized backpack, you need a couple of chambers.


It is not enough that your backpack match only the style you prefer. It should be comfortable and durable as well. A person’s preference for a backpack should be based on their comfort level.

You won’t use it very often if it hurts your back. The curve of the back, the width of the straps, and the cushioning thickness all play a role in how comfortable a backpack is to wear. 

Final Verdict

A backpack is an essential thing for any travel or tour. It’s a kind of investment, so you need to decide wisely. While choosing a backpack, consider your need, comfort, budget, and so on.

Also, you need to choose one that will last several years. To help you out, here we have covered Klymit Motion 35 review. You can choose this backpack undoubtedly for your next destination.

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