How To Run Security Camera Wires Through Soffit? Step-by-Step Guide

Since every house contained the life-savior things named soffit, this could be a better option for you to hide security camera wires. It would be helpful if you could learn how to run security camera wires through the soffit.

A soffit is a crucial object used to protect rafters from the elements and reduce the chances of mold. Hiding the security wires on the soffit can be done by cutting off the wires and drilling a hole to place them.

Security wires are very flexible and elastic so they could be stored in coil norms inside the soffit. 

Here are the process details to give you better information about this affair. We also discuss some tips and important factors to bring more clarity to make it understandable to you.

4 Steps To Run Security Camera Wires Through Soffit

You must learn the basics to run the security camera wire through the soffit. It’s because there are many things to consider, like the camera wire needs to be joined more accurately before starting the plan, mounting the screws, etc. 

Meanwhile, you should choose the right place to set up the security cameras. So, do follow the procedures one after one. 

4 Steps To Run

Step-1: Choose The Right Place

When you determine the installation process, start the process by searching for the right place. It is a crucial part of these methods.

Because one can hardly see through the camera if it is mounted very high, in this case, take the right measurement from the location of the camera. 

Step-2: Drilling Through The Soffit To Make Holes

Many people became confused about can I drill through the soffit. Of course, you can. It is only through drilling that good connections can be made between the wire and the soffit inside the roof shafts. Before that, you should collect some tools and cables for use. 

  • Security camera wires
  • Drills and bits 
  • Iron or fishing rod
  • Flashlight or torchlight
  • Screwdriver 
  • Electrical tape

After collecting all these accessories, let’s jump into the main work. There’s clean advice for each step which you have to do. 

  • Cut off a piece of wood; it will help you to mount the camera to the soffit
  • Make sure to remove the vinyl from the place where you want to install a camera
  • Now, make a hole inside the soffit for the installation of the camera. The work can be done by using drills or hole-saw bits. It will fit all the security wires safely. 

Step-3: Attach The Security Camera To The Fishing Rod

You may have wondered what a fishing rod does to attach a security camera. Meanwhile, we will apply tricks to connect the camera with the soffit accurately.

In that case, we take the help of the fishing rod. You can also learn how to mount a security camera to soffit steps. Just follow the actions gradually. 

  • Now it’s time to mount the camera underneath the hole.
  • Put the mounting screws inside the hole, and use those wooden pieces you have drilled to make little holes. To achieve more delicacy, use the template stickers with the security camera.
  • Now connect the wooden pieces onto the camera mounting screws properly.
  • Afterward, pick a fishing rod and attach one part of the wire with tape.
  • Try to push the rod to set up inside the hole in the attic sites. 
  • Now try to pull the other side accessible inside the rod. In this way, you can run the wire through the soffit.

Step-4: Fetch The Security Machine To The Attic

Now it’s time to fetch the security machine into the garret. After that, try to connect the cable to the ports. Do these steps 2-3 times until all the wires are settled properly.

Note that you have to make a larger hole for passing the additional wires, so they can engage to the attic floor. Now, your security camera wire is set into the soffit fruitfully.

How To Connect Both The Cameras And NVR?

How To Connect

After finishing the wire installation, connecting the security camera with the NVR is the utmost chapter. Because those NVR or DVR devices initially manage the entire system and record all the video footage.

Mainly, this is connected to the camera with the help of a BNC cable or Ethernet cable. There’s the whole process of joining the Cameras with NVR. 

Step-1: Joint The Cables With NVR

First, find out the cable wires and then join them respectively. There are two wires for each cable, one for the power supply and another for a video recorder. Si joined them both. 

Step-2: Connect To The External Monitor 

Now, connect the joints with an external computer monitor to see all the things captured by the outside camera. Some security camera systems come with additional features that have a mobile app.

In this way, you can keep close to your property. Click here to check some best security cameras from recent updates

Step-3: Check All The Settings Work Properly 

After finishing all the connections, check that all the settings are working properly. Connect the cable with the main power supply and look at the footage. Try to find out if there are any further adjustments needed or not.

Important Factors To Consider When Running Wire Through Soffit

Important Factors

Home security cameras aren’t just used for spies anymore. People use them for their properties’ security also. So, their installation procedures should be done more fairly.

There are some concerns you should consider when running wire through the soffit. 

  • Place The Camera Where The Wall Meets The Ceiling

As we stated before, choosing the right place before installing the wires through the soffit is crucial. In this sense, try to cover the work by selecting an area where the wall meets the ceiling. 

  • Try To Wrap The Wires Flexible

Whether you choose the task to run wires through the soffit, make sure to pack them properly. Wrap the additional camera wires with the tape and securely place them inside the attire. 

  • Be Aware Of Camera Angles

While installing the security camera, one should think like a criminal. So positioning the camera is mandatory. Some cameras can be mounted automatically even if you’re not set in front of the main entrance. 

  • Not Attach The Camera Screws Properly

Attaching the camera screws is necessary to avoid any further difficulties. After finishing all the processes, check that you secure the camera screws properly. 

  • Unconscious Of Hiring Professional

Suppose you don’t have enough skill to handle those wires through the soffit. Leave this to any professional service center. Their team will work to run through those wires into the soffit professionally.

They are well qualified and experienced in these affairs. So try to hire any skilled and professional Camera installation sales service.

Some Tips To Running Security Camera Through Soffit Like A Pro

Some Tips To Run

Be aware of these facts to install the home security camera like a professional. 

  • Try to keep them installed as high as possible from the doorway
  • Use the camera stickers to install the wire strictly inside the attire
  • Pre-planned the projects smartly before going to start
  • Measure the wire of the camera and the distance of the soffit
  • Make sure to hide cam cables if they force you to run the wires outside 

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Q: How Can I Run A Wired Camera Without Drilling?

Ans: Remove the vinyl near the gable vent to run the wired camera without drilling. Next, pierce a hole to pass the camera wires simply. Use the screwdriver to create a path to pass these wires.

Follow the similar process that we do before to wrap them with a fishing rod. Seize the rod and try to attach this inside the attic. Thus, you can run the wires without the hassle of drilling. 

Q: How Can You Run Power To an Outdoor CCTV Camera? 

Ans: After putting the wire through the soffit, the next step you should take is to run power to the outdoor CCTV camera. For this, mount the camera near electrical outlets to achieve a better power supply.

Afterward, connect the extension power cords with the camera wire. Make sure that they’re hidden by the soffit properly.

 Lastly, attach the camera power electrical cord to the main extension to turn on the power button. Generally speaking, this procedure is only required for fully wired cameras.

Q: What Do You Require For The Camera Installation Setup?

Ans: In general, a camera installation setup depends on the service you take. You can install the camera yourself or take help from any third-party services.

The third-party service holders come with an installation kit for all the wiring requirements. 

Alternatively, if you plan on doing it yourself, gather some common tools for our usual attachment work, including screwdrivers, a measuring tape, a ladder, a putty knife, and a drill. 

Q: How Do You Know Your Security Camera System Is Prepared For Service?

Ans: The most common way to detect your security camera system is prepared for service is through a single Ethernet cable power.

To do this, you must check the camera’s signal powers via an IP POE security camera system. It will show you how fast the power is processing through the two different wires of the cable.

There, you find two other wires of both video and power for BNC analog. Meanwhile, you can find two if the Siamese BNC cable runs the CCTV camera.

But the cable comes with two-in-one functions. So, you can easily understand how the security camera is getting preached by the DVR unit attached by the wall discharging functions.

Final Wrap

All the processes explained here are considered a popular way to run security camera wires through soffit. There are some other methods which you can follow.

For instance, many people choose to install security camera wires through aluminum metal bars. This is another excellent way to run CCTV camera wire through the soffit.

You must follow basic steps like cutting off the bar according to the right attire measurement. It would be best to secure them from both sides if you wish to set the bar. 

Whatever method you follow, be aware of taking neat ideas about each step before doing the process. Only then will you be able to finish them successfully.

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