How to install an outdoor TV antenna?

The TV antenna is one of the best ways to improve your TV experience. It will offer you live TV into your home free of cost. So you can enjoy free TV programming with clear images with an outdoor TV antenna.

Although TV signals are easy to set up nowadays, setting up an outdoor TV antenna is quite challenging. Fear not; we will guide you through this article to provide you with all the necessary steps to install an outdoor TV antenna.

Here you will get a guideline about how to install an outdoor TV antenna. We will try to present these things as easily as possible.

Note that you have the perfect outdoor antenna for your home devices, or if not, we have also included different types of antennas.

After purchasing the antenna, make sure that your outdoor antenna has the instructions book about setting and adjusting it. So let’s start!

Do a little bit of research.

As it’s an outdoor antenna, so you have to set it on the rooftop of your house. But you can’t set it anywhere because if you can’t point it to the nearby broadcast tower, you will not get the best signals.

So here you need a bit of research. You can take help by asking your neighbor. You can also use AntennaWeb, where inputting address you can get the nearby broadcast tower’s location.

Then point just directly to the tower. So the research is done and now get ready for the installation process. 

Step 1: Select the Proper Antenna.

How to install an outdoor TV antenna?

As time passes, the variation of products increases in the market. Like this, there are a lot of types of antennas in the market. Choosing the best and durable one is quite a tedious process.

First, you must have to know which types of antenna is best for your location. So let’s talk about it. 

  • Small multi-directional: this is the smallest one among all other antennae. But this antenna can collect signals from different directions. 
  • Medium-multi-directional: this antenna is larger than the first one and more powerful than that. It comes with wing-shaped long elements and a novel-stick. 
  • Large Multi-directional: As it has quite a big size so it can receive more signals. It is best for those whose house is far from the broadcast tower. 
  • Small Directional: This type of antenna can offer the best quality of pictures but only when the signal reflecting structures are absent. 
  • Medium Directional: It has become a popular choice just for its grain-reducing facility and its average size.
  • Large Directional: This antenna is considered the best one for its strong signal power capacity. This antenna is best for those areas which have the weakest signal. 

Step 2: Prepare the antenna for installation.

Some antenna comes with only one solid piece, which does not need to reassemble. Some other antenna needs to put together. Usually, you will find the instructions enclosed with the package.

If you want to work your antenna as intended, then try to follow all the instructions. When you are done with reassembling the antenna, the time comes to grab and mount it outside. 

Step 3: Prepare the mounting bracket.

All outdoor TV antenna contains a mounting bracket that has to assemble and mounted on the attics. It is better to assemble it staying inside at home.

Then assemble the process of the mounting bracket as given to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that you are following them.

Once the mounting work is done, grab it with the necessary tools and move to the process of mounting it. Now it is required to screw it to have it secure.

To preserve it, you can use silicone caulk on it. As you are going to drill holes so, this can protect the screw from penetration. 

Step 4: Attach the antenna pole with antenna

There are bolts on the sleeve of the mounting bracket. Loosening the bolts slide the antenna in it. Make sure that the pole has touched the bottom of the sleeve rightly.

After that, to hold the pole securely, tighten the bolts into place. Next, slack the bolts on the sleeve. Now slide the antenna slowly over the pole to reach the pole’s sleeve.

Now, revolve the antenna slowly to the broadcast tower direction. After that, if everything looks good and adjusted correctly, then you can tighten the bolts finally. 

Step 5: Connect the antenna to a device to test

Don’t finalize the setup just yet because you have to give a little bit to check whether the position is perfect or not! Now using the proper coaxial cable, connect your television to the antenna.

Here you can check with a temporary cable to give a check. Ask anybody to give a check tuning in different channels.

You will then get to know which direction the antenna provides clear and sharp images and tune and then position your antenna in the right direction. 

Step 6: Electrical grounding and signal splitting

When the antenna set up is done, then comes the part to ground the antenna. That can be done with a block that is connected to the ground of the building.

Here you just need to follow the area’s electric regulations and codes. When it is done, secure all the wires safely, including grounding ones.

Here you will need some time but do it properly because there are safety measures. So, the antenna setup is all done, and you can enjoy many channels for free.

How to install an outdoor TV antenna Full Guide:

Now some safety tips for your safety.

The antenna’s installation is quite easy, but there are few things where you need to ensure it as secure as possible. 

  1. Don’t install it when it’s a windy day as you have to work on a rooftop and the weather don’s act as our friend, so it better to stay concerned. So make sure that the weather is calm enough. 
  2. Stay aware of power lines. Reducing the risk of an accident, try to stay away 6 meters at least. 
  3. If the antenna falls any time for the windy weather, don’t remove it or don’t try to fix it yourself. You should consult a specialist for this issue. 
  4. Give check twice whether the grounding is done properly or not. As it’s about safety, so here you just need to ensure safety first. If it is not done correctly, call a professional to fix it. 
  5. Even though it’s an outdoor TV antenna and you had to install it on the rooftop, try to do its steps and assemble part inside or on the ground. A small mistake can call an accident.

So, following those above steps properly, you can install any outdoor TV antenna easily and safely. Don’t forget to remember the safety tips given in the article.

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