How to install an outdoor solar lamp post?

Solar panels are getting hyped in today’s world. Many developing, and developed countries, are trying to minimize their expenses in many ways. In this modern world, everything relies on electricity. So we need to reduce this large-scale expense. 

For this, one of the great ways is to implement solar energy into electricity. At many places, the government is placing solar light posts. Even people are lighting their houses with this incredible invention. 

Solar lamp posts are easy to find. We can buy solar lamp posts from an electrician’s shops or buy solar lamp posts from an online e-commerce platform.

Online platforms offer lamp posts of different companies within different price ranges. We can choose one that fulfills our desires. When power is turned on, at night-time, the lights get on automatically.

There is a daylight sensor attached to it. When sunlight gets onto it, lights get off by themselves. Similarly, when it’s dark outside, the sensor makes the lights on. So it is a great way to light our houses, roads, riversides, or backyards. 

These solar light posts are rechargeable. On average solar lamp posts can lighten 7-8 hours when it is fully charged. Solar lamp posts come with more capable batteries. These lamp posts can go up to 12 hours. 

Moreover, there is no hassle of a bunch of wires. Installation is effortless. You don’t need to hire an electrician. In remote areas where transportation and electricity are a problem, you can install solar lamp posts there.

Placing Solar Lamp Posts:

Find out how many lamp posts you need to install. You need to find places where there is plentiful sunlight during the daytime because the solar lights will charge themselves with sunlight.

If you don’t put the lights under enough sunlight, the lights will not have enough charge to brighten your area. For knowing details read our article How to install an outdoor solar lamp post carefully.

You don’t need to put the solar lamp posts under direct sunlight. You can put it anywhere where the daylight comes. Cause solar batteries are charged using photon that is present in daylight.

If you find any suitable place, then place the lamp posts within a range of 3-4ft from each other. But you have to conscious that the lights don’t cross the mighty sunlight area.

Preparing the grounds:

How to install an outdoor solar lamp post?

You may need to dig the selected areas to place the lamp posts tightly. Some lamp posts have marks on them. We need to insert the lamp post into the ground till that mark.

Usually, you need to inset 2ft around. If any lamp post doesn’t have the sign, you may insert 2ft of the lamp into the ground. Then dig holes by measuring the lamp posts.

If you find any lamp posts smaller than others, you may add wood planks to make them taller. The lamp-posts should be tall enough to lighten up a certain area.

Insert lamp posts into the ground:

After digging the ground, you have to insert the lamp posts. Tighten the lamp post that it doesn’t move. You can tighten the lamp posts with cement paste.

You can use wooden planks to support the lamp posts. You can use an EZ Anchor System. You need to place the screw on the ground and then attach the anchor with it.

Then place all other parts of the lamp-post. If you’re using the EZ Anchor System, you don’t need to dig holes into the ground. Usually, these types of lamp posts are placed in yards or gardens.

Install the lights onto the posts:

Lastly, you have to adjust the lights with the light posts. You can do this step before inserting the lamp post into the ground. You need to make a hole then adjust the light with a screw.

You can use any electric light of your choice. But LED light would be the best choice because LED lights require less unit amount. With a fully charged light-post, you can go in a long way.

How to install an outdoor solar lamp post Full Guide:

Final Verdict:

Solar lamp posts are cheaper in rate as well as sunlight is available everywhere. So we must encourage people to place this solar lamp post before their houses. Besides, the government should start installing solar lamp posts through the rode sides.

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