How to hide security camera wires outside?

First of all, the security camera is essential for our everyday life. It gives us protection. It protects us from many known and many unknown dangers.

The known dangers can be theft, robbery, the arrival of a stranger in the house, etc. Moreover, to avoid unknown dangers, we use security cameras in our homes, shops, markets, offices, and even the transportation system. 

Therefore, security cameras play a crucial role in our daily life. Security cameras at different places at different times have helped us to avoid many significant dangers.

So, it is essential to know about security cameras and their wires to strengthen our security system. If you want to capture clear views of suspected activity, then you can set a security camera.

A hidden camera can help you to get more detail and more evidence about what is occurring in your home or office. Then, we should know why security cameras wire hiding is necessary.

You must hide both the wires and camera from the public eyes while installing your security cameras in your home.

It is sometimes very accurate that when attacking idea comes from the thieves and robbers minds, they attack both the cameras and the wires. There are many ways you can conceal your security camera. 


You can use those types of security cameras which are wireless:

How to hide security camera wires outside?

Using wireless security cameras powered by solar panels or batteries, you can avoid untidy cables and a challenging installation process. If you don’t like wires, this technic can quickly help you.

Garden or porch:

To apply this technic first, you should hire some expert labor. It is one of the best ways to hide your camera wires to hide it in your garden or your backyard. 

False Ceiling:

You can insert the wires through a gap on the top of the false ceiling. If you want more security, you can hide your cameras inside the wall, for that, you have to install your camera very carefully by drilling some holes in your wall.

But you should make sure that your wall would not be hampered by this process. However, you may accept this way if you think it’s going to be helpful to you.

Cable concealer kit:

A cable concealer kit includes anchors, self-adhesive tapes, Raceway channels, connector pieces, and drywall screws. Where you have installed the cameras, there must be drawn cables by runway channels.


Using conduits is very useful for running the cables. It will help to stay safe from electrical hazards and rats. It is worth doing if cables are prone to mice attacks though this process may take some time and requires professional help.

Cables must be run through plastic pipes and decks, saying that it is a comprehensive process. You may think it is very tough and challenging to do, but you will go with the flow to finish the whole process if the setup process begins.

Buy wires matching with your wall color:

For hiding the wires, you can take the more comfortable way to buy the wires in the same colors as your walls.

Color matching wires:

You can blend the wires outside into the environment if you want to hide them most efficiently. Otherwise, you can tie up the cables with a staple gun and color the wires with the same shade as the walls.

With this technic, the wires will be hiding from intruders. Another easy way is you can use a cord cover, and by using it, you can exclude the wires painting process.


If you have enough doorways in your home, this method is straightforward to employ, the tiny wooden board that runs out on the shortest part of the wall as skirting boards are.

In the gap between the floor and the wall, you can hide the cables, but you have to replace the baseboards first.  It would help if you remembered that the wires are in place. 


Another way of hiding the camera wires is to hide behind some large pieces of furniture like mantels and bookshelves or under the carpet beside the baseboards.

You can tie up the wires with lacing tape and hang the wires behind the bookshelves or nearby furniture. But the most important thing is that you have to must know about How to hide security camera wires outside.

How to hide security camera wires outside Full Guide:

Final Verdict:

According to the methods given above, you can hide your camera wires. Another important thing is, the electrical wire can be protected in another way. That is, you can bury it 12-in underground in PVC conduit.

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