How to fly a remote-controlled helicopter?

Flying a remote-controlled helicopter is one of the famous recreations of this time. People of all ages like to fly a remote-controlled helicopter, but flying an RC helicopter is tricky.

But with proper knowledge and practice, anyone can fly an RC helicopter and enjoy the joy of flying. Before buying an RC helicopter, People wonder how to fly a helicopter with remote control.

Well, you can learn to fly a helicopter with remote control simple 5- steps. Follow these 5- steps, and you will be flying like a pro.

Five simple steps to fly an RC helicopter:

Step 1:

Safety always has to think of your safety first. You don’t want to get injured while flying a remote-controlled helicopter. Remote-controlled helicopters are made out of plastic.

They may not do a lot of harm, but they can scratch you. So you’re better off staying far away into the RC helicopter.

And if you are flying Indore, make sure to close the door and windows and stop the ceiling fans before testing the RC helicopter. Otherwise, you may damage your remote-controlled helicopter.

Step 2:

To learn the essential control, before your first flight, you have to learn its control. Otherwise, you can’t fly it. You will see the check on its package label. Also, you can follow these to control your RC helicopter:

Throttle stick:

The throttle stick is situated on the left side of the controller. This stick is used to power the helicopter. If you push it up, then the helicopter will gain power and start to float in the air, and if you release the stick, the helicopter will land. Make sure to push the stick slowly to lift your RC helicopter.

Direction stick:

How to fly a remote-controlled helicopter?

On the right side of the controller, you will find the direction stick. With this stick, you can control your helicopter side rotations.

If you push this stick to the left side, your RC helicopter will go to the left side, and pushing it to the right side will rotate the helicopter on the right side. And you push it to the front side.

Your helicopter will move ahead. This is the total control of the directional stick. Also, you will find left and right trim buttons.

These buttons are to fix your helicopter’s rotation, such as if your helicopter is spinning right side, you can push the left trim button to fix its rotation problem, and if it spins on the left side, the push the right trim button to fix it.

Step 3:

In step 3, you will need to start the helicopter and fix its altitudes and stabilize the helicopter. To do that, switch on the helicopter with the help of an on and off switch.

When the LED light is turned on, your helicopter will start, and look if the light flashed, then your helicopter may not have much power to fly. If this happens, then charge your helicopter to fly it.

Then slowly push the throttle stick, and that will lift your helicopter in the air and see if your helicopter is spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise. If it does spin, then fix it with the help of trimming buttons.

While trimming your helicopter, learn to keep your RC helicopter at low altitudes. If you release the throttle stick, your helicopter will land.

Step 4:

In Step 4, where you learn to steer your helicopter. Steering your helicopter can be a bit tricky. You only have to remember the instruction and practice.

To start to turn on your helicopter and your remote controller, and then push the throttle stick and fix an altitude for your helicopter.

After fixing altitude, push the right direction, stick forward, move your helicopter forward, and push the direction stick backward, making your helicopter go forward.

Push the stick to move the helicopter left and right. Try it a couple of times, and in no time, you can learn to steer.

Step 5:

In step 5, all you have to do is the methodology because experience makes a man perfect. Go again through all the steps if you don’t remember or forget something.

And fly your helicopter to go through some test flights. You may not be able to fly on the first attempt but don’t lose hope by practicing. You’ll fly your helicopter quickly.

How to fly a remote-controlled helicopter Full Guide:

Final verdict

Everyone feels happy by flying a remote-controlled helicopter, but some don’t know how to fly a remote-controlled helicopter. Well, we have shared the basic knowledge about a remote-controlled helicopter.

We also showed five easy steps that will help you to understand how a helicopter works. You can also fly your RC helicopter. We hope now you will be able to fly your helicopter and can also teach others to fly a remote-controlled helicopter.

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