How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox One?

The Xbox One is among the most prominent and famous video games globally. This game is an all-in-one entertainment video game marketed by Microsoft.

A Bluetooth speaker connecting with Xbox one can give an excellent audio experience during the game.

The game user may need to know how to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox one? Here we will share the steps by which you can connect the Bluetooth speaker with your Xbox one game.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox one?

We need to attach the Bluetooth speaker to the Xbox One for various reasons. As like:

To enjoy the game with excellent sound, you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your game as an Xbox one player. If your TV sound is poor and you cannot enjoy your game properly, you can do it to get a better sound.

There are 2-ways to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox One. These are:

  1. With an adapter
  2. Without an adapter

Connecting your Bluetooth speaker to Xbox with an adapter:

Connecting your Bluetooth

The steps are:

  1. First, take an adapter and a Bluetooth speaker

Take the connecting wire of the Bluetooth speaker and connect it with the adapter’s edge point

  1. Then connect the Xbox’s audio output with the adapter’s other edge point.

Thus, your Xbox one successfully connects with a Bluetooth speaker. Now you can enjoy your video game properly with incredible audio sound.

Connect your Bluetooth speaker to Xbox one without an adapter:

You can connect your Bluetooth speaker in 2 ways without an adapter. One is using the media controller app, and another is the Bluetooth settings on your console. Let’s know about them in detail.

Using the media controller app:

Using the media controller app, you can connect your Bluetooth speaker to Xbox One. To connect, follow these steps:

  1. Open the media controller app on your video console
  2. Select the settings option
  3. Then click on the “Devices.”
  4. Under “Add device,” click on “Bluetooth.”
  5. Select the option “Add Bluetooth Device.”
  6. Then, scan for devices and select Bluetooth Speaker.
  7. After connecting the device, you can manage the sound from the app.

Using the Bluetooth settings on your console:

Bluetooth settings

You can connect your Bluetooth speaker without an adapter by using the Bluetooth settings on your console. Let’s see the below and know it in detail.

  1. On your console, tap settings.
  2. Pick “All settings.”
  3. Then, click on the option “Network.”
  4. Next, select “Bluetooth and Wireless Networking.”
  5. Under “Add Bluetooth or other wireless devices,” click on “Add a device.”
  6. Then, Scan for devices and select Bluetooth speaker.
  7. You may modify the volume from the settings once your device is paired to your console. 

Thus, you will get a great gaming experience with excellent sound quality by connecting a Bluetooth speaker to Xbox one. Some other things you may need to follow in this regard. These are:

  1. First, you need to check whether the Bluetooth Speaker is fine or not.
  2. Ensure the pairing mode between your speaker and your video console’s settings.
  3. Open your Xbox one, go to settings, and after selecting Bluetooth

Devices from Devices option.

  1. Then, click on pairing. Thus your connection will ensure properly.
  2. To regulate the sound, you can control it from Xbox one controller. Mute and unmute also be controlled by it.

How do I disconnect my Bluetooth Speaker from my Xbox One?

Bluetooth speakers are added to the video console to boost the sound quality. An Xbox one player may need to know how to disconnect it after the game.

In this regard, first, you need to go on settings and then select “Devices.” Next, you have to choose your Bluetooth speaker from “Devices.” Then click on Disconnect.

You can also complete this disconnection task by pressing the Xbox option and choosing Disconnect. Thus, you can disconnect your Bluetooth speaker.

How can I tell if my Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with my Xbox One?

All Bluetooth speakers are not compatible with your Xbox One. To find out which Speaker is suitable or well-matched to your Xbox one, you can check the Bluetooth speaker’s specifications.

If you find their “Xbox one” or gaming mode, you will be sure that your Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with your console.

What is the difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a regular speaker?

difference between

A regular speaker gives a wire-based connection to your device, whereas a Bluetooth speaker provides a wireless connection. That’s why you can move it anywhere or any corner of your home without hassle.

It features a built-in battery. Therefore you can carry it with you on excursions or outside. But all these benefits you can’t gain from a regular speaker.

Can I use a Bluetooth Headset with my Xbox One?

Yeah, you can do it. To do it, connect your Bluetooth headset to your Xbox one controller using the guidelines above. After connecting your headset, you can regulate the sound from the headset by clicking the Xbox button and choosing “Headset.”

Can I use a Bluetooth Speaker with my computer?

You can do it by following the upper instructions we defined in this article. But you have to remember that all Bluetooth speakers are not companionable to all devices. 

To ensure your Bluetooth speaker is compatible with your computer, you must check your Speaker’s specifications.

If you find a “computer” there, you can use it without hassle. Then experience the excellent sound quality of your computer with your Bluetooth speaker.


The Xbox One game is the most popular one. The players of Xbox one want to enjoy their video games with excellent sound quality.

In this regard, most of them use Bluetooth speakers, and many ask about how to Connect Bluetooth speakers to Xbox one? In this article, we have tried to give an idea of it. 

 We have defined two ways here. One is with an adapter, and another is without an adapter. Without an adapter, it is much better as you don’t need any extra media, and you can connect it without any wire. 

Thus, you can connect your Speaker to Xbox One using a wireless network and control its volume with an Xbox controller. Now, enjoy your favorite Xbox one game with a brilliant audio experience.

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