How to clean basketball shoes?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s exacting, enjoyable, and full of fun. Researchers said that playing basketball is helpful to build up your physical strength.

It also helps to reduce mental pressure. It can improve flexibility, co-operation, co-ordination, self-confidence and a lot of mental and physical functions. 

All we know that we can’t play this game with a regular shoe or keds. It would be best if you had a delightful shoe to ensure your best performance in the game. Basketball shoes are very light to use.

A heavy and dirty shoe can affect your performance. To have the best performance of your shoes, you need to maintain their cleanliness and have to know How to clean basketball shoes.

Here are some words about how to wash basketball shoes:

1. Remove the pebbles: Basketball shoes come with some little notch in the sole. It ensures a perfect grip on the court. But pebbles and little stones can be filled in those notches. It reduces the gripping ability.

Also, it can make the shoe heavier. So, removing pebbles is the first step to clean a shoe. Take a toothpick. Use the toothpick to remove the pebbles from the shoe grooves. You can also use a pincher to remove the pebbles.

2. Clean the dirt: Dirt makes your shoes grimy. Dirt can also make a hamper to your shoe’s thread and sole. Grab a soft toothbrush or soft cotton cloth and wipe the shoe carefully to clean dirt.

Try not to use any detergent or rubbing alcohol. They can dull your shoe. Alcohol is corrosive to some of the rubbery compounds. So, don’t use anything but a soft brush. Take the brush and scrub off any dirt.

3. Clean the inner sole: Insole is important stuff of a shoe. It ensures the perfect comfort of a player. Remove insoles from the shoe. Use some warm water and cloth friendly detergent to clean the insole.

Please don’t use the dryer to dry it. Make an air-dry process for the insole. And also don’t put it under the sun. High sunshine can make it bend.

4. Clean the sole: After removing the pebbles and dirt from the sole, use a brush to clean the sole properly. You can use toothpaste. But try to make sure that the sole is washed properly after adding a washing agent.

5. Wash the laces: Remove the shoelaces from the shoe. Use warm water and cloth detergent to clean the laces. Wash it as usual and make it dry.

6. Wipe the shoe: Don’t make a direct wash with detergent. Take a bowl and put in some eco-friendly laundry detergent. Then, add some warm water.

Make sure the water is slightly warm. Hot water can make a hamper to the shoe. Use a washcloth or cotton cloth to wipe the shoe gently.

Make sure the shoe is clean and stains are removed. You can use toothpaste to have a better and shiny look. But wipe properly after using toothpaste.

7. Wash and wipe: After wiping the shoe, use slightly warmed water to remove excess cleaning materials. Then take a dry cloth. Make sure to have a soft one. Wipe the shoes and sole with dry cloths to absorb the water from the shoe.

8. Dry: Don’t use a dryer or air vent to dry your shoe. Don’t use sunlight also. It can make a hamper to your shoes. High sunshine can make cleft in your shoes. Put the shoes aside from your window.

Assemble again: After drying everything, assemble all the things together. Put the insole inside of the shoe. Tie the laces. And you can get a perfectly washed basketball shoe at home.

Necessities of cleaning shoe

Basketball shoes should be light to ensure the best performance. A dirty shoe can be heavy to move your step. Moreover, it’s uncomfortable to wear dirty shoes.

A dirty shoe can also make an odor from your feet. So, knowing how to clean basketball shoes is most necessary. It increases health issues also. A shoe with pebbles inside its notch can’t make a perfect grip.

So, it can make any accident anytime. So, clean your shoes regularly and know the right approach to how to clean basketball shoes to get the best performance on the court.

Tricks to keep shoes clean:

How to clean basketball shoes?

  1. Store rightly: Don’t store your shoes anywhere. Make a place to keep your shoe. Every time after the game, place it there. Please don’t keep them in a practice bag or outside. Keep them in a place where wind can blow but dust-free.
  2. Deodorant: You can use deodorant to have a fresher shoe. You also add some perfumed cotton in your shoes to have odor-free shoes. Cotton also absorbs humidity from shoes.
  3. Limited use: Don’t use your shoe outside of the court. Try not to wear shoes while going to court. Use another one to go to court and wear basketball shoes after entering court.

Caution: You need to aware of some things to clean your shoes without hampering them.

Washing machine: Don’t use a washing machine to clean your basketball shoe. It can damage your shoe. But read the message from the producer. Because some shoes are applicable to wash in the machine.

Soap: Don’t use soap and high power detergent to clean shoes. Use eco-friendly products.

Wash: Make sure that the shoe is completely washed and excessive cleaner is removed completely. An excessive amount of cleaner can dull the product. Don’t use rubbing alcohol, bleach, or fabric softener to clean the shoe.

Dry: Don’t use dryers and heaters to dry the shoe. Don’t put your shoe in direct sunshine for a long time.

How to clean basketball shoes Full Guide:

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