Gerry Down Jacket Review and Buying Guide

A jacket is the most common winter clothing item. People like to discover stylish and uncommon jackets to enhance their style.

Usually, heavy jackets are also prominent in icy weather, and light is very flexible to use in any condition. Moreover, there are thirteen kinds of jackets in the market.

Among all of them, Gerry has been a popular jacket for a long time, and the consumers always like its quality and other specifications. 

However, various Gerry jackets are based on their colors and qualities. This article described 3 Gerry down jacket review swith their top features. If you read the following, you’ll have a sound knowledge of them.

How worthy is the puffer jacket?

Another name for a puffer jacket is a down jacket. It is one of the most famous winter coats. The puffer jacket is a wardrobe essential that will keep you comfortable on those cold winter days.

Due to their water-repellent outers and down stuffing, these jackets are ideal for temperatures below zero and even snow. 

Therefore, without suspicion, they are the most well-known and fashionable option on the market. But don’t be afraid to go for a higher-quality alternative.

However, if you reside in a warmer city, you may go for a lighter jacket with less down. 

3 Gerry down jacket review

Gerry down jacket is the most popular jacket indeed. When anyone wants to buy a jacket, they consider looking at Gerry jackets.

Therefore, this article will briefly disclose the 3-Gerry down jacket review. So, let’s get started.

1. Gerry Men’s Replay Packable Down Jacket

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This packable sweater from Gerry relay is lighter and thinner than a conventional down jacket. This elegant jacket will keep you warm on a spring or chilly fall day.

The jacket is made of 100% polyester and 10% feather. Therefore, you can use it in any weather like foggy, hazy. Likewise, it repels water and wind.

But for added protection, you can put it over a fleece or under a hard shell. Besides, its body filler is 90% down and 10% other fibers. So, you will get the full warmth even in high cold weather. 

Besides, this men’s jacket comes with a drawstring closure. Since it is ultra-packable, then after using it, you can easily stuff it down into a drawstring pouch.

Also, there are three zipper pockets with the jacket to hold your necessary stuff and keep both hands safe from the cold. 

Moreover, the package dimension of this jacket is 13.66 x 10.35 x 4.09 inches, and it weighs only 13.02 Ounces. The color combination of this jacket will enhance the style when you wear it. On the other hand, the cloth seems very glace.

Overall, the jacket is very user-friendly. You can wash it very easily by machine because it confirms machine washing.

So, from this Gerry down jacket review, it is clear that this Gerry Men’s down jacket is a user recommended jacket to buy.

Pros & Cons

  • The jacket is made with 100% polyester
  • It is an ultra-packing product 
  • The jacket is machine washable
  • It has zipper pockets
  • The jacket offers water and wind repellency
  • Weight is comparatively high 

2. Gerry Men’s Sweater Down Jacket

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This Gerry Men’s Sweater Down Jacket is the most popular jacket because of its built quality. The jacket’s design enhances your style and gives complete pleasure during the cold weather.

The jacket is 100% nylon, ensuring good warmth during icy weather. It also offers 650 fill powers along with the welded channels.

Therefore, the most remarkable part of this jacket is, it able to regulate the body heat to make you feel entirely comfortable.

Most of the typical jackets do not have this kind of option. Thus you come to feel uncomfortable where there is a certain chance of freezing weather. 

Moreover, this jacket has an upper zipper pocket to keep necessary pieces of stuff and two side pockets to keep your hands warm. Also, the jackets allow machine washing. So, it is effortless to wash when it turns dirty. 

However, the product dimension is 11.38 x 9.29 x 4.65 inches, weighing 11.99 ounces. Generally, very few colors are available, but the available one is very graceful.

Furthermore, it is a very budget-friendly jacket for everybody. If you want to buy a perfect jacket with a low budget, you can consider buying this jacket as well.

Pros & Cons

  • The jacket is made of 100% nylon
  • It has welded channels
  • It able to regulate body heat
  • The jacket has 3-zipper pockets
  • The jacket allows machine washing 
  • The jacket’s color options are limited.

3. Gerry Performance Sweater down Jacket

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Gerry is always famous for offering various jackets based on style, color, and features. Therefore, they are offering this slate/ naval blue jacket to catch the consumers’ attention. 

The jacket is made of 100% polyester. Therefore you should not think about water, fog, and any weather while using it. The jacket’s inner side is also compact and adjustable with your body.

Again, it also has welded channels to adjust with your body, enhancing the style. Also, there are 3-zipper pockets with it. The upper one is for keeping stuff, and the rest of the two are for warming your hands.

However, the product dimension is 14.13 x 10.08 x 3.82 inches, and it weighs only 12.77 ounces. Generally, it is the same as the other Gerry jacket, but the color combination makes it different from others.

The color combination of the jacket is naval blue and grey. The lower portion is a gray color, and the upper part of to side-by-side hand is the naval blue color. 

Since it is very durable to use in cold weather, there is a chance of quick dust. So, the company offers machine washing whenever you need it. Overall, it is a very stylish jacket with lovely blue color. 

Pros & Cons

  • The jacket attracts the consumers by its charming blue color
  •  It has three zipper pockets.
  • The company is offering machine washing
  • It is made by 100% polyester
  •  It looks very stylish
  • Not preferable who don’t like blue color

Buying Guide

There is the various quality jacket on the market. So, you cannot fix up your mind without understanding the features and quality.

In this condition, you can follow a buying guide to know all of the features and specifications of a jacket since there is a variation of jacket about the purpose of using.

Therefore, in the following discussion, we have described some core features of the jacket yet.  


A hard-shell jacket is uninsulated. Usually, it is a hooded garment that is arguably the most adaptable for any sport that involves snow or rain.

These are usually waterproof and windproof, suitable for activities throughout the mild winter months. The level of waterproofing and seam taping usually differentiate the jacket’s price.

Lightweight waterproofs: 

This jacket style is perfect for when you plan not to use it but need to have it on hand just in case. Hoods are typically more simple in design, lack a visor or stiffener, and are not helmet-compatible.

They’re suitable for wearing in town and day hiking, and summer backpacking. It is designed for the more casual user who usually does not use jackets all year.

Compared to other options, these are easier to use and less bulky. When not in use, you can neatly store it.


Softshell jackets are suitable for active users such as climbers, mountaineers, bikers, and ski-mountaineers. They are not waterproof or windproof because the user’s quick pace keeps them comfortable.

They are highly winding and water-resistant, and the insulation they provide enables them to be used in various situations. Most outfits have a tight cut that makes them appear excellent on the street but not on the hill.

Down / insulated items: 

The many designs are meant to meet the demands of hikers, skiers, climbers, and alpine mountaineers.

Whether you’re pausing for lunch on the hill or belaying during the chilly winter months, you may customize your level of insulation by choosing a synthetic or down jacket, smock, or a gilet.

Key features: 

  • Adjustable cuffs: Most basic shell jackets will also have adjustable cuffs, which assist in adjusting the fit and trap in warmth. But seeking banded cuffs on mountain coats can take excellent wear and tear.
  • Bonded zips: Bonding is a crucial feature of top mountain shells because it prevents water from entering the jacket through the zips. It also cuts the jacket’s weight by minimizing the need for extra fabric.
  • Storm flap: This is a critical element of walking jackets because it prevents water from entering.
  • Map pocket: If you’re hiking with your jacket on, this is necessary to keep your map dry and accessible. Almost all shells will include front zipped pockets for storing food or other supplies.
  • Adjustable hood: If you’re looking for the best possible fit and complete coverage while wearing a jacket on the trail, you’ll want to invest in a high-end trail jacket compatible with a hood. An adjustable hood is essential for mountaineering and ensures safety and comfort while wearing a jacket. 


Q. Why is layering essential to buy a jacket? 

ANSWER: A proper layering scheme is essential, except for outdoor attire. When layering properly, the wearer can remain warm, dry, and comfortable in any weather.

There are a lot of choices available. Thanks to developments in fabric technology. However, the key to layering is simplicity. However, you can tailor the jacket to meet your specific needs following general guidelines.

Q. What is a down jacket, and is it warmest? 

ANSWER: The insulating fill of this jacket is made up of down, which is the light, powdery feathers removed from adjacent to the bird’s skin and joined with the outer feathers.

The warmer the jacket, the higher the down-to-feather ratio; for example, a 90/10 ratio contains 90% down and 10% feathers.

The loft of down generates thousands of small air pockets. They capture warm air and hold heat, giving it exceptional insulating capabilities. Goose down is the most generous and lightest.

Although duck down or coats with a blend of the two are generally far less expensive, they still keep you warm.

Q. Do all jackets have the ability to adjust heat?

ANSWER: No. All the jackets have the option to adjust the heat to the body heat. Generally, these kinds of jackets have welded channels, and they are made of 100% nylon.

The jackets can balance the body heat based on the temperature. Therefore, you will get total comfort by using them.

Q. What is the benefit of the zipper? 

ANSWER: Zipper is an important feature when using a jacket for outdoor circumstances. You may keep your necessary staff inside the zippers.

Afterward, the size zippers are condign to keep your hands. In addition, side zippers will give you a complete delight when it is icy, and you’re passing your time outdoor.

Moreover, some jackets worthy for adventurous purposes have a secret or hidden pocket/ zipper in the inner side to keep monumental goods.  

Q. Why not just have it down with a waterproof membrane on top?

ANSWER: Down must be able to breathe. As a result, a breathable layer will always outperform a waterproof membrane.

With a waterproof membrane, you’d grow hot, prompting you to unzip the jacket to vent, and then you’d cool down too rapidly, repeating the process all day.

Although down is meant mainly for snowy conditions rather than heavy rain, it functions well in both cases.

Final Verdict

A good quality jacket promotes style and gives you good pleasure. However, there are various kinds of jackets in the market, and it is pretty tricky to find out the best one.

In this sense, the Gerry men jacket can be a choice to get both genre and pleasure. This article has added every part of our selected 3-best Gerry Men jackets with relevant pros and cons. 

In other words, the above article has described Gerry down jacket review, which can give an excellent guide to buying the best Gerry jacket yet.

In addition, our buying guide will also help you compare Gerry down jacket with other jackets as well.

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