Best Costco Snowshoes Review And Buying Guide

When it’s winter, the thing that hits first our mind is snow. Many of us wait for the winter because of snowfall. Snowfall makes our winter vacation exciting.

We used to make a funny snowman, play snow throwing, or do skating during snowfall. However, whether we go for a hike, run or walk, you will need a good pair of snowshoes to avoid dangerous falls. 

Review of Yaktrax Diamond Grip Costco Snowshoes

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However, there are many snowshoes in the market, but most people love Costco snowshoes.

So in this article, you will cover the Yaktrax Diamond Grip Costco snowshoes review and mention all the information about Costco snowshoes.


Picking the right size is mandatory. The Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Cleats are available in 5- sizes to accommodate most shoe and boot sizes.

(Yaktrax suggests increasing one shoe size to ordinary boots and two shoe sizes to insulated boots). 5-different sizes are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2XL. 


Materials are not only the most important things for snowshoes but also for any outdoor shoes. If the materials are not comfortable, the shoes will be in the garbage bag after a certain time.

Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats are made with patented diamonds beads.

The unique Diamond Beads are made of steel alloy and steel aircraft wire and have hundreds of biting edges that grip throughout all directions.

Moreover, the natural rubber sling remains flexible and secure. It’s simple to put on and take off. It is comfortable to use for extended periods.

Transitioning between gravel, dirt, and concrete is more accessible by the beads’ ability to swivel independently.


Getting a perfect match for the feet is a great advantage. Because when you get the ideal one, your every activity will be more comfortable. No matter whether you’re walking or hiking, you can do everything with confidence. 

If you don’t get the right pair of shoes, it’s slow down your moves, and sometimes it hurts your feet as well. It will appear as a nightmare in the long run, and you will end it up by giving it to someone else, or it will be in your house or the corner of the shoe rack for years and years without using it. 

Moreover, the distinctive shape makes Diamond Grips an excellent choice for those who routinely traverse a variety of surfaces. With hundreds of edges, Diamond Hold’s unique Diamond Beads provide a firm grip in all directions.


Checking the durability of the shoes is one of the most important elements for buying that particular shoe. In terms of durability and weight, snowshoes are the best option.

Their sturdiness enhances Snowshoes’ long-term usefulness. Besides, smaller snowshoes can float well on solid decking. Solid decking is quite durable. 

Beads that swivel independently prevent snow and ice from building up. They are made of case hardened steel alloy Diamond Beads, aircraft-grade steel cables, sling bands of durable rubber, and Zinc coated steel grommets.

So, choosing the best durable Costco snowshoes is very worthy for the long term yet.


Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats provide superior traction for all kinds of winter conditions, including icy surfaces, hard-packed snow, and everything in between.

Not only that it will be great for every activity, whether it’s walking or running. Even in sub-zero temperatures, Diamond Grips’ rubber sling bands stay elastic.

No matter the weather conditions, it makes them easy to put on and take off.

Pros & Cons

  • Costco snowshoes are comfortable to wear because of their excellent fit. 
  • Natural rubber slings are secure at minimum temperature. 
  • It’s effortless to put on and put off. 
  • Different sizes are available for everyone. 
  • Affordable to buy. 
  • Beads swivel makes the shoes ideal and comfier. 
  • Comes with a warranty. 
  • Traction could be more durable. 

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The 90-day manufacturer’s warranty makes these Costco snowshoes more charming.

Are Costco Snowshoes Good?

Costco snowshoes work perfectly everywhere in winter, either on slight inclines or flat trails. Nevertheless, if you want to climb a mountain, you’ll need climbing bars.

Be remember to add any gear you’re carrying and wearing when calculating your ideal weight. 

Costco snowshoes complement your journey by giving you the proper comfort and confidence to do every possible activity. So Costco snowshoes are worth buying for the winter.

Are Expensive Snowshoes Worth It?

You’ll get various kinds of snowshoes available on the market. When you want to bring snowshoes, you’ll find both affordable and expensive ones yet.

But a question can be raised in your mind that what’s the difference between a cheap pair of snowshoes and a high-end pair. 

Manufacturers and pricing points of snowshoes might vary, but in general, more expensive models will provide improved longevity and less weight of the shoes.

So if you are thinking about your comfort and want to buy Costco snowshoes as an investment for the long run, you should go for an expensive one.

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How Long Do Snowshoes Last?

How long will your snowshoes last depends on what’s material the snowshoes made of and how you maintain that. Because when the materials are suitable, you can wear them comfortably in the long run and not get hurt.

Besides, maintenance is equally important because no matter how pricy the shoes are, they will not last for the long term without proper care. 

But generally, Costco snowshoes used to last for several years. Even some Costco snowshoes can last more than eighteen years.

With some common sense and proper care, as well as a bit of annual maintenance, classic snowshoes, made of wood and rawhide, can last over the years.

Final Verdict

Snowshoes are an excellent investment for the winter. They will be your most reliable companion whenever you go out for any outdoor activities.

Before buying any snowshoe pair, it requires considering several things for ensuring the best benefit from that. 

Here we have covered all the information about Yaktrax Diamond Grip All-Surface Traction Cleats. Hope you will find this Costco snowshoes review helpful in buying Costco snowshoes.

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