Best Women’s All-Mountain Snowboard Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

One of the most popular winter sports is snowboarding. Snowboarding is a sport for those who desire to skate on the ice-covered land to enjoy the outstanding view of the landscape.

If you are that kind of person, then the first thing you will need is a high-quality and premium snowboard. There are different types of snowboards.

All-mountain is the best option for any terrain and is great for women. If you are a beginner, the following article might be helpful for you. Hopefully, you will get the best women’s all-mountain snowboard here.

Why a specific snowboard for women?

Manufacturers are doing significant research and releasing some amazing products designed explicitly for women.

Because of the structural differences in the bodies of men and women, they use different movement techniques while performing a single-leg squat.

Women turn their pelvis toward the limb that is taking the weight. On the other hand, men turn the clock around the other way. Women are more likely to have knee pain and get hurt than men.

Again, many more things need to be considered in women’s snowboards as women have a lower center of gravity, so they need a smaller board that will be easier to maneuver. It will be wise to purchase a snowboard designed with those features.

10- Best Women’s All-Mountain Snowboard Review

There is a huge range of snowboards available on the market. You have to pick the one that can meet all your needs. To help you out in your search, we have come up with the 10-best snowboard reviews. Have a look at this article.

1. STAUBER Summit Snowboard

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STAUBER is a popular sports brand that combines happiness, adventure, and meaningful life experiences. They are passionate about outdoor experiences.

Their products make snowboarding enjoyable and intuitive. STAUBER Summit snowboard gives you all the facilities for snowboarding that you need.

It is made of 100% real poplar wood core. It is constructed with a triaxial layer of fiberglass on both the bottom and top to provide smoother torsional flex.

The product is lightweight and comes with a medium range of flex. It comes with a twin Directional tip and tail shape.

Also, it gives two individual camber zones-contacts point underfoot and a rocker core. Furthermore, the rocker core enhances pop and prevents edge catching.

The snowboard also includes an ABS sidewall, steel edge sidewall, rubber dampening strip, extruded base, and bottom sheet for scratch-resistant.

Again, it provides the following adjustability-Highback angle, base plate position, and straps position. From intermediate to advanced, riders will love to thrash around the mountain on this rig.

However, this product is lightweight and a perfect choice for women. It’s the best choice for beginners also.

Key features:

  1. It has a real poplar wood core
  2. This provides a triaxial layer of fiberglass
  3. It includes two individual camber zones
  4. The snowboard is super smooth and buttery
  5. The product is lightweight

2. Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard

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If you are looking for a modern snowboard, go for the Cabin All-mountain snowboard. It’s a perfect choice for freeriding with power and float, regardless of the snow conditions.

Peregrine All-mount snowboard combines geometry and technology for all-mountain performance. It is ideal for riders who want to explore the entire mountain.

It gives a better experience to deliver a direct-to-customer snowboard. This snowboard allows you to ride it in any snow condition. 

For extra float in powder, the peregrine has an early-rise camber in the nose. This feature also includes a positive camber and progressive sidecut to give it trench-cutting power.

It carbon45gives pop and responses, the sintered base allows the rider to maintain speed, and the power load sidecut increases carving ability. 

Overall, this snowboard has an amazing float in powder, is stable at speed, and holds the edge perfectly on groomers.

Moreover, the snowboard is suitable for all-mountain shredding. If you are a beginner, it’s the best option for you.

Indeed, it’s the best all-mountain snowboard for women available in the market. 

Key features: 

  1. The snowboard is excellent in all snow conditions
  2. Its peregrine provides early-rise camber
  3. This product is versatile 
  4. Provides impressive performances
  5. Value for money 

3. BURTON Flight Attendant Snowboard

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Burton’s name is associated with reliability and quality. The brands make good gear, and the Burton flight Attendant snowboard is one of their best products. 

The Burton Flight Attendant is one of the all-mountain snowboards for women. It gives you the experience to ride like an expert and provides great powder flow.

It is shaped like a directional twin with a longer nose that extends from the front binding to the tip.

A ten-millimeter nose-to-tail taper complements the stance and shape. It provides a versatile ride that promotes easy and free turns.

Additionally, the shape, stance, profile, and flex work together to maximize all-mountain performance. It was created as a more aggressive alternative to more traditional twin shapes.

Its freeride directional shape features a sidecut and a setback chamber that creates a twin freestyle stance. 

Moreover, its superfly II 700G core uses lighter and stronger wood to provide strength and pop, reducing overall weight. 

Key features: 

  1. This features directional camber
  2. It has a freeride directional shape
  3. It provides directional flex
  4. This includes FSC certified 700G core
  5. The board is lightweight 

4. Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard Women’s

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Rossignol is such a brand you will fall in love with and hunt for the next purchase for snowboard from Rossignol. 

Rossignol Frenemy Snowboard provides a highly stable ride. It is shaped like a directional twin, with the nose slightly longer than the tail.

It’s the ideal choice for riders who want to experience the entire mountain. This snowboard has a rocker profile. The profile has a stiffer waist and softer tips. 

This snowboard’s core is made of FSC-certified wood. The board is completely durable. The 5S serrated edge technology is featured on the Rossignol snowboard.

It offers five points of edge contact to grab into the snow altogether. This edge technology makes the board stable and gives a tremendous edge grip. 

Besides, the snowboard comes with ABS sidewalls. It provides more durability and protects the core. Moreover, the snowboard works great across powder snow.

The directional twin shapes make it happen. Overall, this snowboard is like a game-changer. It gives you all the things to make snowboarding easy and comfortable. 

Key features: 

  1. It comes with a directional twin shape
  2. It works excellent in powder snow
  3. The board is incredibly stable
  4. The tool is durable enough
  5. It is affordable

5. Salomon Lotus Women’s Snowboard

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If you want something new design this winter, then go for the Salomon Lotus women’s snowboard.

It features the most desirable camber profile, including a much softer flex. The Salomon lotus snowboard is equipped with a high-quality aspen core from nose to tail.

It comes with a directional twin shape which allows the rider to float smoothly on the snow. It contains high-density birch strips that ensure durability. 

Moreover, this snowboard offers a mellow torsional flex which makes an easier turn initiation and will let you boost carving skills.

It provides the extruded base that ensures better wax absorption and a faster glide.

Besides, it allows riders multiple snowboarding midair tracks. It also features shock and tough absorbing sidewalls. 

However, it’s the best choice for the beginner. Overall, this board is durable and stable. It requires little care and maintenance also. 

Key features: 

  1. It’s a perfect board for beginner 
  2. The board allows you to perform multiple snowboarding tricks
  3. It is durable
  4. It features rigid absorbing sidewalls
  5. The board requires little maintenance 

6. Salomon Oh Yeah Women’s Snowboard

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Here comes another best snowboard from Salomon. This Salomon, oh yeah, snowboard, will provide you a great fit and comfortable ride. 

This board brings fun carving and smooth agility without sacrificing pop. It’s jam-packed with freestyle-oriented technology.

It has a flat-out camber to provide perfect flex, similar to rock-out camber. This board gives better performance while you are riding at higher speeds.

It features an easy press core, and torsional flex allows you for flex and twists. Besides, The ABS sidewalls have been reinforced with 2mm rubber blocks in high-pressure areas.

The royal rubber pads laying under the contact points help dampen and increase the smooth ride. This snowboard contains an extruded base that ensures easy maintenance. 

However, this snowboard is durable enough and easy to fit in any snow condition. Moreover, it requires very little maintenance also. 

Key features:

  1. It features flat out camber
  2. Its flex pattern is playful and soft
  3. This snowboard has great stability
  4. It provides royal rubber pads
  5. The board requires less maintenance

7. BURTON Free Thinker Snowboard

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Gather experiences with Burton free thinker snowboard. This snowboard provides you with a modern shape and technology. The burton free thinker comes in a variety of sizes.

The board features a camber shape, a true twin, and has fairly stiff flex. It is pretty soft and a little more aggressive and powerful with great pop.

It comes with a twin shape that is perfectly symmetrical for a safe and balanced ride so that you can stomp and spin with better stability.

The camber provides poppy precision and powerful turns. Overall, this snowboard is affordable and ideal for all-mountain riders.

Its performance in the snow powder justices its price tag. Moreover, it provides outstanding stability whether you ride regularly.

It’s also an excellent option for the all-mountain riders who like sped and quick edging. 

Key features:

  1. The snowboard features modern technology
  2. It comes in various sizes
  3. The board is powerful 
  4. The camber provides poppy precision
  5. It has excellent stability

8. Never Summer 2021-2022 Lady West

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Those looking for a versatile all-mountain board can pick this Never Summer Lady West snowboard.

It’s a great board for beginner to advanced level riders with a more aggressive riding style. This board can run across a wide spectrum of conditions and terrain.

The Never Summer Lady West comes with a flex pattern designed for lady riders to carve turns and cut into the snow with less work.

It transitions smoothly from edge to edge, with a surfy feel during riding, even in the toughest conditions. It gives a good performance in the fluffy stuff. 

Besides, the edge and stiffness of this board will make you feel secure in your turns on the snow at a higher speed.

Overall, it floats well in powder, is stable on speed, and easily and quickly pops from edge to edge while carving.  

However, it’s a perfect option for purchasing a snowboard for the first time. It simply impresses you with its features. 

Key features: 

  1. The board is stable on speed
  2. It works well in powder snow
  3. It has a flex pattern 
  4. It’s an excellent option for the beginner
  5. The board is versatile 

9. Gnu Ladies Choice Women’s Snowboard

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If you are looking for a board that is not going out of style any season, go for this GNU women’s snowboard. 

Gnu ladies’ choice is a progression-focused snowboard with an asymmetrical shape. It comes with G3 eco-construction, making it the lightest, most robust, and poppy board.

Besides, its C2x hybrid rocker provides precision, pop, float, and maneuverability. The board offers sintered knife, which is strong enough and manageable.

Its biaxial and triaxial missed glassing dampens choppy snow and big landings. Again, its twin tips are ideal for mastering maneuvers in and out of the park.

Besides, the board also has Magne-traction edges with seven serrations per side for holding and controlling.

Moreover, its deep heelside sidecut improves edge hold and boosts natural movement.

Its lightweight and useful feature have made this board one of this season’s best women’s all-mountain snowboards.

It is not so fast but gives a decent performance and won’t lose its stability. This board is easy to maneuver between bumps. 

However, this Gnu ladies’ snowboard will keep you playful no matter the snow condition is.

Overall, this board is stable for most approaches. So, make the best purchase by picking up this beautiful snowboard.

Key features: 

  1. The snowboard is lightweight
  2. It comes in a unique asymmetrical shape
  3. It provides sintered knife 
  4. This features a G3 Eco core 
  5. It has a deep heelside sidecut

10. System 2022 Juno Women’s Snowboard

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System Juno is a brand new addition to their snowboard list. Their Juno women’s board is one of the masterpieces for female riders. 

The purpose of this board is to make progress and daily riding as simple as possible. The Juno women’s snowboard starts with the system’s CRCX profile, which provides a good camber facility.

It is centered on a rockered profile in the middle position of the board and transitions to mild camber at the tip and tail.

Besides, this board also eliminates edge catches during maximum edge hold in the harshest conditions. 

Again, its biaxial and triaxial glassing allows the board to pop and flex easily, ensuring durability.

It is constructed entirely of rubber dampening and features a dual-density poplar core. It contributes to the board’s strength.

If you’re new to surfing and looking for a lightweight board, the Juno is an excellent choice.

However, this Juno snowboard is sure to give you more fun during every ride. This board gives you a long-time warranty too. 

Key features: 

  1. It features a directional twin shape
  2. This is constructed with DD2 core
  3. It provides biaxial and triaxial fiberglass
  4. It has UV protected gloss
  5. The board is lightweight

Buying Guide

Most of the time, snowboarding gear is expensive. That is why you need to be very conscious while purchasing any item. Take a look to pick the best women’s all-mountain snowboard.


In general, All-mountain comes with a directional or directional twin shape. The best shape for an all-mountain snowboard is the Directional twin.

Snowboard with this shape will feel like a true twin and can be easily handled. So, go for a snowboard that comes with a directional twin shape.


This means how the snowboard lay on the snow from the side. Profile bears a significant role in how your snowboard performs in various conditions.

Camber is the best and most traditional profile for all-mountain snowboards. Camber is a great upwards curve between the tip and tail. This profile is impressive for power and grip.


The base of a snowboard depends on a few things. A snowboards layer is such a thing that makes contact with the snow when you ride. There are two kinds of board bases-sintered base and extruded base.

  • Extruded base: Extruded bases tend to be found on park leaning as well as entry-level snowboards. It is made of polyurethane pellets, like one large piece of flat plastic. Extruded bases are durable because of this construction. Also, it requires less maintenance and is not expensive.
  • Sintered base: Sintered bases are the best choice for mid-level to high-level snowboarders. It requires frequent waxing. Rides need to be aware of the thin spots and obstacles. These types of bases are costly and require regular maintenance. But if maintained properly, it will offer you a faster ride.


Riders go for different length boards. Freeriders tend to go for longer boards, and freestylers go for shorter boards.

On the other hand, all-mountain riders are in the middle. If you are aggressive, you will likely lead to a longer board. But if you are playful, you will go for a shorter length.

Flex and dampness

The flexibility of a snowboard defines the riding experience. There are two types of snowboards. One is flex-longitudinal flex, and another one is torsional flex.

Longitudinal flex explains how much the snowboard bends along its length. On the other hand, Torsional flex refers to how much it bends across its width.

The ability of the board to cruise at high speeds without causing discomfort to your feet is referred to as dampness.


Q: What are the differences between men’s and women’s snowboards? 

Ans: One of the most significant differences between man and women’s snowboards is the shape and sizing.

It includes sidecut ratio, length, and width. Again, another difference remains in the materials of the core.

The main reason for the difference is picking up the perfect board for you.

Q: How do I maintain my all-mountain snowboard?

Ans: Snowboard maintenance is an important task. Make sure you are waxing your snowboard regularly.

When you have finished laps, it’s necessary wiping down the board, secure the bindings and lastly hang it to store it. 

Make sure the edge is kept sharp and free of burrs using a whetstone and a file.

So, go for the best women’s all-mountain snowboard because it will last longer and require less maintenance. 

Q: Is rocker or camber better for all-mountain?

Ans: Rocker profile snowboards provide good performance at low speeds in powder and are great for intermediate all-mountain riders.

This one is good for slushy conditions. On the other hand, camber profile snowboards are great for all kinds of riders.

Generally, aggressive riders prefer these camber profile boards.

Q: Is it safe to ride freestyle boards in all-mountain?

Ans: A freestyle deck handles all-mountain riding with just limitations. If it is a soft street deck, it may chatter and become unstable at high speeds.

Q: Do longer snowboards go faster?

Ans: Longer length doesn’t make a snowboard go faster. It is the mass that matters. A longer board contains more mess, and gravity will pull down a bit faster. 


You will find a lot of reliable options on the market. So, as you are investing, then invest in a good brand.

If you are looking for the best women’s all-mountain snowboard, you must check this article out—no matter your budget or experience.

You will find budget-friendly beginner to advanced level rider’s snowboards on the list.

We have included the top of all-mountain snowboards in the article, from highly versatile designs to affordable ones this season.

As snowboarding is an adventurous thing so must be careful about yourself and your snowboard.

Again always think about your comfort and style before buying any board.

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