Best Splitboard Poles Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

Nowadays, split boarding has become the best recreational sport. People put two boards on their feet and climb down from a snowy mountain.

They use a long pole to increase the speed and stop split boards. These poles are known as split board poles; it helps to increase the speed or decrease the speed of your split board.

1. Jones Talon Splitboard Poles Men’s Black

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The Jones Talon Splitboard is an excellent option for anybody looking for a high-performance splitboard at a reasonable price.

This set of splitboard poles features three foldable sections to ensure long-term use.

Carbon is used in the pole’s top half to keep weight down, while titanal is used in the pole’s lowest section for extra durability.

This split board’s EVA foam handle has a sturdy plastic snow scraper attached to the top. 

The snow scraper grip of this split board is the most convenient when you are using it in die-hard icy weather.

It also has a revised snow claw 2.0 basket with a distinctive basket connection that floats relative to the pole shaft. It has excellent traction on firm or soft snow, easy to place on every angle of slopes. 

Talon Pro poles are available in lengths ranging from 105 to 135cm. The baskets will interlock with the pole tips when attached to your pack, creating a more compact structure.

Furthermore, it is designed specifically for men who wish to be comfortable when backcountry traveling for long periods.

Key Features

  • It’s a more durable split board than other
  • This is an excellent splitboard to use in snowy conditions
  • It has formed with three foldable parts
  • It has snow robust plastic snow scraper
  • This can be used on every angle of slopes

2. Black Diamond Alpine Flz Z Walking Poles

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Even though the Black Diamond Alpine Flz Z Walking Poles are a little more expensive than the Jones Talon Split Board, it will be a great investment due to their durable construction.

A strong 7075 aluminum alloy is used to make it, and it comes in three different sizes: 95-11 cm, 105-125 cm, and 120-140 cm.

This pole’s segments are separated into four pieces, each extremely compact for easy storage.

Moreover, it boasts 100 percent cork handles with EVA foam extensions for a secure hold over the upper area of the pole.

If you’re a novice to walking poles, this is the best choice because it is easy and quick to adjust and handier to use than others—it is also an incredible selection for people who desire a versatile and dependable pole.

Key features

  • It’s a durable walking pole
  • It is available in 3 different sizes
  • This walking pole is constructed with solid aluminum alloy
  • This is easy and comfortable to use
  • It’s very compact in design. 

3. MSR DynaLock Explore Alumunium Backcountry Poles

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MSR DynaLock Explore Alumunium Backcountry Poles are an excellent choice for usage in the outdoors.

Due to the high-strength aluminum structure, you can consider these as one of the greatest folding snowboards on the market.

These can be a terrific addition to your vast pack when riding downhill. Additionally, these wilderness poles are appropriate for people who require trekking sticks for year-round adventure.

Again, for hilly terrain, it offers EVA foam grip for side-hilling. These MSR DynaLock Explore Alumunium Backcountry Poles have three aluminum poles, making them more durable and flexible.  

These are particularly notable for their tool-free adjustment system, which allows you to vary the height of these poles on the go with a simple turn of the dial.

A full range of length adjustment is available thanks to the pole’s two dyanlock mechanisms. MSR DynaLock Explore Aluminum Backcountry Poles are easy to use, dependable, and quick.

Key Features

  • These are constructed with aluminum
  • The poles are easy to adjust
  • It comes with an EVA foam grip
  • These have three pieces of aluminum poles
  • It has the tool-free adjustment 

4. Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Ski Pole

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The Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Ski Pole is another lightweight and sturdy ski pole on this list.

When mountaineering, Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Ski Pole is a must-have ski pole to use. This is suitable for use in all types of mountainous and icy environments. 

Also, it’s compact folded size is excellent for snowshoeing touring and incredibly best for split boarding.

Because it is built of durable carbon, you won’t have to worry about its long-term durability.

The dual FlickLock Pro adjustable features on this ski pole allow for quick length adjustment while maintaining a solid grip.

The integrated rubber grip extension allows for quick climb-ups and a secure grip.

The touring series grip also reduces the weight and provides the softest ergonomic grip, assuring your safety during skiing on snowy or rough slopes.

This product includes a powder basket as an added bonus for cold days. 

Key Features

  • This ski pole is incredible durable than others
  • It is very lightweight
  • This can be used in any uneven weather
  • This constructed with high carbon fiber
  • It comes with a powder basket

5. Backcountry Access Scepter Aluminum

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Backcountry Access Scepter Aluminum is one of the least weight touring poles for hiking. This touring pole weighs 10.3 oz (293 g) and is made of aluminum (single pole).

All-around conventional backcountry skiers looking for stability and comfort in the wilderness will appreciate this pole.

Its locking mechanism is simply adjusted without the necessity of tools, and its wide, meaty powder basket floats in deep, light snow.

It also incorporates a carbide tip for dealing with glare ice. The grippy spray is used on the upper shaft of the scepter to provide a comfortable grip for the wielder. 

This touring pole saves you from lugging superfluous weight up the mountain and protects your legs for what is needed more.

In the end, if you want to have snow-free skies during the hiking, this will be the finest option for you to choose.

Key features

  • This is a lightweight pole
  • This comes with a grippy spray that is more comfortable grip than others
  • It can keep your skies snow-free
  • This comes with durable features
  • It is the more adjustable pole for other

6. Jones Talon Pro Splitboard Poles Men’s Black Review

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You need the best split board poles to stay safe and feel the split boarding. So how can you obtain or buy the best splitboard poles? We are here to help you.

Jones talon is a renowned producer that makes split board poles, and Jones talon pro split board poles men’s is one of their top-class poles.

Now we will enlighten you with its full features and advantages.

The grip

The grip of a pole is an important part; you don’t want to lose control of your pole. While riding the split skies, you need to get a good grip, which helps you control your ride.

Jones’s talon pro comes with a scraper grip design to provide a better grip. The design consists of two-layer, inside hard plastic scraper grips on top it features comfortable foam grip.

One can hold the scraper in any position according to their need.


Jones talon pro comes with a long adjustable length. The full length of this pole is between 105 and 135 cm. you can adjust the length of your pole according to your height.

To make it portable and travel-friendly, one can collapse its size to 61 cm. You need to push its bracket and increase or decrease it to change its height.

Claw Basket

The claw basket of this pole was re-designed; Jones’s talon calls it the claw basket 2.0. This basket was formed by its successors; they took the disadvantage of the previous basket and corrected it.

Now claw basket 2.0 suits both firm and soft snow. One can use this basket to remove the snow in any condition.

Its basket comes with a unique interlock design. The baskets float but stay attached to the pole. This basket will stay stiffer in firm snow and provide a good grip.

Also, in deep snow conditions, this basket will provide 25% more grip.

Some special features

We shared detailed information about the Jones Talon pro split board. Now let’s take about some of its unique features. Such as

  • It consists of a three-part pole that is adjustable
  • Two of its parts are carbon pole, and another one is a bombproof Titanal pole
  • The scraper comes with a dual-density grip design
  • An economical strap 
  • It includes a power lock mechanism
  • Floating snow claw basket
  • Weight only 466 gm
  • They provide 3-years of warranty 

More features will amaze you in various ways. One can also compare this to the best split board pole.


Q. Is Splitboarding the same as snowboarding?

Ans: Eventually, split board and snowboard are the same. Manufacturers and designers split the snowboard into a two-piece. Thus, it is known as the split board.

For this reason, people can ski more independently. One can use both of the split boards as he likes. Most of the producing factory uses metal on both sides of the board which provides more stability.

Q. Do you need poles for Splitboarding?

Ans: Yes, the essential part of split boarding is poles. A pole helps you walk through the snow while wearing your split board.

Also, one can use poles to get a better grip while coming down from the snowy mountain. With the help of poles, you can also decrease your body weight and your backpack.

Q. Which (shorter or longer) split board poles are better?

Ans: The height of your split board poles depends on your height. Suppose you’re shorter in height. You should buy short-type poles or adjustable poles.

And if you are tall, you can’t feel comfortable purchasing short poles. So you need to check which size suits you and provides you with a better experience.


Now you know about all the Jones Talon pro split board men’s details. There is no drought that this split board is one of the best splitboard poles. You can use it for your benefit.

One will surely need no other pole while riding through the snow with all its features. But if you still have more things to know about this pole, then you can do more research.

Gathering information is the work of an ingenious in terms of buying snowboarding poles.

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