Best skate shoes for wide feet Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

Skateboarding is a challenging sport that has gained popularity throughout the years and modern times.

Shoes are the most essential things in skateboarding that can make or break skating. A skate shoe is a footwear that is designed to use in skateboarding.

Buying a comfortable skating shoe is important because it will protect your feet and help you walk away without a limb.

As all skating shoes are not made equally, it will not seem easy to find the suitable one according to your feet.

To help you out from the trouble, we have presented a list of the 9 best skate shoes for wide feet.

Can we wear skate shoes casually?

Skate shoe comes with a casual look. So, of course, it can wear casually also. Jeans, Combat pants, shorts all look good with skate shoes.

There are different styles of skating, and for every type, skating shoes come with a different model.

Not all brands offer the same characteristics, so you need a proper guideline to choose the one according to your feet.

Take a look at this article. We hope that it will be of use to you in your search. 

Review of 10 best skate shoes for wide feet:

While you are wearing shoes which is not according to feet, it makes your every activity uncomfortable. It’s got extra hassle to find a perfect match for the feet when you have wide feet.

We have listed the 9 best skate shoes for wide feet and discuss the details below to reduce your hassle.

1. DC Men’s Court Graffik Casual Skate Shoes

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DC shoes always have been one of the most famous brands for their fashionable design and high-quality skate shoes.

The Court Graffik Skate shoe is mainly designed for men with wide feet among their vast collection of shoes. 

Dc has developed this skate shoe keeping in mind that it must be durable and comfortable. It comes in a low-top design with a 3 inches shaft measuring from the arch.

The shoes of this shoe, along with vent holes, allow for easy walking and skating. The cup sole provides the shoe look more trendy and stylish and makes it strong.

The cup sole effectively grips the board. The shoelaces are securely laced from the vamp to the heel, so there is no risk of them becoming caught in the wheels.

Besides, it comes in different color combinations such as white, gray, and black. Moreover, it has a padded tongue and lightweight mesh for superior comfort. 

However, women also give positive reviews because it perfectly suits both. These shoes will undoubtedly complement your everyday look.

Key Features:

  • DC skate shoes are made of leather material.
  • It comes with a pill pattern tread for superior grip.
  • It features vent holes for breathability.
  • The shoe comes in various colors. 
  • It features cup sole construction.

2. Etnies Men’s Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe

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Etnies has always been focused on the quality and design of every shoe. The durability and quality have made their shoes popular worldwide.

It has been durable and comfortable in skateboarding since 1886. This Etnies Men’s Kingpin comes in a classic look.

For enhanced comfort, the shoe has a supportive collar and cushioned heel. It is constructed with textile material that can withstand any tough wear and tear.

Etnies also provides durable and breathable leather with a high-quality sole for good balance. Besides, it features a rubber outsole of 400 NBS.

Moreover, this skate shoe is built to go for a long time. Its classic design and good performance ensure its comfort and flexibility. 

Key Features:

  • Etnies shoes provide low-top shaft measurements.
  • This shoe has a synthetic sole.
  • It features a rubber outsole of 400 NBS.
  • It provides a padded collar and tongue. 
  • These shoes are classy by look.

3. Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

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Here comes the most stylish skate shoe from Etnies. If looking for elegant skate shoes, look at this Beautiful Marana Skate Shoe.

Etnies Marana is a genius skate shoe with a cushioned tongue and bind-up calfskin for extra comfort. It also comes with a topline that provides more security.

The elastic sole of the high-walled provides an extraordinary grasp on or off the board. The sole features a high-quality texture that adds more strength to it.

The shoe includes a rubber toe cap that has made the Marana a durable shoe to increase durability.

Besides, for better performance and comfort, it has a padded collar and tongue, pro foam one polyurethane 40 NBS rubber outsole for flexibility.

However, the shoe is truly lightweight, and you will feel comfortable while skating. Undoubtedly this skate shoe is more durable than any other shoe.

Key Features:

  • The stylish look makes it trendy. 
  • It features a cool aesthetic vibe. 
  • Durable construction is excellent for the long run. 
  • It provides comfort and flexibility.
  • The shoe is lightweight.

4. ES Men’s Accel Og Skate Shoe

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Es Accel Og shoe has been recommended for skating by many professional skateboarders, and their performances are still unchanged. 

The Accel Og is made of suede material and provides a good ton of reinforcement in necessary areas.

These shoes include triple stitching and double stitching throughout, making them more durable in the long run. It also contains good ventilation that prevents your feet from sweating.

Besides, the skate shoe also provides a capsule and STI inserts insole to ensure comfort and flexibility. Undoubtedly, these are the best skate shoes for wide feet skaters.

Those on a tight budget, on the other hand, can consider this option. Money will be worth it, and surely you will enjoy skating wearing these shoes. 

Key Features:

  • Double and triple stitching’s one of the key features of these shoes. 
  • It provides durability.
  • This shoe features good ventilation.
  • It comes in a good size.
  • The shoe is best for wide feet skaters.

5. Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Low Vulc Skate Shoe

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Those looking for an affordable skate shoe can go for these Emerica Reynolds skate shoes. The Emerica mainly focused on board fell, and they successfully achieved this.

Emerica Reynolds Men’s skate shoes are comfortable and make fun of while skating. You’ll have more control over your board and a more comfortable ride with it.

This skate shoe comes in a good size and feels excellent while flicking kickflips. The one-piece toe cap and vulcanized construction have kept the shape while skating.

The padded tongue features have made this shoe more comfortable. 

However, this skate shoe is best for those with a limited budget. The limited money offers quite good facilities like a skate shoe. 

Key Features:  

  • This skate shoe provides a rubber sole.
  • The shaft measures low-top from the arch.
  • It features a one-piece toe cap.
  • It has a padded tongue and collar lining.
  • The shoe provides vulcanized construction.

6. Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboarding Shoe

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Globe Men’s tilt skate shoe has been proven to be extra durable and super tough. They produce the best skate shoes for wide feet, solid synthetic material. 

This skate shoe comes with an upper that provides triple stitching. It’s comprised of a combination of leather and suede, with an extra layer of faux leather acting on top.

It features the bottom two lace holes, and a durable layer of leather protects the two holes.

Besides, the shoe provides a vulcanized sole along with decent ventilation. These shoes are suitable options for those who have medium to wide feet.  

However, this skate shoe is full of good features that have made this skate shoe strong, durable, and comfortable. 

Key Features:   

  • This pair of shoes is comprised of both suede and leather. 
  • It provides durable construction. 
  • It features bottom lace holes.
  • Medium to wide feet are perfect for these shoes. 
  • Comforts are one of the main features. 

7. DC Men’s Evan Smith HI Zero Skate Shoe

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This DC men’s skate shoe is high quality, well designed, and one of the best wide-fitting skating shoes. It looks so good on the feet and provides some colors too. 

The skate shoe has pretty good features that make this shoe durable. It features a rubber toe cap, upper sleek suede material, and double stitching.

This shoe’s rubber sole and vent holes allow for easy skating and walking. The cup sole provides the shoe look more trendy and stylish and makes it strong. 

Key Features:   

  • The shoes are well designed and classy. 
  • It features a rubber sole. 
  • Durability is one of the key features. 
  • It provides some good color variations. 
  • Suitable option for those who have wide feet.

8. Lakai Men’s Griffin-SMU

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Professional skateboarders founded Lakai, so it understands the exact need for skateboarders. They also manufacture footwear for men, women, and kids.

Among them, Lakai Men’s Griffin is the best footwear. It has simple features with a modern appearance.

The shoe provides lightweight construction along with a durable suede upper. The suede finish, along with a touch of leather at some places, has made this shoe more durable.

It features double stitching. The sole is vulcanized. The shoe also feels not so heavy on your feet and breaks in quickly.

It provides a rubber sole that gives a grippy feel onboard. The tongue and insole come with thin padding that has increased comfortability.

Besides, it comes with good measurement, suitable for medium to wide feet skaters. Another fantastic thing is this skate shoe comes in ten various colors to be able to choose your favorite.

However, this skate shoe has some design and quality improvements that have made this shoe more popular for skating. 

Key Features:   

  • Color variation in ten is one of the coolest features. 
  • The shoe features suede and leather construction.
  • It has a great board feel.
  • The shoe is both long-lasting and comfy.
  • It is affordable.

9. Lakai Men’s Sheffield Skate Shoe

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Lakai is famous for its high-quality footwear. The Lakai Men’s Sheffield is their brand new skate shoe collection.

This skate shoe comes with somem improvements if copared to other collections. Also, this skate shoe comes with a suede finish and a touch of leather material on the shoe.

The shoe looks simple, but the construction is bound to impress you. There is a toe box at the front of the shoe and perforations on the top for breathing.

It provides a rubber sole that gives a grippe feel onboard. The tongue and insole come with thin padding that provides comfort.

The vulcanized rubber gum sole has increased flexibility and grip of the shoe, as always. Moreover, the show is perfectly lightweight and feels comfortable while skating.

Besides, the outsole provides a herringbone pattern for a better board feel and to upgrade traction. Again, it comes in a variety of colors.

As a result, you can choose the appropriate one for your feet. However, this shoe has excellent value for money and is also great for wide feet. 

Key Features:    

  • It comes in ten different colors 
  • The shoe features suede and leather construction
  • Durability and comfortable is one the main feature of these shoes. 
  • It’s constructed with suitable materials. 
  • The shoe is affordable.

Buying guide

We have discussed some of the top brands for the best skate shoes for wide feet. Now it’s important the most important things that good skate shoes bears are in terms of performance and durability. 


High-quality skate shoes are made of leather or suede. Synthetic leather also works well as like leather.

Please don’t go for canvas material because they are the weakest one. Suede shoes are recommended as the best skate shoes. 


Stitching provides the shoe keep together for a long time. Good skating shoes come with double stitching or sometimes triple stitched. Don’t buy it if you find it glued together in the shoe. 


Look for that type of skate shoe that is not too heavy and lightweight. Because if it is heavy, then it will feel uncomfortable to you. 


While skating, feet, ankles, and joints are subjected to severe stress. Some places are padded, to reduce the impact of more complicated tricks.

Especially in skate shoes, heel areas, tongues, and some other sites are padded for preventing injuries and other risks. 


This is the most essential feature of skate shoes. If you have the problem of feet sweating, you must go for the skate shoes that come with a ventilation facility because it gives comfort to your feet and prevents your feet from skating. 

Grip and sole

The sole is another vital thing to consider while purchasing skate shoes. The sole of a skate shoe has direct contact with the board.

That’s why the sole should be made with a grippe gum rubber. So make sure to check the grip strength before picking one. 


Q: How long do skate shoes last?

Ans: It varies on how frequently you skate and what kind of skate you use. Usually, it will last 2-3 months of your intense skateboarding.

But if you do not skate regularly, it will last 4-5 months.  

Q: Which material is best for skate shoes?

Ans: It’s better to use suede for skate shoes. This material is durable and can easily handle a good amount of abuse.

Again this material is softer than any other material of skate shoes. So, look for that skate shoes which are made of suede. 

Q: Is leather suitable for skating?

Ans: Many skaters like leather material for many reasons. First of all, leather material provides a consistent and excellent grip.

It’s easy to customize to your foot and gives the skater a steady flick. This material is durable and comfortable also.

So, if you are someone with wide feet, then pick skate shoes of leather material.  

Q: Should I pick a cup sole? 

Ans: If you are looking for the best skate shoes for wide feet, you should. It provides the skater a steady flick and is easy to mold to your foot. Also, it provides you with more foot and ankle support. 

Q: How will I pick the suitable one for wide feet?

Ans: When you have wide feet, they must consider the width of your shoes according to the width of your foot. First, ensure whether the shoe width matches your food width or not. 

Final Verdict

Shoes are the most critical part of skate gear. If you pick the wrong one, then it might make you uncomfortable.

Good skate shoes will absorb shocks, increase grip, provide a larger area to adhere to your board better, and prevent injuries.

If you are someone with wide feet looking for a comfortable skate shoe, the above article is for you. Hopefully, you will find the best skate shoes for wide feet there.

So, choose the appropriate one for your feet and enjoy safe skating. Also, don’t forget to check the materials in detail. 

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