Best Personal Anchor System Review and Buying Guide

The manufacturers of climbing equipment are bringing creative solutions to climbing gear to make climbing easy and safe. A personal anchor system is a robust, safer, and better invention of climbing equipment known as a daisy chain.

A personal Anchor System is an efficient and safe device that climbers attach to an anchor of a route. It’s a series of chained loops where each loop has separately rated the force it can withstand. 

Choosing the Personal Anchor System is quite tricky because most of the PAS seems almost the same. We hope that this writing will be useful in assisting you in your search for the best Personal Anchor System. 

How to Use a Personal Anchor System?

Usually, a PAS is used to attach the climber to the anchors of a route. These anchor systems are two types- either it can be pre-installed gear or self-constructed anchors where you need to use trade-climbing material. 

For attaching the PAS to an anchor, it is recommended to use a screw-closing and load-bearing carabineer to connect them. Then tie the PAS to your harness with a girth hitch.

You may need to connect the anchor at multiple places, and it is efficiently possible with a PAS because multiple loops are there. PAS systems are widely used in sports and trade climbing in different ways. 

Review of 10-Best Personal Anchor System

To help you find the best PAS, we gathered all the information in this article. Here is the 10-best personal anchor system, which might be helpful for you. So, to choose the best one for you, take a glance at the following reviews of our 10-listed PAS.

1. Boat Bungee Dock Lines Dock Rope Mooring Line

Boat Bungee Dock

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If you are looking for docking ropes for a boat, you can look for Boat Bungee Dock lines. It is featured with braided PE and PP outside along with the elastic core of 10 mm inside.

Again, the triple-stitch reinforcement on the end of the loop makes the dock more solid and durable. Moreover, it comes with a 16mm diameter. This 10mm elastic core can absorb shocks to small boats, PWC docks, and cleats.

Bungee Dock lines feature a tensile strength of 2200 lbs. this strength is suitable for all motorized and non-motorized PWC types, tiny boats. Its regular length is 4 feet, but you can stretch it up to 5.5 feet.

Besides, it is seawater corrosion and has UV protection. Its float foam handle saves the boat dock lines from sinking.

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is featured with solid material
  • It can absorb shock
  • You can stretch it up to 5.5 feet
  • It gives easy docking
  • It provides a float foam handle 
  • It lost its elasticity soon

2. FOSER 18mm Nylon Climbing Sling Runner

FOSER 18mm Nylon

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Those looking for a durable and strong nylon rope that can be applied to rock climbing can pick this Foster 18mm NYLON rope. It’s an ideal option for outdoor activities. 

Foster’s Nylon sling is manufactured with high-strength nylon, which is much stitched mechanically, has high durability and good friction. It is 18mm in width and 60 cm in length.

The rated strength of this rope is 23 KN. This nylon rope is lightweight and easy to carry also. This Nylon sling is suitable for camping, mountaineering, hiking, tree climbing, travel, swing, rescue, fire-fighting, downfall, binding, packaging, etc. 

However, you will get a 6-month quality guarantee in this anchor system. Moreover, it also ensures a long time service. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is made of high-quality nylon
  • It is long enough
  • It is suitable for outdoor activities
  • This sling is durable enough
  • It gives the quality guarantee
  • You have to be careful about the sharp edges

3. PETZL – Connect Adjust Adjustable Lanyard

PETZL - Connect

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It is compulsory to mention the name of Petzl when it comes to outdoor climbing equipment. Petzl is a famous manufacturer of caving gear, climbing gear, work-at-height equipment, etc. 

 The PETZL connect adjustable lanyard is one of the best options available in the market. It offers lengths of 60cm, 80cm, 120cm, and 150cm and has an 8mm width.

It comes with multiple color options also. This sling is made of Dyneema material which has made this sling compact and lightweight. The Petzl sling has a good strength of 22KN.

This anchor system is the best equipment for alpine ascents. It is also suitable to use on speed ascents and multi-pitch days. This sling is mainly designed for climbing and mountaineering. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is made of Dyneema material
  • It offers different colors
  • This is lightweight
  • It can maintain the strength
  • It gives affordable price
  • It is tough to untie it

4. Boston Climbing Utility Cord, Nylon Sling Runners

Boston Climbing Utility

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If you are looking for the high-quality personal Anchor system, then pick this anchor system from Boston. Boston Climbing Utility Cord has been designed with high-quality, strength polyester material.

It comes with a wide and lightweight design that can be carried easily in your pocket. Moreover, this type of sling provides at least 20 functions for climbing rocks.

It is suitable to make any anchor system prusik knot, foot loop, etc. Besides, it is useful for tree climbing any kind of tree work. You can use it for rigging and climbing, building swings, etc.

This sling is a better option for rock climbing. Furthermore, you can make rope anchors climb or for rappelling. It provides- good friction, high strength, and wear resistance facilities.

This anchor system works beautifully to lower any heavy loads. However, this is a better option for any climbing needs, and everywhere it works fine. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is made of high strength material
  • It is lightweight
  • It is perfect for climbing purposes
  • It has good friction
  • Affordable
  • It could come in variant color

5. NewDoar Climbing Sling 16mm Nylon Sling Runners

NewDoar Climbing

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In the past, the new Dora specializes in outdoor products, especially in climbing gear and equipment. They have got much knowledge as well as experience in the field.

It comes with a lightweight construction that you can easily carry it putting in your pocket. It ensures durability with its maximum braking force of 22KN.

This force resistance ensures your security. Also, this sling is high-quality nylon, a light but strong climb sling, and has a long life. You can simply create a top anchor for climbing rock.

Moreover, it is used to build a swing, tree work, and self-belay while rappelling, rigging, etc. It is also suitable for yoga and rescue. 

However, you can use this nylon sling in many places, ensuring your safety and security. Moreover, it’s the best option for rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking, etc. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is constructed with high-quality, durable nylon 
  • It comes with a lightweight design
  • It is suitable for rescue activity
  • It is the best option for rock climbing
  • It has high strength
  • This sling is quite thick

6. Metolius Personal Anchor System

Metolius Personal

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If you are looking for an affordable personal Anchor system, then pick this Metolius personal Anchor system. It is one of the long-lasting anchor chains available in the market. 

Metolius personal anchor system is not much wide but has a burly feel. Then the loop of blue water titan is more robust. This anchor system is relatively narrow, which has made it feel not so bulky.

Another thing is that the 73 percent nylon in it gives great fall absorption qualities. Again, all the loops can withstand the force of 22KN. The webbing of this anchor system has a pattern of white color which makes it stand out from the harness. 

Besides, the last loop comes with another color which makes to find it easily. This anchor system is safer than daisy chains. Moreover, this anchor system is more adjustable and convenient than using quickdraws or slings at the anchor. 

However, this anchor system is the most durable out there and has also gained popularity. Moreover, it is an intuitive, simple, effective, and life-saving anchor system.

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is color-coordinated for intuitive use
  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with a long loop
  • This anchor system is budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • The stitching feels so burly

7. GM CLIMBING 23kN Nylon Safe Chain CE UIAA Certified


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GM Climbing comes with a unique design of climbing equipment. Here comes their most beautiful, durable, and unique personal anchor system. It comes with the full strength of 23 KN in every loop. 

Moreover, it is designed to be more convenient, safer, and easier to adjust the length when it works as a personal anchor system. It has tubular webbing material of nylon.

The constructions feature a 6-pocket loop, and for easy girth hitching, there is a 1-half twist loop. The multiple loops give you an easy and rapid length shortening facility. 

Besides, it offers great help in those applications where often length adjustments are required. This personal anchor system is different and safe than Daisy chains.

Again the high-quality constructions help to prevent abrupt slack in the system. Moreover, this is an excellent personal anchor system that can be worth your money. It can serve you a long time. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It comes with color-coordinated design
  • It is reinforced for durability. 
  • It provides a rapid length adjustment facility
  • It gives safer operation
  • It has a lengthy lifespan
  • Each end of the system is the same color. 

8. FOSER 18mm Nylon Climbing Sling Runner

FOSER 18mm Nylon

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Here comes another excellent personal anchor system from FOSER, one of the best types of equipment for climbing. It’s made of high-strength nylon material, which is mechanically much stitched and provides good friction and high durability.

It is 18mm in width, 60 cm, or 120 cm in length (two different lengths). This nylon sling is ideal for hammock sling, mountaineering, rock climbing, rescue, hiking, swing downfall, fire-fighting, and packaging and binding.

Again, it provides a strength of 23 KN. Moreover, this anchor system is lightweight and easy to carry. Also, it is optimal for outdoor activities and offers a 6- monthly quality guarantee. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is formed with high-quality nylon
  • It provides strength of 23 KN for each loop
  • It is lightweight
  • It is the best suited for outdoor uses
  • It gives a 6-months warranty
  • Not suitable to carry in your pocket

9. Wellsem Singing Rock Nylon Sling Runners

Wellsem Singing Rock

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Wells is another popular name in the market which provides the high quality personal anchor system for outdoor climbing. Wells runners are made of nylon which is a solid and top-notch material.

Because of nylon material, this anchor system provides good strength and durability for outdoor activities. Moreover, it is available in 60cm, 150 cm, 200cm length, and its width is 16mm.

It comes in assorted colors and is ideal for outdoor climbing, drag reduction, and traditional protection. Again, it is widely used as tree slings and to tie off chicken heads.

It is also suitable to tie your hammock and yoga equipment. You can utilize it as a swing sling as well. Furthermore, it provides 23 KN of load capacity, higher than any other climbing sling’s strength. 

Finally, this anchor system is a top-ranked runner by the customers. Also, users have raved about the anchor system’s strength, quality, and multi-functionality. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is made of nylon material
  • It is versatile
  • This anchor system is extremely durable
  • It comes in assorted colors and length 
  • It has a 23 KN load capacity 
  • No warranty is there

10. NewDoar Daisy Loop Chain for Climbing

NewDoar Daisy

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If you are looking for the best affordable personal anchor, then this daisy loop chain from NewDoar is a good option for you. This daisy loop chain is made of high-quality nylon, which is light but has a long life.

The nylon material ensures its strength and durability. It offers 22 KN of the workforce, which is good among others. Overall, this anchor system provides good strength according to a low price. Moreover, it ensures your safety as well as security also when applying. 

Anchor Pros & Cons

  • It is made of nylon material
  • It is lightweight
  • It has 22 KN resistance for each loop
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It has durability 
  • This anchor system is quite thick which feels bulky

Buying Guide

Anchoring to the rock is an excellent skill to develop as it is a risky adventure, so you must make sure whether you are purchasing the best personal anchor system.

So to assist you, we gathered all the essential details to ensure that you make the best purchase possible.


Climbing slings come in various sizes where you can choose the exact one for your need. Most slings are being labeled as single, double, long. A single length measures 24 inches.

The double-length sling measures 48 inches in length, approximately twice the size of a single sling. A long-length sling is best for multiple points protects anchors.

The longer length gives you more strength to work with. You should check the width of your sling.

Sling materials

The main material of slings has been nylon for years which is used in climbing. Polyester is a lightweight material and is also used for climbing but not as strong as nylon. Nylon slings are affordable.

They can hold knots better, as well as knots become stronger due to their texture and stretch. Dyneema slings are made of Polyethylene and are also most lightweight.

But generally, it is not as robust as nylon. So try to look for those which come with nylon material.


The weight of any PAS should be lightweight but durable. Any regular personal anchor system weighs nearer only 100g. So check them out before buying that, whether it is too thick or perfectly thin. 

PAS strength 

A PAS is designed of a series of interconnected loops where each loop is individually rated for resistance. Most of the PAS systems can resist a force of 22KN. To ensure whether it provides this facility or not.

Daisy chains are the same as a Personal anchor system, but they are not as strong and can’t resist the force of a fall. In fact, in a static position, a PAS can hold your body position safely. 


The majority of climbing slings have come with one type- a simple loop of durable material. For safety and security, the loop is closed with a sewn-in bar tack.

This loop helps you to turn, hang or twist the material in different ways. But some brands come with unique designs also. 

Best Personal Anchor System Products Feature:


Q: Can we use a sling as a PAS?

Ans: You can use a sling as a PAS but not always recommended and not safe also. Because if you fall from it, when you climb on a rock or when above an anchor, it will generate large forces. And as there are many loops in a PAS so it might help you.

Q: When would we use a PAS? 

Ans: A personal anchor system is climbing gear that allows you to secure your body directly to a route’s anchors. It is usually used when you need to clean a route, tree work, mountaineering, and all purposes of climbing works. It’s also a safe option for climbing on the wall. 

Q: Do climbers need a personal anchor system?

Ans: Professional climbers typically utilize fast draws, outdoor rope, basic Dyneema slings, or nylon slings to keep themselves secured to the anchor.

But for sport and beginner climbers, a dedicated personal anchor system is highly recommended because the best personal anchor system is easy to adjust according to your need and hard to break also. So it’s important for your safety. 

Q: How to attach a sling to a harness?

Ans: Follow these steps: 

  1. Feed the sling’s end through your tie-in points first.
  2. Tie an overhand knot at the sling’s center with both ends in one hand.
  3. It will end up with a basket-wrapped sling with two loops at the end and a knot in the center of the sling.

Q: How long do climbing slings last? 

Ans: Most manufacturers say that- if the sling, webbing, the cord is never used, it can last 10-years. But with regular use without any major accidents, its lifespan is nearly two to five years.

Final verdict

Remember the fact that safety is your responsibility. So make sure you are trained in proper techniques and have taken the proper requirements before climbing.

Again be careful about that if you have strong and versatile requirements or not. So consider the things about what gear you need to stay safe before work.

We have listed all the best anchor systems to help you out in your purchase. So pick the best personal anchor system from the above list and have a safe and efficient adventure.

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