Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights [Picks 2022]

For decoration, security, or to enhance your home’s beauty, solar spotlights play a vital role every day in our life. They can be installed in your garden, yard, walkway, entrance area to remove darkness.

When it is powered by solar energy, the best outdoor solar spot lights become more valuable for our needs.

The solar unit saves your current and makes the process of installation more manageable. Also, the solar system makes itself effortless maintenance as it automatically charges and runs.

There are enormous options for the Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights. According to their battery capacity, viewing angle, solar panel size, LED quantity, and durability, they differ from others.

Also, there are some unique features like motion sensors, adjustable options, installation process, and colors.

So one should have accurate knowledge before buying a solar spotlight. However, having an idea about them will help you find a suitable one that meets your preference.

Review of Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights:

In the below content, we shortlisted the 10- best solar spotlights available on the market. They are described with their features and uses. All the specifications of each light are mentioned here.

We hope the following content ensures to get your perfect spotlights. Again, you will understand why or why not you should buy them.

1. URPOWER Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED

URPOWER Solar Lights

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The URPOWER Solar lights come with several great features. The most useful feature of these lights is they will automatically turn on/off with its built-in sensor. This can save energy when you don’t need them.

These lights also feature intelligent sensors for turning on the lights in the evening and turn off the lights after sunrise. They come with two in one pack as well. That means customers get double the value of other similar kits.

To install these lights, simply use the given screws and back plates to mount wherever you want to set them. You can also stick those lights into the ground.

However, they are one of the brightest lights on our list as they have 4 LED lights on each. Lights are very bright, more than you want and undoubtedly it will meet your all needs for sure.

Additionally, URPOWER maintained its design and execution very well. These spotlights are premium-looking with long-lasting durability.

They are specially designed for use with the power of solar rechargeable batteries. It has a built-in 2200mAh powerful battery that supports these lights for 6-9 hours.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • Energy-saving function
  • Automatic power timer
  • Highly durable product
  • Runs for 6-9 hours in a single charge
  • Zero maintenance
  • Comes in one shade

2. Solar lights outdoor 182 Leds 2500Lm Solar

Solar lights outdoor

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The Aootek outdoor solar light is a stylish and useful solar motion sensor light on this list. It is a high-intensity light that can install on a roof surface. This light has three different brightness levels so you can change it to your comfort.

Thanks to its waterproof qualities, it won’t break in any extreme weather, so even if you live in a rural setting, you won’t have any problems using it.

This light also has a 120-degree illuminating angle, making it more than capable of lighting up even the darkest parts of a driveway, and it functions reliably in all types of weather.

It can run for 8 hours despite its ultra-high brightness. This light is simple to set up and does not need any wiring for installation.

This lamp includes a simple remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness from up to 100 feet away. Also, you won’t have to worry about replacing the light every few months because it’s built to last a long time.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • It features 3- light modes
  • Equipped with large solar panel
  • It is easy to install
  • Features 12o degree light angle
  • Designed with 26ft detection range
  • It covers no warranty

3. Magictec Warm Light 2-in-1 Adjustable 4 LED

Magictec Warm Light

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If you are looking for a mini spotlight with an extended coverage area, then Magictec is the perfect choice for you. It offers a fully adjustable 180-degree angle, so the light gets good solar energy from the sun.

These lights are well specialized for modern technology to give you a better user experience. Surprisingly, these mini spotlights have automatic turn-on/off features according to needs.

However, Magictec warm light comes with a 2200mAh built-in rechargeable battery. Its built-in power supply gives almost 10 hours of battery backup in a single charge. For the long solar unit, the battery charges rapidly within direct sunlight. 

Moreover, these lights feature two brightness modes to cope with the situation. Installation of these spotlights is very with included screws and necessary tools with the package. You don’t have to set wiring lines, and lights can be stuck in the ground or mount anywhere outdoor.

Besides, these are the most convenient and bright lights available on the market yet. In the case of durability, lights are made with durable semiconductor materials that last long.

Lights are water and heat resistant with effortless maintenance features. So it has all the useful features for your outdoor use.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • 180-degree adjustable
  • 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Ground install or Wall mount options
  • Has different brightness levels
  • Easy maintenance
  • Head and solar panels are separate

4. Claoner 32 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

Claoner 32 LED Solar

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Next are the Claoner 32 LED Solar Landscape Spotlights. In each light, there are 32 LED lights designed in a tiny area. So that lights look very premium and make it perfect for decoration, its size and shape allow you to stick the light with the ground and easily mountable with a wall or walkway.

Further, solar units recharge the battery quickly and can be run spotlights directly with solar power. To collect more electricity than its peers, it has a bigger solar panel. Simply change the position of lights and solar panels to accommodate various conditions and needs. 

These spotlights provide cold white light and efficiently focus on what you want to view. Besides, they come with three brightness modes that can be set up manually, simply using a switch.

Brightness can be adjusted into low, medium, and bright modes. Lights will automatically switch to different modes according to the outer brightness level.

Furthermore, it is powered by a 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. The battery gives a perfect life for this spotlight. This is something that most spotlights and LED lights have, particularly for night usage.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • Wider 150°Lighting Angle
  • ABS Plastic construction
  • Features 3- brightness mode
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof & Heat Proof
  • No variety in color designs

5. DBF Solar Lights Outdoor

DBF Solar Lights

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The fifth spotlight that took place in our list is from DBF. This pretty spotlight can be installed either on the ground or mount with anything you want. The smart thing about them is they come with an automatic motion detection feature.

That means the light will automatically turn on after sunset and lights off with the rise. This saves battery life such that if necessary, they can operate all night and even in places that don’t get much solar energy during the day to charge the internal batteries.

The best part of this spotlight is it travels up to 33 feet distance. That’s why they are highly recommended for those who want to get more bright within less budget.

Also, these lights have 3- brightness modes for your convenient use. Those modes also help to save energy, and the light changes mode automatically. 

Further, DBF solar lights have fully adjustable heads to adjust them under the sun-facing area easily. Built-in rechargeable 2200mAh battery that is perfect for one day use and can be changed frequently for a long time. In conclusion, for both bright and budget, it will be one of the best options.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • Fully-adjustable head
  • 2-way installation
  • Intelligent energy-saving function
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Lose structure underground

6. Outdoor Solar Spot Lights, Super Bright 18 LED

Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

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The next one is a multi-colored spotlight. There are 7- different colors for making your outdoor area more gorgeous so that they are often used for decoration purposes at home or any event.

This spotlight is from ROSHWEY, which is one of the best light manufacturing brands and renowned all over the world.

These colorful outdoor lights come with 2 in 1 package. The lights installation method is easy and effortless with the help of a manual guide. Simply place them on the ground or mount them wherever you want. Further, these can be used as security lights as well. 

The main lighten can adjust at a 90-degree angle, and colors can be easily replaced using the power button. Moreover, its solar unit can be moved 360-degree angle so that these lights perfectly get the sunlight.

In the power section, there is a 2200 mAh built-in battery for running lights for up to 10 hours. Again, you don’t need to provide any direct current supply because the lights can only stay turned on only with solar power. However, its ABS construction body made itself eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • Features 7-different colors 
  • 10-hours battery backup
  • The 360-degree adjustable solar unit
  • ABS-PC construction for durability
  • Waterproof and eco-friendly
  • Sometimes all colors do not work properly

7. OSORD Solar Lights Outdoor, Waterproof 18 LED

OSORD Solar Lights

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OSORD solar rechargeable spotlights are another colorful spotlights in our best outdoor solar spot lightslist. It comes with one pair box and 18-LED lights in every spotlight. Also, LED lights are RGB, which means you are getting 7- colors from a single light.

To meet the different lighting specifications, turn to Choose Color Auto Change or Lock Single Color. Again, it has 9- brightness modes for different situations and also for outdoor decoration.

These lamps are constructed somehow differently. The solar unit is designed up the side of the lamp. They are adjustable at a 360-degree angle for getting the sunlight every season and weather.

Further, its light sensor is very-fast and accurately works when needed. For installation, no wires are required; just plug these lights in the ground or mount with walls, trees, lawn sidewalks so on. 

Included 2200mAh rechargeable battery takes 6-8 hours to fully charge and gives up to 10 hours lifetime. Lights are very durable and made with ABS material that protects from cracking in all environments.

For better maintenance, there is a built-in dusk sensor. So you can take care of these spotlights without any hesitation. Additionally, lights are IP65 waterproof ratings, so that water penetration is also restricted. 

Solar spot pros & cons

  • 18- RGB lights
  • Featuring 9- different modes
  • 2-in-1 tool-free Installation
  • A full charge with 6-8 hours
  • IP65 rating waterproof
  • Batteries don’t hold the charge well

8. Solar Garden Spot Lights, T-Sunrise

Solar Garden Spot Lights

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T-Sunrise brings the two-component solar spotlight for a better user experience. Their lights and solar units are isolated from each other to ensure the solar unit’s perfect installation. As the solar unit is the power source for this spotlight, it is critical to set-up it in an exact spot to charge well.

Further, the solar unit will be protected from outdoor dust. Again they can be adjusted at a 90° angle. Furthermore, lights are adjustable 180° angle, so just move the light head how you need.

They are also featuring an automatic switching sensor. With this feature, lights will automatically turn on or off according to the brightness situation.

However, by using two modes, high and low, you can adjust its brightness. Moreover, this compact spotlight comes with a 2000 mAh battery that provides 8-12 hours backup in 8 hours full charge.

Installation is very effortless and doesn’t need any wires, just follow some simple steps. Likes other lights in our list, it also has a 2-installation mode.

So just plug it in the ground or mount it wherever you want to lighten up. Lights are waterproof IP65 ratings and weather-friendly with any season.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • Isolated lights and solar unit
  • Two levels of brightness
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Automatic light on/off sensor
  • IP65 water rating
  • Hard to install

9. Mr. Beams MB392, 400 Lumen Version

Mr. Beams MB392

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Mr. Beams comes to their convenient brighten spotlights with all specialized features. Though these lights have only 2 LED lights, they can provide max 400 lumens.

Lights are brighter than your expectation, and its coverage area up to 400 square feet wider. That’s why it is one of the solar’s brightest wireless spotlights available on the market yet.

Probably the best feature for these Mr. Beams MB392 lights is its motion sensor. They respond very fast and quickly turn on or off the lights and detect any object up to 25′ way. Even its sensor may be the fastest one from all spotlights.

They are also immune to weather events, in addition to being powerful. These spotlights feature a weatherproof design so that you can use them in any weather.

All the required installation hardware is included with the box. You can easily mount these lights without the help of an electrician.

Besides, because of the motion sensor, these spotlights save energy and give non-stop performance. Again, it is also suitable for decoration, entrance, yards, walkways.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • Bright 400-lumen output
  • Motion activation sensor
  • Dual LED lights 
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof design
  • No built-in battery

10. Consciot OC-GL-034B LED Solar Landscape Spotlights

Consciot OC-GL-034B

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The last solar spotlights are from Consciot. The Consciot Updated Solar Spotlights look like they came from the future, and they do like that as well. They are designed with the most premium features yet. Also, these lights are the optimal mix between practicality and affordability.

These lights are adjustable at 90 degrees up and down and rotatable from left to right up to a 180-degree angle with its viewing angle. These have automatic motion sensors for saving the battery life.

It can be automatically on or off when you need them. Lights provide a max of 650 Lumen and lighten up an extended area. Also, you can control its brightness with the two high and low brightness modes.

In the package, there are included all mounts and necessary equipment. Lights can be mounted anywhere or stick the sharp stake in the ground. There are installed 2200 mAh high-performance batteries for heavy use and a long lifetime. 

However, all the components are very easy to maintain. When the lights get dirty and dark, it will turn off its built-in sensor. Then wash these lights with care. No need to worry about liquid damage as it is IP67 ratings waterproof.

Solar spot pros & cons

  • 90° lighting angle
  • 2 Lighting Modes
  • ABS material built
  • 2200 mAh battery 
  • IP67 true waterproof
  • Long charge time

Buying guide

Among many solar spotlights, it’s tough to choose the best outdoor solar spot lights. Therefore, you need to know some necessary information before buying the spotlight for outdoor.

Before purchasing a solar spotlight, you need to consider the purpose, run-time, battery type, and brightness. Check this information before you buy any spotlight, ensuring these will bring fortune to your outdoors.


Solar spotlights are used for many different purposes, so the quantity depends on your goal. Solar spotlight is best for outdoor activities because they are waterproof and eco-friendly. They don’t use electricity; these spotlights are designed to generate electricity from solar power. 

So if you are looking to use an eco-friendly spotlight that can also work underwater, then a solar spotlight is the best spotlight for you. Again, this spotlight has good quality light that will provide you a mesmerizing view.


Brightness is the essential part of a solar spotlight. The brightness of a light is measured by lumen. There are many spotlights, and the lumen range of these lights is 120 to 600 lumens.

You can choose from these ranges, but if you want to use these solar spotlights in your industry, you have to go for the 1000 lumen spotlight. 

If you want to use these solar spotlights for your garden or in your home for outdoor decoration, you can choose 200 to 450 lumen light; this is ideal for the home range.

Battery type

There are three types of batteries available in the market, lithium-ion battery, lead-acid battery, and nickel-cadmium battery. These batteries are the best in the market, but this lithium battery is low-priced compared to other batteries. 

But lithium batteries are not that reliable; they don’t last long. And the lead-acid battery is most reliable because you can add acid water when needed, and you can use it for a long time.

The nickel-cadmium battery is like the lead-acid battery, reliable and can be used for a long time. So check what type of battery the company is providing you.

Outdoor Solar Spotlights Product Feature:


Q: Solar garden lights are waterproof?

Answer:  Solar spotlight is designed to cope up with every season. They can withstand many challenging conditions but are recommended not to leave the glass built solar spotlight outside. They are waterproof, but in a frantic Storm, the glass part may be damaged.

Q: How do you maintain solar spotlights?

Answer: You should clean your solar spotlight in the morning or the evening because, in midday, the fixture stays hot, you may burn your hand.

Take soup and mix with water, then take a cloth and gently clean the outer part of the solar light, and for the inside, take a soft brush then clean the inside part of the light.

Then take an ordinary cloth, then clean all the parts of your solar light. This way, you can clean your spotlight.

Q: How long do outdoor Solar Lights last?

Answer: Usually, the LED light has a lifetime of 10 to 15 years. And for the battery, they last for 4 to 5 years. They can expire before the expected time then you may have to change the battery or the LED light.

The light will get dim; then, you will have to change the light. You should change the battery water once a month because battery life depends on the water.

Q: Can you replace the battery in solar lights?

Answer: Yes, you can replace batteries in solar lights. The solar spotlight is designed in such a way that you can change the battery easily. If you change the battery cell, they may not have the same bright light as before.

So be sure to take good care of your battery. If you take good care of your battery, it can have a long life, and you will not have to face the difficulty of changing the battery.

Q: How do you charge solar lights in the winter?

Answer: In winter, you can’t see the sunlight very often. As the solar lights recharge on the sunlight, you will have to use less light.

You can also use LED light because it can help your solar light to charge, or you may use a mirror to deflect sunlight and charge your solar sight. There are many other ways to charge. Look for the best way that suits you.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights are a must element for our outdoor use. Spotlights are very important for the outdoor, either when it comes to decoration or security purposes.

The best outdoor solar spot lights unit makes them perfect by saving energy and time. These solar spotlights can be effortless to install in your outdoor area with some simple steps.

That’s why they are more popular than other spotlights available on the market. As we mentioned all features with pros and cons, you can undoubtedly follow the given content.

To pick up your best one, read the given content carefully, understand all the things, and decide. We hope our writing will remove all your confusion and perfectly helps to choose a quality solar spotlight.

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