Best outdoor PTZ security camera [Picks 2022]

Suppose you are searching for upgrading your outdoor security system to keep an eye on every cranny and nook of your small business or house. In that case, the best outdoor PTZ security camera can be a great solution for your humble abode.

These cameras are also ideal for those places with all-time security monitoring like the airport, shopping malls, casinos, train stations, bus stand, school, college, university, and other business areas.

 PTZ means having strong pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities that can change the angle for getting the best picture as needed.

It has special mechanical parts that allow this camera to focus and move on a fixed point, and their entire motion can be manually managed through a controller device or software. Apps or other remote controllers can also control it. 

Benefits of a PTZ Camera

People like this PTZ camera most because of its cost-effective and superior surveillance coverage for large areas. It also has high-powered zoom lenses that can view wide and far.

Besides, it also has vandal-proof and tough weatherproof housing for outdoor use. Furthermore, it can easily connect with other devices like your smartphone, PC, and tablet, and you can easily view what is happening around your property.

Also easy to use and simple set up with plug and play. Even in low light, it can work very well. In other words, it has strong night vision capabilities. 

Review of 10-Best Outdoor PTZ security camera:

As the market is full of various PTZ security cameras, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right one. We have compiled a list of 10-Best Outdoor PTZ cameras for your assistance.

We hope our following in detailed review will help you find a suitable one and fulfill your needs best.

1. Amcrest Ultra HD 4K (8MP) Outdoor Security IP Turret PoE Camera

Amcrest Ultra HD 4K

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Amcrest ultra HD outdoor security IP turret PoE camera is classy in design and simple in use. With the 8MP high-quality camera, it makes sure the reliable highest security.

It has a stunning ultra-high quality 4k resolution what bought you the capability of enhanced the low light. Besides, this camera’s installation process is so easy that you can set it up independently.

With the smarter security system, you will get all the motion alert notifications on your phone. It captures every detail and supports the real-time remote view.

They have their own apps, and you can also have the web view by chrome browser, which is easy and secure. It will give you all the notifications and email alerts also. 

This way, regardless of where you are, you will stay in touch with those you love. You’ll get Lifetime Support from Amcrest so you can generally guard what you love.

Amcrest has cloud remote video storage and also holds a Micro SD Card up to 128GB. Great night vision and weatherproof make this camera good for every house.

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Reliable features.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Weatherproof.
  • Secure cloud backup. 
  • Motion alert push notifications.
  • A little bit higher in the price range.

2. INQMEGA PTZ Outdoor Camera


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If you were searching for an affordable and best outdoor PTZ camera for your security, then INQMEGA PTZ Camera Outdoor must deserve to be an option.

INQMEGA PTZ Camera upholds 355° Horizontal Pan and 120° Vertical Tilt, and you can distant it using telephone/PC without dazzle region vision. It permits you to draw nearer to your objective and watch each side of your home. 

Moreover, its upgraded night vision with 4pcs white lights goes up to 50feet even in a faint climate. This camera features a two-way audio system, so it comes with a microphone and speaker at a time.

Therefore, you can have a conversation with the guest. Its beneficiary for greets the guest or scare off intruders when you are far from home. 

INQMEGA has their own apps so you can see the remote view of the camera and get all the motion detection alert on your phone and email directly.

This PTZ camera has a much more reliable motion detection function. Its support up to 128GB micro SD card for storage. This amazing IP66 standard camera can work against water.

Overall, this dust exposure weatherproof camera comes with one year warranty and lifetime customer service. 

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Amazing video quality
  • Super affordable 
  • Weatherproof
  • One year warranty
  • Great night vision
  • Zoom could be better

3. 5MP PTZ Wi-Fi Camera Outdoor


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JideTech made their PTZ Wi-Fi outdoor camera with a 5 -megapixel camera and 5X zoom. It’s Sony IMX CMOS Image Sensor can bear Ultra-HD images at 700ft distance.

Besides, it will give you amour clear and perfect picture by the powerful configurations it builds with. It is a 10- enhanced IR LED light that will provide you the excellent night vision that will cover up to 200ft areas.

It would be perfect for any place as an outdoor or large area without any blind spot. Moreover, it has a two-way audio system service which comes with a microphone and speaker.

It permits you to speak with individuals in the reconnaissance territory when you’re away from home. This way, you can welcome your guest or be aware of the danger.

You can see the remote view and get any unusual motion detection notification and email directly on your phone for your precaution. 

Furthermore, this unique design camera comes in an IP66 level waterproof aluminum case, which will give you full weatherproof facilities. JideTech also provides you the good quality customer service and a one-year product warranty. 

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Super HD 5MP IP camera with 5X zoom. 
  • 355°viewing angle & Smart Detection Tracking.
  • 200ft night vision. 
  • Two-way audio system. 
  • Great customer service.
  • A bit pricy

4. PTZ Camera Outdoor, SV3C Wi-Fi Wireless Camera

PTZ Camera Outdoor

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SV3C made their outdoor PTZ camera classic and stylish in design. This PTZ camera is warless and gives you the 24 hours security surveillance with pan-tilt 5x optical zoom.

The 360° horizontal and 120° vertical angle rotation will cover a broader vision range without any blind spot. At 30fps, it will create a stunning 1080P video.

Afterward, it comes with 6pcs IR LED light, which enhanced the low lux CMOS Sony IMX307 image sensor to achieve amazing HD quality 196ft night vision range in low light.

While there is an assortment of visual components that help make this an excellent PTZ camera, a couple of different components help make this SV3C model stick out.

It has a waterproof metal shell which will give you weatherproof facilities. It also has humanoid detect technology, which will give you a notification about every single animal or human motion detection. You can see the real-time remote view with their apps.

However, it also has a two-way audio system build with an anti-noise speaker and microphone. This waterproof camera supports up to 128GB micro SD card. You will also get a one year warranty along with all those features.

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Incredible 5x optical zoom. 
  • Affordable price. 
  • Two-way audio system. 
  • No blind spot. 
  • Weatherproof.
  • Hard to set up my own

5. TOUCAN Indoor Outdoor Security Camera

Outdoor Security Camera

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The TOUCAN security camera is wireless, and it is perfect for outdoor. This camera will provide you 1920 x 1080 Full HD clear and fresh chronicles that you can observe distantly through your phone application, even in night vision.

Likewise, this outdoor camera with audio let you have a conversation with anybody from your phone application. Besides, this security camera comes with a heavy-duty 4400 MAH battery.

TOUCAN claims that this outdoor security camera can last up to 1-3 months when it’s fully charged. This weatherproof camera is designed to work well even in harsh weather conditions.

Unusual motion detection technology also works well in this camera. Again, whenever the camera finds any unusual motion of any human or animal exactly at that time, it will give you an alert on your phone. You can have a remote view via the apps as well. 

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Good video quality. 
  • Night vision. 
  • 4400MAH battery life. 
  • Motion detection alert on your phone. 
  • Remote view. 
  • Motion detection could be better.

6. Dragon Touch OD10 Security Camera Outdoor

Dragon Touch OD10

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Dragon Touch OD10 Security Camera Outdoor comes with lots of features, making this security camera one of the best outdoor PTZ security camerasfor all those reasons.

The camera coverage is 360° with a 4X zoom, which is absolutely perfect for outdoor. This camera allows you to see more subtleties, no vulnerable sides with evaluated IP65. 

Again, you can see all the recordings in full HD 1080p. Its infrared LEDs of 4pcs and white LEDs of 4pcs help to capture clear footage. That’s how you can see up to 66ft unmistakably around in the night time or low light also.

Besides, this Dragon Touch OD10 Security Camera has a built-in two-way clear audio system. You can listen or talk plainly to the person who is outdoors with the microphone and speaker. 

Furthermore, the dragon touch company claims that this camera has a smart motion track to track any moving object.

Easy installation, working with Alexa and Google voice assistant, Wi-Fi, push alert to your smartphone, backing an up to 128GB TF card, distributed storage, and 24/7 recording make this camera completely sufficient.

It’s not only ideal for open-air video reconnaissance. It’s good for indoor also. 

Security Camera pros & cons

  • 360 coverage with 66ft night vision. 
  • 1080P full HD resolution.
  • Weatherproof. 
  • Work with voice assistance.
  • 4X zoom. 
  • Motion detecting tracking is insufficient

7. 5MP Wireless Indoor Outdoor PTZ Home Security HD Camera

5MP Wireless Indoor

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In case you are searching for a moderate PTZ camera with an extraordinary zoom at an affordable price. You can take a glance at ANRAN 5MP Wireless Outdoor PTZ Security HD Camera.

ANRAN used 20X optical zoom equipped with high quality 4.7-90mm focal lens in this camera, which provides decent image quality with a 5mp sensor.

Night vision isn’t that great, but it still works fair with 6pcs superior infrared cluster LED lights to stretch out the survey separation to 98ft. 

With the wireless Wi-Fi connection with an extremely HD fluent 5 megapixels camera, you can remote access live stream high-quality video 24/7 on your device, which makes your outdoor and indoor safe when you are far away.

It is truly simple to utilize and set up this camera outdoor and indoors for a secure setup. Moreover, you can utilize it with an APP on your shrewd gadget and afterward get moment message pop-ups when movement is identified.

A high-quality two-way audio system also comes with it. By this, you can listen and talk with the outsider as well. Being weatherproof make this camera more durable. For capacity, it as of now accompanies a 64GB SD card introduced.

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Easy to use. 
  • 20X optical zoom. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • Built-in 64GB micro SD card.
  • High build quality. 
  • Software design could be more attractive

8. INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Security Camera


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INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Security Camera is an incredible pan-tilt PTZ Wi-Fi camera. This camera has a 320° horizontal & 120° vertical rotation range, which cover a much bigger vision range with a less blind area for your proper safety.

The camera can climb in every direction you want. The 4x digitalized zoom permits you to see more detail or more articles without relinquishing the quality.

It has stable LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes sure the 24 hours nonstop remote view service. To record all the captures, you can use up to 128GB micro SD cards on this camera.

After capturing all the video, it also detects the unusual motion and gives an instant push notification on your phone. Not only that, you can have an audio conversation with the outsider by the two-way built-in audio system. 

Moreover, this built-in IP camera system comes with a microphone and speaker both. Night vision also works great in this camera. Its build with amazing weatherproof technology.

That means you don’t need to worry about the water or any other climate changes. 

Security Camera pros & cons

  • No blind spot.
  • Night vision. 
  • Weatherproof. 
  • Support up to 124GB micro SD card.
  • Instant push notification of motion detection. 
  • The installation process could be easier

9. SDETER Outdoor PTZ Wi-Fi Security Camera


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SDETER Outdoor PTZ Security Camera comes with a smart look and a bunch of good features. It has a 320° horizontal & 120° vertical rotation range, covering a much bigger vision range without any blind spot.

The 5X optical zoom empowers you to zoom in to see more subtleties of far-away items without debilitating picture quality. 

However, this good quality Wi-Fi assembled camera has the 3- wide-point infrared lights consolidate 4- splendid LED lights that will give you clear brilliant night vision video and the same shading video as daytime.

Besides, you can easily control the rotation of the camera with your phone. Not only that, you can fully access the remote view by your phone. 

Moreover, the remote view will provide you a 1080p resolution, giving you clear picture quality. Also, the two-way audio system comes along with it.

The two-way audio system comes with a speaker and microphone simultaneously, so you can talk and listen through the camera.

This camera record every detail and uploads it in cloud storage, so you’ll get a real-time remote view. You can also include micro SD if you want to. SDETER Outdoor PTZ Security Camera is easy to use and weatherproof. 

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Panoramic camera. 
  • Colorful and HD quality night vision. 
  • Two-way audio system. 
  • Cloud service. 
  • Weatherproof. 
  • Optical zoom could be used instead of digital zoom

10. Amcrest Wi-Fi Outdoor PTZ IP Camera

Amcrest Wi-Fi Outdoor

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Amcrest outdoor PTZ IP camera comes with wireless pan tilt 25X optical zoom produces splendid 1080P video at 30fps just as highlights improved low light capacity using the most recent Sony STARVIS IMX290 picture sensor and Ambarella S3LM chipset.

Its front line H.265 pressure innovation permits smoother video and lessens record sizes and data transfer capacity utilization. You will get 24/7 security surveillance with this camera.

Not only just daytime you’ll get the clear vision in night time also. Moreover, the Amcrest camera has its own apps, so it’s easy to access their remote view.

If any unusual motion detects this smart camera, you’ll get the movement-ready notices and survey film through your cell phone with the Amcrest View application.

This camera also comes with lots of good features such as cloud storage, removable micro SD, etc. Along with all the good features, it’s also a heavy-duty metal weatherproof camera. 

Security Camera pros & cons

  • Optical zoom
  • Smart and easy setup
  • Cloud storage 
  • Weatherproof
  • Remote view 
  • The antenna design could be better.

Buying Guide:

Security is important everywhere to feel safe and cozy. To ensure the proper security in your important place, either it’s home or office, you can use a security camera. There are lots of verities of the camera in the market. 

You need to pick where you want to install the cameras, first of all. Is it inside or outdoor? For outdoor surveillance, the PTZ camera is one of the best to use.

Suppose you want to buy the best outdoor PTZ security camera to ensure your valuable place’s highest security and your own security.

In that case, you have to aware of some features of the cameras. Here is some fact about buying which you need to know before you buy a camera.

Types of PTZ cameras:

There are two types of outdoor PTZ cameras (based on data transmission ways). One is IP surveillance cameras, and another is analog surveillance cameras.

Based on image definition, PTZ is divided into several types like- 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 4k, and 5mp. Next, based on the zoom lens, it is classified into digital and optical zoom types.

Moreover, based on the PTZ control mode, it is classified into 2- types- manual and automatic PTZ cameras.

Camera quality and resolution:

Camera quality is one of the key features of a good camera. Because if the camera quality is not that good and the camera cant captures the object’s proper view, you won’t get the proper awareness. 

Only the good camera resolution gives you good quality visualization. With good quality visualization, you will still feel safe from inside of home or far from it. 


Either it’s a sunny day or a rainy day, your camera must provide you a clear vision of every object. So the camera must be weatherproof. In every season, it will help you get a clear vision.

You don’t need to worry about the weather, and you have to check on your camera.

Night vision:

Night vision capacity is an absolute necessity to have in a Security camera. This component changes essentially from the camera to the camera. Spending cameras frequently cut corners on night vision ability.

Compelling night vision can get gate crashers around your home even around evening time with its infrared LED night vision capacity. 

Moreover, it’s not about that you need security in only the day portion. You need 24 hours break-free surveillance for your security, so before picking the right camera for your security, make sure that it comes with night vision. 

Remote view, internet connection, and storage:

Remote view is another essential component for picking the right security camera. When you are home, you can see the outsider by your intercom, which is absolutely fine. 

But when you are far from home, the remote view can be the savior of you. The camera’s remote view has to come with Wi-Fi association with an internet connection to see the camera’s remote view.

With a strong internet, connect the camera will capture the video and upload them in cloud storage at the same time. That’s how you will get a real-time remote view for you and your home security. 

Customer service:

In case you bought a camera and the camera maker doesn’t give you great client support. You will encounter fundamentally more dissatisfaction later on.

Camera frameworks are extraordinary when they turn out great. But like any other electronic gadget, you will have times when you have to investigate your camera issues. 

A decent client care administration can resolve your concern rapidly and dispose of any dissatisfaction. Things like the Wi-Fi association, establishment measure, changing camera settings, and similarity all have potential issues.

In case you are installing your PTZ security camera by yourself. In the meantime, you are facing some technical issues in that hard time; only good customer support can help you out immediately and resolve it. 

Best outdoor PTZ security camera Products Feature:


We picked up some common questions for you that might be you want to know for further details.

Q: How do a PTZ camera work?

Answer: PTZ IP cameras are ordinarily controlled utilizing distant frameworks. Clients can do an underlying set up to have the camera move and pivot in a specific foreordained example.

Either you can use it physically utilizing a console or mouse-controlled interface from a far distance. The focal point’s point can likewise be physically controlled, encouraging the camera’s programmed position change.

Q: What’s the key benefit of the PTZ camera?

Answer: The most amazing benefit of the PTZ camera is the client shouldn’t be near the camera to work it. The one better thing is it has 360-degree portability.

Along these lines, it can distinguish and follow objects as they move in the covered zone as long as the objective article is inside the focal point range.

Requires little support after it has been introduced to the system. Aside from standard dust cleaning, obviously. 

Q: How do you connect the PTZ camera to the security system?

Answer: Installing process of the PTZ camera on your security system always depends on which model you bought already or desired to buy. It always varies to model and brands.

Ordinarily, you need a framework that incorporates CCTV or DVR. Organizations likewise give clear rules in their model’s guidance manual about associating the camera to a security framework with the product.

Or you can also check their website for further product details or can connect with customer support. 

Q: Does the zoom quality matter?

Answer: Zoom quality isn’t the most basic element regarding PTZ cameras introduced in private settings since you’re probably not going to utilize it truly. 

In case you need your camera to get further away from subtleties. A higher zoom quality could have any kind of effect. The digital zoom highlight in surveillance cameras doesn’t influence or lessen the point of view.

You can likewise zoom in after you’ve recorded a reconnaissance video. But in some cases, digital zoom regularly brings about pixilation and hazy pictures if pictures or recorded recordings are zoomed too intently.

Q: What is the difference between optical zoom and standard zoom?

Answer: Optical zoom safeguards the picture quality and records the video. Then again, standard zoom lessens the video quality since it grows the current picture, destroying its quality.

 If you want to buy the best outdoor PTZ security camera, then choose that one that has an optical zoom. People use huge numbers of PTZ cameras and give reviews about optical zoom, computerized zoom, etc.

There’s the key distinction between both Optical zoom offers a more clear picture as it’s like the kind of zoom you’d find on a film camera. On the other hand, in the digital zoom, there is no oblivious zoom include. 

Final Verdict:

Before purchasing the outdoor PTZ security camera, make sure that your choosing camera can full fill all your needs, and you will never repent for it.

Also, you can use this camera with full-on satisfaction. For this reason, we have enlisted the 10- best outdoor PTZ security cameras, which have all the good qualities that you want. 

Our suggested 10- cameras have much durability, great night vision, great motion detection, great compatibilities, good customer service, much power source, wide-angle lenses, weatherproof, good image quality, etc.

It also has extra features and also can connect with Wi-Fi. So why are you waiting for me?

Just follow our enlisted 10- best outdoor PTZ security cameras, and you will get the best one with all these qualities mentioned above. So, choose anyone from our suggested cameras which you like the most.

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