Best Kayak Paddle for Beginners Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

Adventures people always try to do different sports, games, exercise, etc. Therefore, the tools, goods, items, and resources should be of quality materials eligible to do such different types of work.

Likewise, for the beginners and experts, the configuration should not be the same because, for beginners, it is pretty challenging to adjust.

Therefore, kayak paddling is tricky for using an outdoor environment. So, everyone should buy the best kayak paddle for beginners friendly.

Consumers must care about some unique features while buying kayak paddles.

Why is Kayak Paddle Used?

Kayak paddles feature a shaft similar to an oar, but they have blades on both ends grasped around the point where each blade joins the shaft.

The paddle is held in two hands that are separated by some distance. It is generally pulled through the water from front to rear (bow to stern) to propel the boat ahead.

Review of 10-Best Kayak Paddle for Beginners:

For beginners, it is imperative to choose the proper kayak paddle because the first-moment user needs some time to cope with new technics.

Therefore, we have added the 10 best kayak paddles for beginners in the following discussion and their top features. So, let’s have a look at the best one.

01. OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle

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OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle is the most popular paddle in the market. The consumer considers purchasing it because of its different and key features.

This kayak paddle has a fiberglass reinforced PP blade and a high-quality aluminum alloy shaft.

On the other hand, the shell thickness is only 1.1mm, ensuring a durable operation. The mix of materials results in a robust and durable kayak paddle at a lower cost.

It’s ideal for novice and advanced kayakers alike. A bungee paddle leash is included with every OCEANBROAD kayak paddle.

It keeps your paddle attached to your kayak, which is especially useful for putting down the oars and taking in the scenery.

For varied kayaking angles, the paddle has three locking settings. The drip rings at the ends of the blades prevent water from running off of them.

As a result, neither the shaft nor your hands will get wet. A shrinking PE tube cap is built inside the oar shaft.

It gives your hands a more outstanding grip, which helps to prevent blisters. When kayaking in the winter, you will spare your hands the frigid sensation caused by the alloy.

At last, the company is also offering a replacement or refund against any quality issues. So, from all points of view, it is easy to say that it is the best kayak paddle for beginners.

The alloy is used as a material to make this kayak. The package dimension of this item is 44.5 x 7 x 2.8 inches, and the weight is 1.09 Kilograms. Since the weight is meager, it is effortless to handle during paddling.

Key Features: 

  • It’s durable enough for the long run. 
  • Low prices and affordability make it attractive for the user. 
  • It’s very user-friendly. 
  • Made by quality materials. 
  • It’s stunning in design.

02. Overmont Kayak Paddle

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‎Overmont has been a pioneer paddle manufacturing brand from the beginning. They offer an excellent, swift, and work-efficient paddle for beginners and any stage of performers.

The paddle has three angles adjustable drip rings, and with the help of the ring, you can adjust the blade based on the situation.

The shaft tube is made of a hollow aluminum shaft. That’s why there is no risk if it falls.

However, the shaft can float, but there is a paddle leash with it. Likewise, feather-shaped blades help you a lot for fast movement.

On the other hand, Double Serrated Teeth Edge Design enhances the performance in an unfair situation.

Finally, the construction of the paddle is very high graded, and you can make it two pieces, so there is no kind of worry to store. 

The package dimension of the paddle is 46.5 x 7.5 x 3 (L x W x H) inches, and the weight is ‎0.95 Kilograms. You will find four different colors available in the market.

Key Features: 

  • It has a heavy-duty construction.
  • Double serrated teeth edge design made it classy by looks. 
  • Three locking positions make it more secure. 
  • It has a hollow aluminum shaft.
  • It comes with a paddle leash.

03. Poseidon Paddle Aluminum Shaft

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Poseidon Paddle is another famous company for manufacturing paddles. They always try to focus on the design of their goods. However, they also think about the material quality.

Two sturdy pieces of aluminum construct the shaft. It changes form from round to slightly oval (indexing), which guides where you should place your right hand.

Push-button connector that you can adjust to a 0- or 65-degree angle. On the other hand, it offers adjustable drip rings, which help keep your hand dry for better gripping.

Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene feathered blades with an impact-resistant coating were introduced by the firm for long service life. From all points of view, it is a perfect paddle for outdoor activities. 

The package dimension of the paddle is ‎54.72 x 7.87 x 3.78 (L x W x H) inches, and the weight is 1.8 Kilograms. The paddle is made of heavy-duty aluminum.

The paddle is perfect for beginners because it is not too long or short. You will find four different colors on the market.

Key Features:

  • This paddle is made with sturdy aluminum. 
  • It has adjustable drip rings.
  • The perfect size makes it comfortable to wear. 
  • It has a push-button.
  • A reasonable price fulfills the user’s demand.

04. Propel Paddle Gear Kayak Paddle

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If you are thinking about a rounded blade paddle, you may consider propelling the paddle. The paddle offers a lot of features along with good durability.

The shaft is corrosion-resistant metal and disassembles into two halves for easy travel and storage.

The three-position pin system lets you swivel the aluminum shaft to adjust the paddle blade angle to meet your style and skill level, increasing comfort and power. 

The three-position mechanism allows you to tailor the paddle to your preferences while disassembling it into two parts, making transit simple.

In addition, the blade also plays an important role. That’s why the contour-shaped blade effortlessly drives you through the water.

It seems safe to use since it provides an excellent foam grip during pebbling. So, you may consider buying it. 

It is a simple and comfortable paddle that will offer you good moving when you try to push it forward. Item package dimension is 94.5 x 6.9 x 0.2 inches (LXWXH) and weight is 0.91 Kilograms.

Key Features: 

  • This paddle has a comfortable foam grip
  • It has the three-position system
  • These Paddles are simple and comfortable as well. 
  • It has three-position pins. 
  • It is made with an aluminum shaft.

05. YVLEEN Alloy SUP Paddle

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YVLEEN Alloy SUP Paddle is a versatile paddle in the market. It is made of heavy-duty material. On the other hand, you will get a full package of features with the paddle.

It is a paddle of 4-pieces combinations made by quality aluminum alloy. The paddle is very light in weight. Therefore, it is effortless to carry.

The T shape handle always offers a good grip. This stand-up paddle may easily be turned into a Kayak Paddle for usage with surfboards and inflatable boats.

It is easier to adjust than other paddle blades, and it can be built in seconds. This paddle can withstand extreme conditions, allowing it to float in both salt and fresh water.

So, even if it falls into the water, don’t worry about losing it. Rotate the paddle lock and tighten it before using it to secure the handle.

The company offers 2 Piece Paddle blades, 1 intermediate connecting shaft, and 1 T-handle for 4 pieces.

The packaged weight of the paddle is only 1.57 Kilograms which is very less than another typical one. The package dimension of the item is (LXWXH) 35.1 x 9.4 x 1.1 inches.

Key Features:

  • It is in one of the top-rated paddles.
  • It has a dynamic design.
  • Heavy-duty material makes it sturdy. 
  • It has floating capabilities.
  • These paddles come with good packaging.

06. Intex Kayak Paddle

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If anyone is worried about any paddle’s carrying or storing problem of any paddle, then he can consider buying the Intex kayak paddle.

The paddle is very simple but very work efficient. The paddle has 86-inch-long assembled shaft. Then, you can just assemble it when you need to use it.

After that, you can store it in a small place by dissembling it. However, you can assemble the shaft whenever you want, but it is firm.

That means there is not any worry about the quality. The company added a ribbed spoon-shaped blade with the shaft.

Therefore, you will get maximum performance when you start boating. Afterward, based on the environment and situation demand, you may adjust the feather according to 3-positions.  

The company used aluminum and plastic to make this paddle. The paddle is worthy of use for boating, fishing, and outdoor lifestyle.

The item package dimension is 27 x 8.6 x 1.5 inches (LXWXH), and the weight is 1.07 Kilograms. Lastly, it could be the best kayak paddle for beginners

Key Features: 

  • It’s made with solid materials. 
  • These paddles are light in weight.
  • It’s made of aluminum. 
  • Feather adjustability makes it comfortable to wear
  • It has ribbed spoon facilities. 

07. Best Marine Kayak Paddle

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If you are looking for a premium quality paddle, you can consider buying a marine kayak paddle. It is an all-rounder paddle that will give you a powerful feel and an effortless glide.

It is a carbon fiber shaft with reinforced fiberglass blades, which are ultra-light weighted. You will get a satisfying kayak experience because of the supreme durable flatwater paddle.

Based on the natural surroundings, you can minimize arm fatigue. It will also decree pressure on your shoulders.

You will also enjoy optimal control in any situation. Each paddle floats in the water and comes with a 5-foot leash to keep it in place.

The handle has a super-smooth surface that will not irritate your hands. Last you can get a high-quality paddle at a meager price.

On the other hand, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with the paddle. The paddle is made of carbon fiber.

The item package dimension is 50.25 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches (LXWXH), and the weight is 1.52 Kilograms. There are five striking colors available in the market.

They are Black Prism, Blue Prism, Blue Cloud, Vibrant Black, and Orange Cloud color. Therefore, you can purchase the best one without any kind of wornness. 

Key Features:

  • Ultra-light weighted features make it comfortable to wear. 
  • It has the ideal length of the shaft.
  • It comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • These paddles are very affordable. 
  • It’s made with premium quality material. 

08. OCEANBROAD Premium Kayak Paddle

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For skilled people, OCEANBROAD Kayak Paddle is the best choice. It is a durable paddle at an affordable price.

It is the first choice for the professionals for its outstanding performances. The shaft is made of carbon fiber, and the blade is made of fiberglass-reinforced PP blade.

The UV-resistant PP blade provides a robust and durable kayak paddle at a lower cost. Besides, it’s an excellent combination of durability and value with the carbon kayak shaft.

It’s a good kayak paddle for you and your family because it’s reasonable in length. It’s also removable into two halves, allowing you to transport and store it.

A complimentary bungee paddle leash is included with the paddle. It helps fasten your paddle to your kayak, which is especially useful for putting down the oars and taking in the scenery.

The paddle has three locking settings to accommodate varied kayaking angles. Water does not run from the blades because of the drip rings on both ends. 

As a result, the shaft and your hands will not readily become wet. So, it is easy to say that you may consider buying it if you are an expert in paddling. Moreover, the company is offering a replacement and refund policy with it.

The paddle is very lightweight weigh, and the package weight is ‎1.5 Kilograms. On the other hand, the package dimension is ‎47.3 x 8.3 x 2.2 inches (LXWXH), a perfect length.

Key Features: 

  • These paddles are very light-weighted. 
  • It’s made of carbon fiber. 
  • It has the perfect length. 
  • These paddles are worthy for skilled people. 
  • It’s durable and affordable. 


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BENDING BRANCHES Whisper is a smart-looking paddle. You will get a durable aluminum shaft with it, made of good quality material.

To achieve feathering angles ranging from 0° to 60° and control in either the left or right hand, the Whisper features a 3-hole snap-button ferrule design.

This leisure paddle breaks down into two sections for easy transport and storage.

The fiberglass-reinforced blades provide the ideal weight-to-durability ratio, allowing for smooth paddling and reduced strain even while carrying a big load.

The shaft is coated, and the grips are ovalized for added comfort. Atlas, it is clear that the shaft is very comfortable, which offers confident hand control and no blisters. 

The paddle is made of strong aluminum, which is very light weighted. It also has a 3M versa fit over the oval grip surface. The package dimension is 43.3 x 7.3 x 1 inch (LXWXH), and the weight is 1.09 kilograms.

Key Features: 

  • It has an adjustable construction. 
  • These paddles are aluminum shafts. 
  • It’s very comfortable to wear. 
  • The excellent grip makes it user-friendly. 
  • It will make sure excellent control while using.

10. Abahub 1 x Kayak Paddles

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Abahub 1 x Kayak Paddle is one of the highest-demand paddles in the market. The build quality and performance are beyond any question.

On the other hand, it is a long-lasting paddle for long use. It’s ideal for intermediate and novice kayakers.

You will fill outstanding durability because this kayak paddle is resistant to impact and erosion. 

On the other hand, it comprises superior grade 1.15mm thick aluminum alloy shafts with 29mm diameter and fiberglass reinforced polypropylene blades.

This detachable kayak paddle has three locking settings for offsetting the blade to lessen wind resistance.

Moreover, it has a 0.5mm shaft fibber cover for a more outstanding grip. It is especially beneficial while paddling in the colder months.

This paddle is pleasant and energy-saving for recreational and long-distance paddling, with 18″ x 6.5 “Asymmetrical blades. Therefore, it is effortless to use. 

It includes a complimentary bungee paddle leash to securely tie your paddle to your kayak, which is especially useful for setting it down to take a break.

Two enhanced drip rings have been added to each blade’s joints to reduce water flow when paddling, so you don’t get wet.

The total item package dimension is 46.85 x 8.66 x 3.15 inches (L x W x H), and the weight is ‎1.13 Kilograms. There are five different colors available in the market. You can choose any one of them.

Key Features: 

  • These paddles are very easy to use. 
  • It’s energy-efficient enough. 
  • The thoughtful design makes it look classy. 
  • It comes in premium quality. 
  • It will give you great performance.

Buying Guide

It’s difficult to choose the finest option when you have a lot of them. You will learn more information the more exploration you undertake.

You should not be worried. We’ve compiled a list of essential characteristics to help you choose the best option to encourage you.

However, for beginners, we need to consider some special features. Nevertheless, we have added top features of the best kayak paddle for beginners in this buying guide. 

Blade shape:

Short and broad blades or long and narrow blades are the most common. Ultimately, your paddling style will determine which one you like.

Because you prefer to maintain the shaft more vertical throughout a stroke as a high-angle paddler, you’ll need a shorter, broader blade.

If you paddle at a low angle, on the other hand, you’ll benefit from a longer, skinnier blade since you’ll be keeping your paddle parallel to the water’s surface.

Paddle Blade:

The paddle blades’ form impacts how they interact with the water. As a result, the kayaking you undertake will be the most important determining factor for paddle blade shape. Some blade shapes are

  • High angle paddle 
  • Low angle Paddle
  • Wing-shaped blade
  • Dihedral blades


  • Carbon fiber kayak paddles

Carbon fiber is exceptionally light while still being highly robust and tough, making it an ideal material for a lengthy kayak touring journey. The shaft feels warmer on the hands compared to an aluminum paddle.

  • Aluminum Paddles

Aluminum paddles are on the cheaper side of the quality and price scale. They’re tough, and they’re a fantastic buy if you’re just beginning into kayaking or need something to use now and again.

  • Wooden paddles

Compared to the other materials, wooden paddles require some maintenance, such as sanding and varnishing. In terms of weight, they are in the middle, and the price will vary based on the type of wood utilized.

  • Plastic Paddles

Plastic paddles have thicker edges and greater flex than wood paddles, resulting in a less efficient stroke.

They’re a terrific choice for recreational paddlers who want to mess around at the cabin, go on short day outings, or have a replacement paddle if they misplace theirs.

Shaft swing Weight:

If you purchase a paddle with a decent swing weight, you’ll be less likely to become weary during kayaking and afterward.

Whether it is a power stroke or the return arc swing, a paddle with an equal swing weight glides effortlessly through the paddle movements.


Feathered or matching blades are used. Blades are aligned when they are matched or unfathered.

Feathered blades are offset at one another, reducing wind resistance on the blade that is not in the water. You may rotate almost all paddle shafts to match or feather them.

They also make it simple to change the amount of feathering, usually done in 15-degree increments. A couple of them can be adjusted to any angle.


Q: Which one is a good canoe paddle and a kayak paddle?

Ans: It depends on the condition when you are paddling. Kneeling on the ground with a one-bladed paddle, the canoeist moves the vessel forward.

The kayaker goes ahead with a double-bladed paddle on both sides while sitting in the water.

Q: What is the difference between two-piece and four-piece shafts?

Ans: Both are made to be easily disassembled for storage. A four-piece shaft means shorter parts, ideal whether you’re trekking with a portable kayak or flying with your paddle.

Q: What is the best shaft material?

Ans: Aluminum is the most cost-effective shaft material and one that is sturdy and easy to maintain.

It may also get extremely cold or extremely hot, so in cold weather, you should put on gloves before grabbing it, and in hot weather, you should keep it in the shade.

Q: Is it worth buying a light weighted shaft?

Ans: Because of doing a long time paddling, you come to feel the pain of your hands. Therefore, it will be heavy to move if it is a weighted shaft. On the other hand, lightweight is very suitable for long-time paddling.

Q: What are the basic features of beginners to buy a kayak paddle?

Ans: For beginners, the paddle should be light in weight. Likewise, size also matters because large size paddle is pretty hard to handle for the first time. Lastly, they can also consider the blade shape and blade material. 

Final Verdict

There are several types of paddles in the market. People always choose the best one for a comfortable movement.

Since the paddling is very challenging, the paddle should be good in quality; otherwise, there is a high chance of an accident.

Afterward, there are so many low-quality paddles available that it is tough to find the good one. 

So, to buy from the best kayak paddle for beginners, you should know some key features if you are a newbie.

In this article, we tried to disclose a brief discussion of some good quality paddles, and it will help you a lot to find out the prominent one. 

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