Best Crack Climbing Gloves Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

Climbing is a most challenging and daring activity. It would be best if you had a complete preparation of tools and stuff before climbing.

Likewise, the accessories and gears should be excellent in quality. However, gloves are the prime and most important tool among all tools.

It will ensure your safety because the overall performance depends on your hand performance. 

In this sense, if anyone uses a low-quality and typical glove, they can face various difficulties or uncertainty.

Therefore, picking the right and best crack climbing gloves is always necessary. 

Why are the crack climbing gloves used?

Climbing is a stressful and challenging job. It is wholly dependent on your physical strength and stamina. Furthermore, the most active organ during climbing is the hand and finger.

Therefore, to protect your hands and perform properly, a pair of flexible climbing gloves is necessary for climbing. Based on the quality of the gloves, you will get complete pleasure and hassle-free climbing. 

Moreover, there is a high chance of an accident during climbing because you don’t know what circumstances or situations you must face in the next step.

Therefore, the performers are always looking for the best pair. They never compromise with the quality and fitting while buying climbing gloves.

Top 5 Best Crack Climbing Gloves

A good quality glove can give you full swiftness and pleasure during climbing. Along with the matter, if we consider some unique features and specifications of the glove, there is nothing any rest matter of worry.

Although numerous gloves are available in the market, we enlisted the top 5 crack climbing gloves that we found best in our research.

Now we will review the top 5 best crack climbing gloves with mentioning their key features. So, let’s get started.  


1. Ocun Crack Gloves for Crack Climbing

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When climbing is your passion, you can consider buying Ocun crack gloves. Since 1998 it has been trendy because of its innovative engineering and design. 

The gloves are intended for maximum comfort during crack climbing, with a Velcro fastening those tucks away to keep them tight.

Microfiber stretch suede and sticky rubber CAT 1.1 are used to manufacture this product.

It features CAT Rubber 1.1, a “super sticky” compound created with a focus on solid adhesion that increases friction substantially. So, the glove ensures perfect balance as well as protection. 

Moreover, a thin rubber covering protects your hands while still providing maximum friction and sensitivity when climbing.

The rubber covers the Velcro in a thoughtful glove design, so it won’t get in the way while climbing.

Finally, it is effortless to understand that the gloves are very prominent and the company is offering two years warranty.

Furthermore, this glove is very safe for all climbing equipment. The dimension of this glove is 9 x 7 x 2 inches, and it weighs only 0.35 Ounces.

Since the weight is very light; therefore, you will get complete comfort when you come to climb in any situation. 

Key features: 

  • It’s made with high material
  • You’ll get maximum comfort
  • Dynamic design makes this attractive. 
  • It will ensure perfect balance with grip. 
  • A good warranty life will come along. 


2. Climb X Super Crack Gloves

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Climb X is a perfect glove for camping and hiking purpose. The company has designed it based on both spot types. The glove adjusts itself very condignly when you wear it for action. 

Furthermore, it is the next generation of crack gloves, with more significant hand and finger protection and a high-performance factor.

The super crack glove’s open palm design and flexible material allow for lots of airflows while adjusting to your hand’s shape, providing the ultimate comfort and climbing abilities.

The company added durable finger and thumb loops that ensure good hiking quality. Moreover, the company does not use cheap elastic finger loops like typical crack gloves.

Eventually, then very few gloves are made with X-factor climbing rubber. Likewise, the gloves will give you a real climbing experience than the other typical gloves. 

The dimension of this glove is 8.82 x 5.2 x 2.76 inches, and the weight is 3.56 Ounces. The gloves are made of rubber material. Generally, assorted color is available in the market. 

Key features: 

  • X-Factor Climbing Rubber makes it.
  • Durable Finger and thumb loops are perfect for the long run. 
  • Fit able with hand for excellent comfort. 
  • Worthy for camping and hiking. 
  • Best elastic finger loops are used to make this.


3. Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves

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Outdoor Research Splitter Gloves is one of the best crack climbing gloves indeed. The build quality and design are very dynamic as well.

Especially the company made it for rock climbing. A good quality fabric is used to manufacture the glove. The fabric type is 55% polyurethane and 45% nylon.

The glove is made of nonslip synthetic leather, which is tactile and knuckle-protecting. The close fit allows optimal dexterity then.

It is very condign for climbing in any condition. The gloves are kept in place by finger loops and hook-and-loop wrist closures.

In a single word, the glove is very ultra-tactile and ultra-light weighted. So, the performer will get full flexibility with the gloves.

There is also a fantastic option to wash the glove by machine. Likewise, we can realize the durability very well. 

The glove dimension is 19 x 0.9 x 15 inches, and the weight is 0.8 ounces. The gloves are very stylish, and the color combination is pewter and black. 

Key features:

  • 100% other fibers make these gloves
  • Light in weight for ensuring your comfort. 
  • It’s perfect for machine washing. 
  • Durability is one of the key strengths of these gloves. 
  • Ultra-Tactile is an excellent feature for these gloves. 


4. Outdoor Research Fossil Rock Gloves

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Outdoor Research Fossil Rock Gloves are the most durable gloves. These gloves can give you all kinds of safety and protection during rock climbing.

Besides, this fossil rock glove is very durable and stylish as well. Moreover, the glove is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The fabric is breathable and ultra-tactile.

The palm comprises Goat-leather, and Split cow-suede overlays the palms and fingers. Therefore, you will feel it as a muscular glove when climbing the rock.

The finger pulls tabs, and the close-fitting for optimal dexterity makes the climbing easy. The gloves fit correctly with your figure because of the hook and loop wrist closure. 

Afterward, a Gusseted wrist entry and tapered wrist adjust the glove tightly along with your hand, and it helps a proper gripping as well.

Since the glove is breathable, there is very little chance of sweating. The gloves are machine washable then after using them, you can easily wash them for further use.

The dimension of the glove is 33 x 4 x 16 inches, and the weight is 4.41 Ounces. Since the weight is a little bit more than other typical gloves, it is very stiff from the prospect of robustness.

However, these gloves also come with a color combination of natural and earth colors.

Key features: 

  • It’s made of high-quality material
  • Suitable for Machine washing. 
  • Fossil Rock Gloves is highly durable and breathable. 
  • Gusseted wrist entry and tapered wrist make it comfortable. 
  • Close-fitting ensures its optimal dexterity.


5. Singing Rock Chocky Jamming Gloves

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Singing Rock Chocky Jamming Gloves is a different type of glove for its unique design. It covers the upper part of your hard suitably.

Here used rubber as the material to make the product. For this reason, it is very adjustable when you come to use it in different curcumins.

Moreover, this glove comes with a wide elastic band and a double elastic band on the little finger and thumb. Its high-friction rubber allows for easy wrist movement while also offering extra cushioning underneath the palm.

However, the glove dimension is 5 x 3 x 1 inches, and it weighs only 2.4 Ounces. Also, it comes in only black color, and both males and females can use it. Overall, it is a simple and flexible glove indeed. 

Key feature:

  • Condign for male and female. 
  • It’s effortless to use. 
  • Flexible to wear, which ensures excellent comfort. 
  • Wide elastic made it easier to wear. 
  • High friction rubber is perfect for superior grip. 


Buying Guide

A buying guide can disclose any items in brief. When you come to review or analysis a specific type of gloves, there is less possibility to hold all of the aspects and specifications of these particular gloves.

Moreover, a guide marge all kinds of information’s whatever you need to explore. We listed some core points necessary for buying the best crack climbing gloves.


Rubber, suede, nylon, elastics, and Velcro make the majority of crack-specific gloves because every material is different.

The principal material will decide how much friction you have on the rock, how much protection your skin receives, and how well it fits and feels.

So overall, materials will decide how you will feel after wearing the gloves. That’s why choosing suitable materials is essential for getting the proper comfort.  


All manufacturers that make crack climbing gloves have a sizing chart with various sizes. To figure out where you fit on the size chart, you’ll need to measure the circumference and length of your hand.

You’ll want it to fit snugly. So the gloves shouldn’t feel pinching or jamming during wearing on your hand. No matter how comfortable the gloves are, they are not worth the money if they do not fit well in your hand. 


Although crack climbing gloves are built for the most rigorous types of climbing, your climbing technique and frequency heavily influence gloves’ longevity. 

However, crack climbing gloves tend to survive quite a long time. Some manufacturers have tweaked their designs to make the finger loops and closing straps more durable.

To avoid pleating and pinching, look after your gear and ensure you have the proper size.

Based on climbing:

Finger cracks to huge off-widths are the most common widths used in crack climbing. The sort of climbing you’ll do and what’s available in your region can help you choose the correct covering.

Narrower gloves are better for thinner cracks, whereas thicker, heavier gloves are better for off-widths.


Weight isn’t a significant consideration in determining what works for you because most are composed of similar materials.

Bulkier rubber will be heavier, but it will also provide more excellent protection, so think about your priorities. Along with, don’t forget the comfort as well. 


Although these gloves don’t have much padding, a layer of soft microfiber or synthetic suede beneath the rubber will provide far more comfort than if they didn’t.

For ensuring that you can wear these gloves all day, thicker rubber necessitates a bit more suede padding.


As we all know, friction is essential for climbing, and wearing anything with rubber components will tenfold enhance friction.

All alternatives will produce friction, with certain rubber thickness and density increasing the amount of friction the individual glove provides.


With these sorts of climbing gloves, you’ll be protected in two places. Your thumb and the rest of your fingers up to their knuckles are covered by only one model, the black diamond, which has a knuckle-to-tip coverage.

However, because they are a smaller variant, they will not protect against intense hand jams as the Ocun model.



Q: Should we need to be concerned about the glove weight?

Ans: Generally, all kinds of gloves are not as much as high. However, some experts expect light-weighted gloves for swift and flexible operation.

When it is a light-weighted glove, you don’t feel any burden in a rough and challenging situation. On the other hand, weighted gloves are very durable because of their strong built quality.

Q: Do all the gloves is machine washable? 

Ans: Usually, the gloves come to dirty after using a single time. However, all companies do not indicate directly about washing, but some companies offer machine washing now. 

Q: What are reusable gloves? 

Ans: The introduction of reusable gloves was not welcomed with the enthusiasm one might expect. Most of the climbers saw crack gloves as gimmicky or overly gear-heavy.

Tape gloves were used by diehards and are still used by diehards. Crack climbing gloves have become increasingly popular, and crack climbers all around the globe have begun to recognize them as valuable pieces of equipment.

Q: What one is the worthy glove in the market?

Ans: If you search for the best crack climbing gloves, then the sort of crack of your climbing will determine this.

The Black Diamond Crack Gloves are 1mm thick and ideal for minimalists who want to fit into tight crevices without feeling restricted by their gear.

The Ocun Crack Gloves are tough and resilient, but they’re a little thicker than the Black Diamond Crack Gloves, making them suitable for most crack climbing.

Final Verdict

However, many low-quality and fake gloves are available on the market, which seems like the original ones. Therefore, there is a chance of getting cheated.

But finding the best crack climbing gloves is not so difficult. If you read our buying guide of the best crack climbing gloves, you will become able to differentiate them easily. 

Furthermore, our honest review will also help you get a good quality glove. We have tried our best to disclose all the essential information of the particular gloves with their key specifications. We hope you will find this review helpful indeed.

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