Best Climbing Nuts Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

There are a lot of risks while you are climbing a rocky hill. For this situation, some climbing techniques have proved helpful to avoid the risks. But you will also need the best equipment and gear to prevent any type of danger and ensure your safety.

Climbing nuts is considered an essential gear of thread climbing. But to buy the best climbing nuts, you need all the relevant information first. Here, we have gathered all the detailed information on climbing nuts which will surely help you get your desired climbing nuts.

Top 10 Best Climbing Nuts

Check out the ten best climbing nuts. Here we disclose the full review and specification regarding them. If you go through all of them, then you will be able to find the best one.

1. Bolt Dropper, Pronged Tee Nut

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Bolt Dropper is a renowned company providing different types of nuts that are best suited for climbing rocks. This pronged tee nut is also worked on wood, and you can use these to make a rock climbing wall to train others.

People can also use these nuts outdoor to make the path for climbing a rock, and you just have to drill these nuts into position. Moreover, these nuts have Zinc coating, which helps them resist corrosion damages and make them more durable and handy.

These multifunctional nuts are 3/8 inches inside diameters, and their barrel size is 7/16 inches. These nuts also come with black XYLAN coating, which makes them dependable, and the company is ensuring a lifetime guaranty. 

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • Its 7/16 inch barrel size helps it to produce a good grip 
  • The nuts have zinc coating that improves their registrant of corrosion 
  • These nuts are made from high-grade steel with persistence 
  • These nuts are crafted to be useful for indoor and outdoor purposes 
  • XYLAN, white Zinc, and yellow Zinc plated nuts are also available 
  • These nuts are not suitable for climbing walls

2. Climbing Monkey Climbing Holds

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If you are looking for climbing holds that are different from regular climbing holders, then Climbing Monkey Climbing hold is the best choice. Because of their DIY crafting, they have acquired a unique look containing other colored holders.

These holds come from rocks that make the holds durable. These nuts can also stand tow to tow with industrial-grade holds. They provide 25 holds with 5-different colors in every set, and each color has a 5-rock climbing hold.

They support an 8mm wrench so that you can fit a 2.5-inch bolt through these holds. They contain two holds that allow them to give more grip while you use them. So they are considered to be the best climbing nuts.

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • It includes 25 rock climbing holds of 5-different colors
  • These holds support an 8mm wrench. 
  • Its DIY designed has 5-different HD color that gives them a beautiful look
  • Made from rock that increases its durability in terms of holding 
  • These climbing holds can be used indoor also in outdoor
  • These climbing holds are best suited for a climbing wall, not for climbing a rock

3. Assorted Deluxe Rock Climbing Holds

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Decorating your backyard’s colorful wall by climbing nuts will bring a delightful experience to yourself and your children. Safe Kidz assorted deluxe rock climbing holds best suited for this job.

Because they come with long weld nuts that reduce the hassle of installing rock holds. They are consist of durable plastic, so don’t worry about breaking the holds.

This rock holds set 22 Peace of rock has in 5 different colors. In addition to the set, they provide 44 peace of bolts, washers, a lock washer, and a small drill. You can use this drill to increase the hole size if you need to do so. 

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • 22 pieces of climbing holes in 5 different colors 
  • They are made from molded plastic that makes them versatile 
  • The climbing holds support 1 inches to 2.5 inches bolts
  • This set comes with 44 bolts with a washer and lock washer 
  • These climbing holds can be used indoor also in outdoor 
  • It’s difficult to install them on a board that has 8 inches offset by 4 inches’ holes

4. 100 T-Nuts for Climbing Holds

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To install the climbing nuts into your wooden board or a climbing wall, you need this T- Nuts. These Nuts are crafted from strong steel, which increases their durability.

For reducing the corrosion effect, these nuts come with zinc coating. Also, the nuts have four-prong attacked in every nut hold, giving them more grip and taking high pressure.

However, this nut set comes with 100-t nuts, and you can use these nuts to decorate both your indoor and outdoor. These nuts have a barrel length of 3-8 inches, and the manufacturer recommends installing them onto a 2.5 diameter hole. 

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • These nuts are easy to install. They can be fitted into a climbing wall also in a wooden board
  • It comes with 100 pieces of T-nuts 
  • Each nut has 4-prone that gives them a good grip 
  • Every nut has a diameter of 3/8 inches. They need 2.5 inched holes to install them
  • Premium quality nut made from high-quality steel
  • These nuts are not suited for climbing a rock, and they are just used to support climbing nuts

5. Black Diamond Camalot C4

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The black diamond Camalot C4 is the most famous rock climbing tool. This tool is being used worldwide, so the manufacturer came with a new lightweight design but kept that same old c4.

They used the hole in its headpiece that reduced its weight. They have upgraded its trigger for the clamp; its lobes also have less weight than the previous ones.

Including C4, they also have increased the trigger potential in all the sizes, such as #C4 #C5 #C6. They have also Upgrade the slings now, and they are more potent and durable. 

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • All-new design that makes it 10% lighter than the previous model
  • Its improved trigger is easy to handle
  • The clamp of this nut is more durable and strong
  • All the size of C4 is upgraded gradually for a better experience 
  • It saves space in harness and makes you agile in climbing a rock
  • You can only use it in a small crack, thus makes it less usable

6. Metolius Torque Nut Tool

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Metolius Torque nut tools is a simple but durable nut removing tool. This tool has a silver-painted design that gives it an exceptional outlook. Its curved top bar is bent to hold the nut firmly.

And so, it is suitable for getting the nut from harsh conditions. Moreover, it has an anchor that climbers can easily mount to their outdoor rope. It has been equipped with small holes to deduct weight, which also gives it a good look.

This 23-ounce nut removing tool is built with industrial 420 hard steel, making it more durable to remove nuts.

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • The straight old design makes it unique 
  • Its lower weight makes it easy to carry 
  • Curved design helps to rich at the back of the nuts 
  • Its headpiece is curved to get a good grip while removing the nuts
  • High-quality stainless steel is used to craft this tool
  • It has no extra lease, so every time, you will have to remove it from the hook to use it

7. DMM Wallnut Nut Set

DMM Wallnut

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This climbing nut set is different from other sets, and this climbing nut set has 11 different nuts. Each of these nuts has different colors as well. Red, green, yellow, violet and many more colors have been applied to these nuts to look stylish.

Along with their good-looking, these high-quality stainless steel-made nuts are strong yet. Every nut is attached to a strong wire that works like a lease. You can see all-size nuts as well, from small nuts to bigger nuts.

It has been tested to endure a harsh environment and fit it in a smooth crack. This nut performance is up to the mark. That’s the reason everyone uses these nuts widely.

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • 11 different sizes of nut are included in one set
  • All the nuts are different from one another in color as well as in materials 
  • They are made out of high-quality steel
  • Lightweight and easy installation make it versatile 
  • The nuts have tapes designed to give good grip
  • They are unsuited for climbing a rock

8. Escape Climbing 100 Pack Screw-in T-Nuts

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If you are looking to buy T-nuts for your climbing wall, you should look into Escape climbing 100 pack screw-in T-nuts. These nuts are free from corrosion because they have a high-quality zinc coating.

Escape climbing nuts come in 100 pieces in one pack. Likewise, you will get an additional 300 screws. Furthermore, its screw hole size is 7/16 inches in diameter, and the base is 3/8- 16 inches.

Also, you will find the traditional design in these screws. You will have to tighten 3- nuts to hold the T-nuts in place. Overall, these nuts require less maintenance and are also easy to install.

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • You will find 100 pieces of T-nuts in one pack
  • These T-nuts are designed to replicate traditional T-nuts
  • 7/16″ diameter tube gives extra grip to the climbing nuts
  • These nuts are perfect for an indoor or outdoor climbing wall
  • Additional 300 screws are included in the pack
  • You can’t use these climbing nuts to climb a hill or a rock

9. DMM Alloy Offset

DMM Alloy

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If you like offset climbing nuts and want to buy the best climbing nuts,DMM Alloy Offset is the right choice for you. Moon house engineering manufactures these offset nuts, and the company was first settled in Bethesda then moved to Llanberis.

They are producing high-quality climate nuts for over three decades. They are providing 5-piece of climbing in one set. In every set, you will get the smallest nut then gradually increase to bigger nuts.

These nuts are best for smooth cracks, parallel cracks. Because of its placement in cracks, this climbing rock is preferred by all climbers.

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • 5-different sizes of climbing nuts are provided in one set
  • They are suitable for a smooth crack for their design
  • A strong silver wire is attached to the nut to hole it
  • They are durable and long-lasting
  • The nuts are made from high-quality steel
  • For their smooth design, these nuts are useless in irregular cracks

10. Wild Country Pro Key w/ Leash

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Climbing a rock or a rocky hill requires a lot of equipment. One of them is a nut removal leash. It’s as essential as rock climbing nuts. Climbing nuts are stuffed into a crack then by using force, and we can climb.

Then to take out that nut from the crack, we need a nut removal tool. So wild country, the pro key is one of the best nut removal tools. Furthermore, this tool comes with a leash that increases its work area. It comprises high-quality steel with a precise design.

Its head can access nuts in a small space or a small crack. Its rounded lease can be stressed to a long point. Overall, these tools are indeed a great quality product that will last at least 5-years long.

Nuts Pros & Cons

  • It is consist of stainless steel
  • This pro key is manufactured to use in both small and big spaces
  • The nut removing tool features a Flexible leash
  • Wild country pro keys head part is folded that helps it to get a good farm hold
  • This lease is suitable for all types of climbing nuts
  • Its flexible cable is a bit heavy that can be irritating to some people

Buying Guide

Typically, we need to focus on some crucial features before buying any product. To buy the best climbing nuts, you have to check their shape, the number of nuts, offset nuts, micro nuts, and, most importantly, placement.

Therefore, you will have to acquire the knowledge first about how to use those nuts properly. If you don’t know how to use them, buying those climbing nuts will not benefit you. We have shared all the information in detail. Read below to learn more.

Number of Nuts

By this, we meant the number of climbing nuts you will get in one set. It is not that you can climb a rock with a single nut. You will need different nuts according to your needs.

So it’s best to get as many nuts as possible. The ideal number of nuts available in one set is 10. But nowadays, most nuts come in 6 or 7 peaches in a set, and they are offset or micro nuts.

The choice is upon you for choosing a nut set. Remember, the more nuts you have, the more utility you can use.


The most prominent part of climbing nuts is their shape. There are various shaped nuts available, but the most produced are the tapered climbing nuts.

Also, they are used hugely across all over the world because of their versatility. You will also find flower-shaped nuts, taped nuts, offset, and micro-shaped nuts. So go with the more versatile nuts which can match your requirement best.

Micro nuts

Micro nuts are the most miniature climbing nuts, and they are used to climb small rocks. They consist of less strong materials than bigger nuts. These nuts are designed to fit in the small crack on the stone.

Micro nuts are usable when you are unable to find any big crack to fit your larger nuts. These nuts string is venerable, so it’s recommended not to use them for a long time. Make sure you have extra pair of these nuts.

Offset nuts

Climbers typically use offset nuts in unshaped cracks. These nuts fit in those holes in which most of the nuts usually fail to fit. When climbing a rocky hill, you may encounter irregular crack, that doesn’t allow regular-shaped nuts.

To hold on to those places and to climb, you will need offset nuts. So while you buy any kind of nut make sure, you have two or three offset nuts.


The placement of a climbing nut is utterly important while climbing a rock. To climb a rock, you will have to place nuts corresponding to the crack. Otherwise, the nuts will not grip, and you may fall.

So before you climb a rock, make sure to get some advice from a professional climber. Also, using a large number of climbing nuts will benefit you in a big way.

Best Climbing Nuts Products Feature:


Q: How long should I use a climbing nut? 

Ans: Usually, a climbing nut will last for a decade, but you should give them retirement after two or three years. Because if you constantly use them, they will become venerable.

As rock climbing is dangerous, you will have to make sure of your security. But most people would get rid of the old nuts after one year.

Q: How to know which nut to fit perfectly in the crack?

Ans: If you are a beginner at rock climbing, knowing which nut will fit in the crack will be most challenging. There are stepped nuts used in the big crack as they give high straight.

Again, micro nuts are suitable for climbing the rock with a small crack and offset nuts are suitable for unusual cracks. Also, as you become more experienced, you will know which nuts will fit according to the crack.  

Q: When should I use micro nut?

Ans: Micro nuts are smaller nuts. The small nut is attached to a thick trade. These micro nuts fit perfectly into tiny holes or cracks. While climbing a rock, you may see a small crack on the top of the rock or in the bottom part.

Big climbing nuts will not fit in these holes. To climb that part, you will have to use micro nuts. Also, you can consult with a professional for a better understanding. 

Q: What to do with the stopper while climbing? 

Ans: Stoppers work as Extra protection for climbing. As rock climbing is risky, taking high security is most important. The stopper is crafted from metal, and metal is the hardest substance that can take the force of yourself.

A stopper is usually lodged onto the crack of a rock to stay safe from any danger.

Q: Is a straight taped nut useful? 

Ans: Straight taped climbing nuts are the oldest nuts available, climbers used them to climb the rock, but due to their instability, most people Don’t prefer this climbing nut.

Their wedge shape restrains them from fitting in the various crack, then can be fitted in the straight crack. So if you are climbing a rock with a straight crack, it will be handy for you. Otherwise, it will not.

Final Verdict

Before buying any kind of climbing nuts, you need to know their specification, durability, longevity. Thus, many cheap nuts are available in the market, but you need to find the best one.

Since rock climbing is risky, then you should consider the best climbing nuts indeed. Likewise, you may consider studying the buying guide to get the right idea about each tool.

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