Best Cheap Dropper Post Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

Recently, a dropper post is one of the coolest inventions; it’s the most helpful cycle accessory. People used to pay a lot to buy expensive dropper posts, but now you can find less expensive ones that contain good quality material.

If you are looking for the best cheap dropper post for your mountain bike, you can look at our suggestions. 

We tried to bring you some quality entire dropper posts to ensure flexibility, comfort, and useful features. With these dropper posts, you can conquer the most challenging terrain of a mountain.

Top 10 Best Cheap Dropper Posts:

Here we enlisted some top dropper post that includes durability and comes with average or good quality materials. Also, these posts will fulfill your expectation and provide you with a good user experience.


1. Tranz-X Kitsuma Dropper Post w/External routing

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Tranz-X is a renowned manufacturer that provides the best accessories for your mountain bike, and the Kitsuma dropper post is one of their best dropper posts.

You can fit this dropper post in any mountain bike, but its diameter needs to be between 27 and 32. This dropper post comes in three different diameters, one is 27.2 mm, and the other is 30.9 mm and 31.6 mm.

These droppers come with external routing to adjust them according to your needs. The length of their lever is 110 to 170 mm, which is suitable for all kinds of mountain bikes.

You can sit on this cycle seat all day long and feel no back pain. This kitsune dropper consists of high-quality 7075 aluminum, which provides durability and flexibility.

Key Features

  • High-quality 7075 aluminum body
  • Suitable for all types of bikes with a diameter of 27 to 32 mm
  • The length of its lever is 110 to 170 mm 
  • Its lightweight frame weighs only 600g
  • This dropper post contains an external cable routing system

2. Tranz-X Jump Seat Cable-Less Dropper Post

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If you are looking for a 1oo mm dropper post for your mountain bike, you can look into the Tranz-x jump seat cable-less dropper post.

Tranz-x dropper post consists of a high-quality stainless steel frame, ensuring durability and comfort. One of its key features is attaching your desired seat with ease.

Just pull the clam to install the seat, and you need to remove it to detach the seat. This dropper post comes in three diameters: 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm, and 31.6 mm.

Some can say it’s similar to Tranz-x Kitsuma, but its travel size is smaller than Kitsuma. The sealed cartridge of this dropper minimizes the maintenance so that you can use this dropper post for a long time.

Key Features

  • A 100 mm dropper post suitable for all-mountain bike
  • It comes with 3-different diameter seat post
  • High-quality stainless steel frame
  • Lever controller to install and detach cycle seat
  • It’s an all-in-one dropper post with no cable connection

3. Crankbrothers Highline 30.9 Dropper Seatpost

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Crankbrothers Highline Dropper Seat post is one of the best cheap dropper posts available; you can rely on these dropper posts in terms of durability and comfort.

Crank brothers manufacture quality entire dropper posts that don’t require high maintenance, and you can fit these on any mountain bike.

These 30.9 diameter dropper posts consist of high-quality stainless steel construction.

The seat post diameter for this dropper post is 27.2 mm; its IFP hydraulic cartridge helps you ride safely through mountain roads.

Installing and removing the seat from this dropper post is accessible through its lever. You get one cable with its box, which you can use for external routing.

Key Features

  • This dropper post is made in Taiwan
  • A 27.2 mm diameter seat post 
  • Its consists of an IFP hydraulic system
  • The connection cable is easy through its easy connect features 
  • This dropper post-weight only 0.9kg

4. Tranz-X Skyline Dropper Post

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The Tranz-x skyline dropper post is middle-sized for your mountain bike; it comes with a 125 mm drop.

This dropper post-weight is only 586 grams and has a total dimension of 18 x 4 x 3 inches. This skyline dropper post is available in 30.1 mm and 31.6 mm dimensions.

If you want to add this dropper post to your mountain bike, you should know it doesn’t provide a lever system, but you can add external levers.

It consists of 126 mm of travel and internal cable routing; also, its seal cartage doesn’t require too much maintenance. One can enjoy a smooth ride after installing a skyline dropper post.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel frame with seal cartridge 
  • Its travel length is 125 mm
  • Two types of diameter are available one is 30.1 mm and 31.6 mm
  • Internal cable routing reduces the hassle of external routing
  • This dropper post is lightweight and durable

5. Fox Racing Shox Internal Dropper Seat Post

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If you like adult unisex mountain bikes, you can check Fox racing Shox transfer factory internal dropper seat post.

This dropper post comes with a unique dual-color combination; golden and black give a different outlook. These dropper posts consist of an aluminum frame that ensures long-term uses.

It’s available in two diameters; one is 30.9 mm, and the other is 31.6 mm. You can install these dropper posts on any mountain bike. 

This dropper post has four different lengths that you can choose from, 357 mm, 407 mm, 457 mm, and 505.7 mm. the length of travel is also different according to its full size.

Fox crafted this dropper post with Kashima coating; this allows you to adjust the travel length. The full dimension of this dropper post is 22.9 x 6.23 x 3.35 inches and weighs only 0.95 kilograms.

Key Features

  • It consists of a high-quality aluminum frame 
  • It’s available in four different lengths with an additional travel length
  • Golden and black color combination 
  • Suitable for adult unisex mountain bike
  • Kashima-coating allows better control  

6. KS eTen Remote Dropper Seatpost Black

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KS manufactures good-quality dropper posts at a reasonable price; one can use these dropper posts in their mountain cycle without hesitation.

KS eTen remote dropper Seat post has a 27.2 mm diameter with 100 mm long travel; the full length is 385 mm.

It’s a medium-sized dropper post, perfectly balanced and synchronized with the paddle.

This dropper post consists of aluminum construction and KS special eTen hydraulic cartage, allowing better comfort and durability.

One can use this dropper post for a long time, and it doesn’t require too much maintenance. A polycarbonate remote with external cable routing makes adjusting the seat more easily.

Key Features

  • A 385 mm full-length dropper post with 100 mm travel
  • Its 27.2 mm diameter suitable for all types of mountain bike
  • KS eTen hydraulic cartage provides better comfort
  • A polycarbonate remote controller 
  • Supports external cable routing 

7. Fox Racing Shox Transfer Internal Dropper Seat Post

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While cycling a mountain, one faces many unfamiliar roads and obstacles. Also, those roads are not smooth, so one may need to absorb many shocks. Taking these in mind, Fox brought out their best cheap dropper post.

Fox Racing Shox transfer performance internal dropper seat post is a user-friendly dropper post suitable for all types of mountain bikes.

This dropper post is available in 30.9 mm and 31.6 mm diameter with zero offsets.

This dropper post comes in 4 different sizes, 357 mm with 100 mm of travel, 407 mm with 125 mm of travel, 457 mm with 150 mm of travel, and 505.7 mm with 175 mm of travel.

It weighs only 0.95 kilograms and has a total dimension of 22.9 x 6.23 x 3.35 inches.

Key Features

  • Available are four different sizes with different travel size
  • It comes in stylish black color
  • Its 30.9 and 31.6 mm diameter is suitable for all types of cycle
  • Aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable 
  • Its sealed hydraulic cartage provides comfort

8. Bynccea Bike Seatpost 27.2mm 30.9mm Bicycle

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Mountain bikes and regular bikes are different in various ways, so their dropper post is also different, and if it is a BMX bike, you need to buy the most durable dropper post available.

Byncceea bike seat post provides a stable dropper post for BMX mountain bikes. These dropper posts consist of forged aluminum alloy, the most durable material for dropper posts.

This dropper post doesn’t have travel; its full body works as travel, full 400 mm length is available in three diameters 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm, and 31.6 mm. for one to adjust the seat height.

They crafted some marks on its body you can adjust according to that line. These dropper posts weigh only 0.37 kilograms and have 17.4 x 2.76 x 2.32 inches. 

Key Features

  • Its entire 400 mm length works as a travel
  • Suitable for all types of BMX mountain bike
  • Available in three different diameters 
  • It comes with 12 months of warranty 
  • It consists of a forged aluminum alloy frame 

9. Satori PRO Road Mountain MTB Bike Dropper Post

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Santori Pro road mountain bicycle dropper post is a modernized dropper post that comes at a low price.

One can consider this dropper post one of the best cheap dropper posts. It consists of aluminum construction with a high-quality hydraulic dropper.

You can control the seating position through a remote controller, and it doesn’t support air adjustability.

This dropper post comes with a unique dropper Seatpost that will adjust your seating position according to gravity.

Satori dropper post full length is 367 mm with a 100 mm travel containing 3 mm offsets that support mountain bikes. Also, its internal cable routing makes it more user-friendly. 

Key Features

  • Available in 30.9 mm and 31.6 mm diameter 
  • Its full length is 367 mm, including 100 of travel
  • Internal cable routing with 1800 mm of routing cable 
  • Remote control seat adjustment for better comfort
  • It consists of 3D printed forget aluminum construction

10. Bike Yoke Revive Dropper Seatpost Black

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Bike yoke provides a different type of dropper, Seatpost, which uses a modern IFP hydraulic system. Maintenance is a must need in a normal hydraulic system, and if the oil reduces, your hydraulic system may fall apart.

But IFP design ensures better adjustability and comfort at the same time. It consists of high-quality aluminum with a stylish black color coating.

It’s available in 2 different sizes; one is 397 mm and the other one is 467 mm, both of them contain 125 mm and travel.

An internal cable routing system allows you to be more flexible with the hydraulic system. This dropper post weighs only 1.65 pounds and has a total dimension of 14 x 3 x 3 inches.

Key Features

  • Supports internal cable routing
  • Suitable for all types of mountain bikes with 30.2 and 31.6 mm diameter
  • It consists of a modern IFP hydraulic system 
  • Aluminum construction provides durability and makes it lightweight
  • Adjusting the travel with your paddle is easy 

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Buying Guide

Before buying any equipment for your bicycle, one needs to acquire proper knowledge. Then if it’s about dropper post, you need to buy the best one for your comfort.

There are many types of dropper posts available; some cost you a ton of money, and some are cheap. Now, do you want to buy the best cheap dropper post, then you can follow our steps?

Without checking these parts, you can buy an excellent productive dropper post for your mountain bike.

Some main components of a dropper post are the height of a dropper post, its lever, travel, diameter, and routing you need to check while buying a dropper post.

Ride Height

Ride height is the difference between saddle clamp and seat collar, and this height helps you maintain the seat height according to your need: the more ride height, the more space to adjust your seat.

Most of the dropper posts consist of 100 to 200 mm ride height, you can find more height, but professionals recommend buying a dropper post with a minimum of 200 mm of ride height.

Ride height depends on the full length of a dropper post, leg measurement, and the depth of seat insertion. You can buy a dropper post with less ride height.

Remote Lever

If you have a remote lever on your cycle, you can control the dropper and add more breaks for your cycle through hydraulic.

This can also help you put more safety and make your ride more comfortable. You can add a remote lever if you use a 1x brake system, but installing a remote lever is not compulsory.


By travel, we mean the distance between your seat and your cycle; it’s one of the crucial parts.

Because it determines the adjustability and provides you with a seat height that ensures a good ride, if your seat height is not perfect, it might bring knee pain and other hazards for you while riding your cycle.

There are many kinds of travel; the minimum length is 100 mm, and the maximum length is 210 mm.

you can choose the length of your travel according to your need and make sure you feel comfortable while sitting on your bike.


In recent days there are two types of routing systems available, one is an external cable routing system, and the other is an internal routing system.

Most of the dropper post has an internal cable routing system. The cable is preinstalled in an internal routing system and passed through a hole in the dropper post frame. 

In external routing, the wire gets attached alongside the frame. Internal cable routing is best for better flexibility and easy movement. You can choose the proper cable routing according to your needs.


After you have checked all the details of a dropper post, the last thing you need to consider is the pricing.

Because one can see many dropper posts charges a lot but don’t provide suitable quality materials, it’s not like high-priced equipment is not quality full.

But you can find cheap dropper posts with a good quality frame and features. So check the price and go through the detail to make sure the pricing is suitable or not.


Q: Is the dropper post worth it?

Ans: Yes, the dropper post is worth buying or installing. They should provide a boost to the up-gradation of your mountain bike.

You can adjust the seat height according to your need, which will help you with your ride. You can do a lot of stuff through dropper posts, so it’s worth every penny you pay.

Q: Is 125mm dropper post enough?

Ans: Dropper post comes in many different sizes, it starts from 100 mm and ends at 220 mm. you need to buy a dropper post that contains a height between 100-200 mm.

So we can say that a 125 mm dropper post is enough, but for medium-sized people otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable while riding your cycle.

Q: Should you put a dropper post on a hardtail?

Ans: Yes, you can add the dropper post to your hardtail. These hardtails make sure the seat height is enough or not.

Because you don’t want a bad experience while riding down the mountain road, make sure the paddle is clear.

Q: How much weight does dropper post add?

Ans: Most of the dropper post contains stainless steel frame; these frame doesn’t weigh that much.

Some dropper posts may be heavy, but almost all dropper posts weigh only 600 grams. This weight can drop or increase according to the size of the dropper post.

Q: Can I choose any random dropper post?

Ans: No, it’s not wise to choose or buy a random dropper post. Because you need to follow some criteria before purchasing a dropper post, you need to know which diameter your cycle supports and which length you should buy.

Without checking these parts, buying a dropper post can waste your money, so people recommend researching before buying a dropper post.


Final Verdict

A Dropper post is a special upgrade for your mountain bike that allows you to ride peacefully with comfort.

A good-quality dropper post with valuable features is worth spending money on. They come with many features such as adjusting seat height, external cable routing, external seat adjust, etc. 

We tried to bring you detailed information on the best cheap dropper post available and recommended some cheap ones.

We hope you can choose the right dropper post for your mountain bike, but if you still have more quarries, you can collect more info or choose from our recommended dropper post.

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