Best 3 in 1 Jacket Women’s Waterproof Review and Buying Guide [Picks 2022]

Women always go through so many checkups before buying any accessories or clothing, and in terms of jackets, they try to buy a multifunctional jacket.

Among modern jackets, 3 in 1 jacket creates attraction for all women because one can use these jackets in three different seasons.

But some of you may not know how to buy the best 3-in-1 jacket women’s waterproof. Finding the best jackets for women requires a lot of information and time.

So here, we shared all the valuable information you need to know before buying 3 in 1 jacket for women. We also made a list of some waterproof women’s jackets from which you can also choose.

Top 10 best 3 in 1 jacket women’s waterproof:

These are some durable and effective 3-in-1 jackets; we tried to show you their good and bad sides.

Here we brought the high price and medium-priced jackets; all the jackets provide the best performance. We hope you can find your desired waterproof women’s jackets.


1. Wantdo Women’s 3 in 1 Waterproof Ski Jacket

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Wantdo women’s 3 in 1 jacket is one of the best jackets of all time; it has been manufacturing these jackets for a decade.

You can wear these jackets all season because these jackets come in 3 layers. If you like, you can use these jackets as a puffer jacket, use them as a raincoat, or use them as casual dress in your home.

It consists of poly pongee fabric; these fabrics are certified and suitable for human skin. These jackets will protect you from the cold wind, water, grease, snow, etc.

It provides 360-degree warmth, and YKK zippers and high-quality stitching make them more durable than other jackets.

These jackets come with a detachable hoodie and detachable raincoat layer. Its raincoat layers contain 500 mm Teflon fabric.

Key Features

  1. It contains three layers of detachable fabric 
  2. Strong YKK zippers and good stitching
  3. A hoodie and raincoat consist of 500 mm Teflon fabric 
  4. You can use it as a puffer jacket, raincoat, or for normal daily uses
  5. Its 360-degree warmth system keeps you safe from the cold wind, snow, or rain

2. CAMEL CROWN Women’s Ski Jacket Waterproof

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These 3 n 1 jackets contain 2 parts; one is the fleece jacket and one rain cover. These parts are well-built and perform best in every season; you can use these jackets in spring and autumn.

One can also consider this the best 3-in-1 jacket for women’s waterproof. Its fleece jackets keep you warm even at – 36-degree Fahrenheit, so you can wear them for ski or ice climbing.

You can consider it the best 3-in-1 jacket for women waterproof. The top part of this jacket can resist water, stain, and wind also protects you from snow.

It consists of a 10000 mm water-resisting ration, for this reason, you can wear this jacket in heavy rain.

This jacket contains YKK zippers, and good quality stitching makes them durable and long-lasting. Its elastic cuffs, connection button, and hem drawcord make them versatile.

Key Features

  1. YKK Bi-directional zippers with elastic cuffs 
  2. The top part contains a 10000 mm water resistance rating
  3. Its fleece inside part provides 360-degree wind resistance 
  4. You can wear these jackets for ski, normal use, or as a raincoat
  5. This lightweight jacket weighs only 280g

3. CAMEL CROWN Ski Jacket 3 in 1 Waterproof Jacket

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Camel crown is one of those brands that manufacture the best type of 3-in-1 jacket, both for men and women.

These jackets are windproof; waterproof also protects you from snow. You can wear these jackets as a raincoat, as normal wear also can wear these jackets for ski.

It contains 2 parts, one fleece jacket, and one rain cover. They attached a buckle system that you can use to combine these two parts in one.

Its fleece coat contains breathable fabric, reducing sweat and keeping your body comfortable. These fleece jackets provide good warmth; you won’t feel any cold after wearing them.

These durable jackets consist of a detachable hoodie, cuffed hands, and YKK zippers. The rain cover contains a 10000 mm water-resistant rating, and its Teflon fabric makes them lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Key Features

  1. It contains an elastic cuff, YKK zippers, and adjustable hem
  2. The fleece jackets provide a good warmth environment 
  3. The top cover includes a 10000 mm water-resistant rating
  4. One can use these jackets all the seasons comfortably 
  5. Lightweight Teflon fabric makes them durable and comfortable to wear

4. CAMEL CROWN Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

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If you are looking for a winter fleece style jacket that protects you from rain, snow, and wind, you can look into CAMEL crown women’s waterproof ski 3 in 1 jacket.

You can use these jackets in all seasons comfortably; attach the top part to protect you from heavy rain in the rainy season.

Its rain cover has a 5000 mm water-resistant rating, which can resist mid-rain and its fleece jackets give you good warmth in cold weather.

These jackets consist of two parts, the inner part is a fleece jacket, and the outer part contains waterproof jackets.

The main material is high-quality military-grade Teflon; this fabric has a 5000 mm waterproof ration.

Adjusting both parts is easy through the connection button and YKK zippers. One can use these jackets for hiking, skiing, ice climbing, as normal daily use jackets, or as a raincoat.

Key Features

  1. It consists of military-grade breathable Teflon fabric
  2. This fabric has a 5000 mm water-resistant rating 
  3. Elastic cuff, connection button, and YKK zippers
  4. Good quality stitching and durable design make it more comfortable
  5. You can use it for skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, or for other purposes

5. CAMEL CROWN Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

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Camel Crown manufactures the best quality jackets; one can use these jackets for climbing, hiking, skiing, or daily uses.

These jackets consist of high-quality Teflon fabric consisting of a 10000 mm water-resistant rating, so you can wear them in heavy rain.

It has a detachable hoodie, elastic cuff, adjustable button, and YKK zippers. Its breathable Teflon fabric makes it lightweight; there is no need to worry about sweat after wearing this jacket.

These jackets provide safety from wind, water, grease, and snow and help to keep your body temperatures at bay in the cold environment.

The inner fleece part of this jacket helps to keep you warm, and the outer layer protects you from the harsh environment.

Key Features

  1. This jacket contains an inner fleece part and a water-resistant coat as the outer part
  2. The durable Teflon fabric keeps them light and flexible.
  3. These jackets have a 10000 mm water resistance rating
  4. A detachable hoodie, elastic cuff, and YKK zippers 
  5. You can use these jackets for many purposes

6. Wantdo Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

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Wantdo manufactures 3 in 1 value for money fleece jackets, and these jackets keep you safe from rain, snow, and wind.

Fleece jackets work best in snowy conditions because they’re equipped with high-quality Teflon fabric that can resist wind and keep your body temperature perfect.

So if you are into fleece jackets, you should buy Wantdo women’s waterproof ski fleece 3-in-1 jacket.

As with the other 3 in one jacket, this jacket also comes in 2 parts, one fleece jacket and the other one works as a raincoat.

You can attach the outer part through the adjustable button and Velcro straps. Its breathable fabric has a 10000 mm waterproof rating which keeps you dry in heavy rain.

Lightweight design, good stitching, elastic cuffs, and the high-quality windproof zipper make them more comfortable to wear.

Key Features

  1. High-grade Teflon fabric makes it durable
  2. A 10000 mm waterproof rating 
  3. Lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear
  4. Plenty of pockets to store your accessories
  5. Protects from rain, snow, and wind

7. Wantdo Waterproof 3 in 1 Ski Detachable Jacket

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So if you are looking to buy the best 3-in-1 puffer jackets, you can look into Wantdo men’s waterproof 3-in-1 ski jackets.

Wantdo makes 3 in one jacket for men and women; they provide value for money jackets.

These jackets have 2 parts; the inner part contains a puffer jacket which keeps your body heat in cold weather. The outer part works best in the rainy season; its water-resistant rating is 5000 mm.

Its zipper encloses system keeps wind from getting into the jackets, and the breathable Teflon fabric keeps your body comfortable.

Adjustable hoodie, front Velcro strap, economic pockets, and windproof cuffs provide a good user experience.

They added insulated filling in the puffer jackets, which keeps you warm even in the coldest weather; you can use these jackets all season.

Key Features

  1. Its Teflon protection system keeps you safe from rain, oil, grease 
  2. The inner puffer jackets have insulated filling
  3. Zipper closer system and elastic cuff make them windproof 
  4. High-quality Teflon fabric comes with a 5000 mm water-resistant rating
  5. You can use these jackets for skiing, hiking, mountain climbing

8. MAGCOMSEN Women’s Winter Coats 3-in-1 Snow Ski Jacket

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MAGCOMSEN women’s winter coats are waterproof, one of the best 3 in 1 women’s jackets. These jackets are windproof and water-resistant; they also keep you safe from snow.

For normal daily use, one can wear these jackets in the rainy season or while skiing. They manufactured these jackets from high-quality softshell polyester fabric with a waterproof rating of 5000 mm.

The inner part contains fleece jackets, and the outer part contains a waterproof coat; you can wear them both as a single piece or separately.

Its unique durable design includes an adjustable hoodie, two zippers closer, an elastic windproof cuff, stand collar, and neckline Velcro straps. This jacket contains plenty of pockets for you to store your goods.

Key Features

  1. Softshell breathable polyester fabric 
  2. This outer raincoat has a 5000 mm water-resistant rating
  3. Its fleece jackets keep your body temperature at ease
  4. One can use both parts separately or combined
  5. Two zipper closer, elastic cuff, and neckline Velcro strap 

9. Venustas Women’s 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

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Venustas women’s 3 in 1 heated jackets is an uncommon ski winter jacket for women; these jackets consist of carbon fiber elements.

It produces more heat than normal winter jackets can, so you can wear them in a freezing area.

It runs on a 7.4V 5000 mAh battery; with a full charge, you can use it for 9 hours in low setting, 6 hours in mid, and 4 hours in high heat setting.

In addition to quick charging, this connector can also be used to charge your phone or other electrical devices.

The inner fleece jacket keeps you warm and provides a stylish look; the outer part keeps you safe from rain, grease, and snow. You can choose to wear both portions at the same time or separate them for different looks.

Key Features

  1. This jacket gets manufactured from high-quality polyester fabric
  2. It contains carbon fiber heating elements
  3. A high power 5000 mAh batter with a 9-hour backup
  4. The inner fleece part keeps you warm in every condition
  5. YKK zippers, elastic cuff, and durable stitching

10. CAMELSPORTS Women’s Ski Jackets Waterproof Fleece

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These 3-in-1 multifunctional jackets should attract you with their features and workability. An inner fleece jacket can keep you warm in any kind of cold weather, and an outer layer protects you from rain, wind, and snow.

These jackets consist of premium Taslan waterproof fabric; this fabric is scratchproof and has a 5000 mm water-resistant rating.

Its lightweight, durable design, elastic cuff, and two zippers closer system make this jacket more comfortable. One can use these jackets for regular use, hiking, snowboarding, mountain climbing, and skiing.

You can’t wear every 3-in-1 jacket for snowboarding, but you can use this particular jacket. This jacket has an adjustable hoodie and a few pockets for you to store your accessories.

Key Features

  1. These jackets consist of premium Taslan fabric 
  2. High-quality stitching, zipper closer, and front Velcro straps
  3. The outer layer is scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and snow resistant
  4. Its inner fleece jackets provide an excellent warm environment 
  5. One can use these jackets for multipurpose 

Buying Guide

Before buying any kind of jacket for women, you need to check some topics, such as materials, comfort, durability, and features.

Women’s skin is soft, so they need more comfortable wearables than men. Ensuring safety and buying good quality jackets won’t make your money waste.

One of the most famous jackets for women is 3 in 1 jacket. So to buy the best 3-in-1 jacket women’s waterproof, you need to acquire as much information as you can find.

Here we tried to bring you all the information you need to buy your desired jacket. After reading this buying guide; one would not have any quarry on 3 in 1 jacket.


For 3 in 1 jacket, the first thing you need to consider is its materials because material defines the quality of a jacket and provides you with an idea of whether it’s quality full or not.

Some 3-in-1 jacket provides 3 different layers that you can attach or detach on your wish, and some jackets come in a single layer.

These jackets get crafted from many types of material; some contain nylon polyester, and others contain HyVent or Polartec fabric.

All these fabric is suitable for women; they can resist water, grease, dirt, and rainwater. Durability, nylon gets the win over the polyester fabric. So you can choose the materials that you feel comfortable with.


Almost the entire 3-in-1 jacket contains nylon or polyester fabric, but the material doesn’t make it durable one needs to check the stitching and the built quality of a jacket.

If the jacket contains irregular stitching, the fabric will be torn apart in no time. So take time and see whether the stitching is perfect or not. 

Then you need to check the pockets, the hoodie, and the Velcro straps that come with the jackets.

Some may think that these are small parts; they don’t matter too much, but neglecting these parts will bring a bad experience for you.

Last check the zipper, if you can afford to buy jackets that provide branded zipper otherwise or may need to face unpleasant situations.


If you neglect the comfort part while buying a new jacket, you will not enjoy wearing that jacket.

Every person wants to feel comfortable after wearing any kind of dress; it’s unpleasant if you feel itching or if it makes noise while walking.

So making sure of good comfort is a wise thing to do before buying jackets. For comfort, check the insulation of that jacket; it should keep your body warm in cold weather.

See if it keeps you safe from the wind; also, the inner part of a jacket should resist water. Check if the zippers are sealed properly; otherwise, cold air would go inside the jacket.

Don’t forget to see the water-resistance level; it should help you in the rainy season.


Different branded jackets come with additional features; some provide the same features. These features create a small comfort zone, such as big size pockets giving you an extra space to store your belongings.

The cuffed sleeve helps the jackets stay close to your body, and most jackets contain detachable hoodies. The hoodie is most important if you want to wear your jacket and go on hiking, skiing, or ice climbing.

More features mean extra comfort, but you need to check these features because you may not need some features. So choose wisely before buying 3 in 1 jacket for women.

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Q: Is a water-resistant jacket the same as a waterproof jacket?

Ans: Both water-resistant and waterproof jackets protect from rain and snow, but there’s a slight difference between these two protection systems.

Waterproof jackets consist of a high water-repellent system; on the other hand, water resistance comes with a less water-resistant system.

Q: What waterproof rating do I need?

Ans: Through waterproof rating, one can know the effectiveness of a jacket.

All the jackets contain a limit of resisting water, such as for 0-1500 mm range for normal rain, 1500-5000 mm for an average rain, and 5000-1000 mm for average to heavy rain.

So you can choose the waterproof jackets according to your need, we recommend you to buy 1500-5000 mm waterproof jackets.

Q: Are puffers jackets waterproof?

Ans: Puffer jackets can protect you from normal rain because these jackets contain polyester fabric, and polyester can resist water.

But it is not wise enough to say that puffer jackets will protect you fully. Puffer jackets are known best for making you warm in hard cold weather.

Q: What is a 3-in-1 jacket?

Ans: 3 in 1 jacket is the combination of 2 different jackets; one can combine them through zippers or Velcro straps to make it one piece.

You can also use these parts as separate jackets; each piece contains a separate specialty. But one can enjoy their full potential once you combine all the pieces as one.

Q: Which fabric is best for 3 in 1 jacket?

Ans: Every manufacturer tries to provide good quality fabric in their jacket. Most of them contain the best quality fabric, and some have less full fabric.

Nylon and polyester fabric is the main fabric source for 3 in 1 jacket, other types of fabric do provide good protection, but these two fabrics work best, protecting you from water and snow. So you can buy 3 in 1 jackets containing these fabrics.

Final Verdict

Women prefer to purchase apparel that is of high quality, long-lasting, and comfy. For 3 in 1 jacket, you need proper guidance and the correct information that can ensure the best 3-in-1 jacket women’s waterproof. 

We have shared all the details and information that should help you buy the right 3-in-1 Jacket for you. Besides, we also gathered some of the best 3-in-1 jackets protecting from rain and snow.

You can choose your desired women’s jackets from them or do more research and earn more information.

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